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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-01What moves benchmark money market rates? Evidence from the BBSW marketCasavecchia, L; Loudon, GF; Wu, E
2018-08-01Analyst coverage and the quality of corporate investment decisionsTo, TY; Navone, M; Wu, E
2018Exchange trading rules, governance, and trading location of cross-listed stocksCumming, DJ; Hou, W; Wu, E
2017-12-01The value of bank capital buffers in maintaining financial system resilienceBui, C; Scheule, H; Wu, E
2017-09-01Funding liquidity and bank risk takingKhan, MS; Scheule, H; Wu, E
2016-03-01Stock and currency market linkages: New evidence from realized spillovers in higher momentsDo, HX; Brooks, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E
2016-01-01Does national culture affect the intensity of volatility linkages in international equity markets?Rothonis, S; Tran, D; Wu, E
2015-06-15Sovereign credit ratings, growth volatility and the global financial crisisHassan, GM; Wu, E
2015-06-01The role of macroeconomic news in sovereign CDS markets: Domestic and spillover news effects from the U.S., the Eurozone and ChinaKim, SJ; Salem, L; Wu, E
2015-06Do Sovereign Re-Ratings Destabilize Equity Markets during Financial Crises? New Evidence from Higher Return MomentsBrooks, R; Faff, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E
2015-04-21Polarization modulated upconversion luminescence: Single particle vs. few-particle aggregatesChen, P; Song, M; Wu, E; Wu, B; Zhou, J; Zeng, H; Liu, X; Qiu, J
2015-01-14Intense multiphoton upconversion of Yb<sup>3+</sup>-Tm<sup>3+</sup> doped β-NaYF<inf>4</inf> individual nanocrystals by saturation excitationZhou, J; Chen, G; Zhu, Y; Huo, L; Mao, W; Zou, D; Sun, X; Wu, E; Zeng, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, L; Qiu, J; Xu, S
2015-01-01The effects of ratings-contingent regulation on international bank lending behavior: Evidence from the Basel 2 AccordHasan, I; Kim, SJ; Wu, E
2014-10-01How does trading volume affect financial return distributions?Do, HX; Brooks, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E
2014-05-22The value of home-country governance for cross-listed stocksCumming, D; Hou, W; Wu, E
2014-03-04Can Momentum Factors Be Used to Enhance Accounting Information Based Fundamental Analysis in Explaining Stock Price Movements?Hong, KJ; Wu, E
2014-01-01The effects of sovereign rating drifts on financial return distributions: Evidence from the European UnionDo, HX; Brooks, R; Treepongkaruna, S; Wu, E
2013-11-25The impact of domestic and international monetary policy news on U.S. and German bank stocksKim, SJ; Lee, L; Wu, E
2013-06-01Emerging Stars and Developed Neighbors: The Effects of Development Imbalance and Political Shocks on Mutual Fund Investments in ChinaLin, S; Tian, S; Wu, E
2013-05-08Ultrasensitive polarized up-conversion of Tm<sup>3+</sup>-Yb<sup>3+</sup> doped β-NaYF<inf>4</inf> single nanorodZhou, J; Chen, G; Wu, E; Bi, G; Wu, B; Teng, Y; Zhou, S; Qiu, J