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2023-01-01Hydromechanical Modeling of High-Voltage Electropulse-Assisted Fluid Injection for Rock FracturingOuyang, P; Rao, P; Wu, J; Cui, J; Nimbalkar, S; Chen, Q
2022-12-01Seismic Stability of Heterogeneous Slopes with Tensile Strength Cutoff Using Discrete-Kinematic Mechanism and a Pseudostatic ApproachRao, P; Ouyang, P; Wu, J; Li, P; Nimbalkar, S; Chen, Q
2022-09-22C-DeepTrust: A Context-Aware Deep Trust Prediction Model in Online Social Networks.Wang, Q; Zhao, W; Yang, J; Wu, J; Xue, S; Xing, Q; Yu, PS
2022-09-01Toward a perceptive pretraining framework for Audio-Visual Video ParsingWu, J; Jiang, Z; Chen, Q; Wen, S; Men, A; Wang, H
2022-08-01Cooking fuel types and the health effects: A field study in ChinaHou, B; Wu, J; Mi, Z; Ma, C; Shi, X; Liao, H
2022-08-01Simultaneous Hand-Eye/Robot-World/Camera-IMU CalibrationWu, J; Wang, M; Jiang, Y; Yi, B; Fan, R; Liu, M
2022-07-21Online Active Learning for Drifting Data Streams.Liu, S; Xue, S; Wu, J; Zhou, C; Yang, J; Li, Z; Cao, J
2022-07-01Assessing Safety Risk Management Performance in Chinese Subway Construction Projects: A Multistakeholder PerspectiveZhang, S; Loosemore, M; Sunindijo, RY; Galvin, S; Wu, J; Zhang, S
2022-06-30Artificial neural network-based estimation of COVID-19 case numbers and effective reproduction rate using wastewater-based epidemiology.Jiang, G; Wu, J; Weidhaas, J; Li, X; Chen, Y; Mueller, J; Li, J; Kumar, M; Zhou, X; Arora, S; Haramoto, E; Sherchan, S; Orive, G; Lertxundi, U; Honda, R; Kitajima, M; Jackson, G
2022-06-01Position Sensorless Control of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives Based on a New Sliding Mode Observer Using Fourier Flux Linkage ModelSun, X; Tang, X; Tian, X; Wu, J; Zhu, J
2022-05-30Efficient and Privacy-preserving Blockchain-based Multi-factor Device Authentication Protocol for Cross-domain IIoTZhang, Y; Li, B; Wu, J; Liu, B; Chen, R; Chang, J
2022-04-21Cholic Acid-Based Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics as Antibacterial Agents.Wu, J; Yu, TT; Kuppusamy, R; Hassan, MM; Alghalayini, A; Cranfield, CG; Willcox, MDP; Black, DS; Kumar, N
2022-04-04Efficient and stable electrorheological fluids based on chestnut-like cobalt hydroxidecoupled with surface-functionalized carbon dotsLiang, Y; Liu, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, Q; Zhang, M; Li, Y; Wen, W; Feng, L; Wu, J
2022-04-01A Right Invariant Extended Kalman Filter for Object Based SLAMSong, Y; Zhang, Z; Wu, J; Wang, Y; Zhao, L; Huang, S
2022-02-01A Data Stream Cleaning System Using Edge Intelligence for Smart City Industrial EnvironmentsSun, D; Xue, S; Wu, H; Wu, J
2022-02-01Robust face alignment by dual-attentional spatial-aware capsule networksMa, J; Li, J; Du, B; Wu, J; Wan, J; Xiao, Y
2022-02-01Detecting Duplicate Questions in Stack Overflow via Source Code ModelingGao, W; Wu, J; Xu, G
2022-01-01A review of atmospheric fine particulate matters: chemical composition, source identification and their variations in BeijingMa, Y; Huang, Y; Wu, J; Jiaqiang, E; Zhang, B; Han, D; Ong, HC
2022-01-01Dual Mutual Robust Graph Convolutional Network for Weakly Supervised Node Classification in Social Networks of Internet of PeopleLi, B; Wu, J; Pi, D; Lin, Y
2022-01-01Drift-Proof Tracking With Deep Reinforcement LearningChen, Z; Li, J; Wu, J; Chang, J; Xiao, Y; Wang, X