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2023-03-01Experimental-numerical-virtual (ENV) modelling technique for composite structure against low velocity impactsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Yu, Y; Zhang, T; Wu, D; Chen, X; Luo, Z; Gao, W
2023-03-01Nonlinear dynamic stability analysis of axial impact loaded structures via the nonlocal strain gradient theoryLi, Q; Wu, D; Gao, W; Hui, D
2023-02-01Nonlinear dynamic analysis of the functionally graded graphene platelets reinforced porous plate under moving massTian, Y; Li, Q; Feng, Y; Yu, Y; Wu, D; Chen, X; Gao, W
2023-01-01Double-layered granular soil modulus extraction for intelligent compaction using extended support vector machine learning considering soil-structure interactionXu, Z; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Wu, D
2023-01-01Virtual modelling technique for geometric-material nonlinear dynamics of structuresFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Chen, X; Wu, D; Gao, W
2022-11-01A numerically efficient framework in failure mode evaluation of a wind turbine tower under cyclonesChen, Y; Wu, D; Dai, K; Gao, W
2022-10-01Real-time determination of sandy soil stiffness during vibratory compaction incorporating machine learning method for intelligent compactionXu, Z; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B; Wu, D
2022-10-01Quantifying the fatigue life of wind turbines in cyclone-prone regionsChen, Y; Wu, D; Li, H; Gao, W
2022-08-01USST: A two-phase privacy-preserving framework for personalized recommendation with semi-distributed trainingZhou, Y; Liu, J; Wang, JH; Wang, J; Liu, G; Wu, D; Li, C; Yu, S
2022-08-01Polymorphic uncertainty quantification for engineering structures via a hyperplane modelling techniqueWang, Q; Feng, Y; Wu, D; Li, G; Liu, Z; Gao, W
2022-06Biodegradation and potential effect of ranitidine during aerobic composting of human feces.Zhu, P; Pan, X; Shen, Y; Huang, X; Yu, F; Wu, D; Feng, Q; Zhou, J; Li, X
2022-03-22Detecting and mitigating poisoning attacks in federated learning using generative adversarial networksZhao, Y; Chen, J; Zhang, J; Wu, D; Blumenstein, M; Yu, S
2022-03-01The Role of Communication Time in the Convergence of Federated Edge LearningZhou, Y; Fu, Y; Luo, Z; Hu, M; Wu, D; Sheng, QZ; Yu, S
2022-02-01An Improved Deadbeat Current Controller of PMSM Based on Bilinear DiscretizationZhao, L; Chen, Z; Wang, H; Li, L; Mao, X; Li, Z; Zhang, J; Wu, D
2022-02-01Nonlinear dynamic stability analysis of clamped and simply supported organic solar cells via the third-order shear deformation plate theoryTian, Y; Li, Q; Wu, D; Chen, X; Gao, W
2022-01-01Attend to Where and When: Cascaded Attention Network for Facial Expression RecognitionQu, X; Zou, Z; Su, X; Zhou, P; Wei, W; Wen, S; Wu, D
2022-01-01Nonlinear dynamic investigation of the perovskite solar cell with GPLR-FGP stiffeners under blast impactBo, L; Li, Q; Tian, Y; Wu, D; Yu, Y; Chen, X; Gao, W
2022-01-01Polyphase uncertainty analysis through virtual modelling techniqueWang, Q; Feng, Y; Wu, D; Yang, C; Yu, Y; Li, G; Beer, M; Gao, W
2021-12-01A virtual model architecture for engineering structures with Twin Extended Support Vector Regression (T-X-SVR) methodWang, Q; Wu, D; Li, G; Gao, W
2021-12-01The nonlinear dynamic buckling behaviour of imperfect solar cells subjected to impact loadLi, Q; Tian, Y; Wu, D; Gao, W; Yu, Y; Chen, X; Yang, C