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2022-12-01Waste-Derived Catalysts for Water Electrolysis: Circular Economy-Driven Sustainable Green Hydrogen Energy.Chen, Z; Yun, S; Wu, L; Zhang, J; Shi, X; Wei, W; Liu, Y; Zheng, R; Han, N; Ni, B-J
2022-02-01Detecting adversarial examples by additional evidence from noise domainGao, S; Yu, S; Wu, L; Yao, S; Zhou, X
2022-01Three-dimensional biofilm electrode reactors (3D-BERs) for wastewater treatment.Wu, Z-Y; Xu, J; Wu, L; Ni, B-J
2021-12-15Zero-valent iron mediated biological wastewater and sludge treatmentShi, X; Wei, W; Wu, L; Ni, BJ
2021-11-20Unravelling the impacts of perfluorooctanoic acid on anaerobic sludge digestion process.Wang, C; Wu, L; Zhang, Y-T; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2021-11-15Fault diagnosis model for photovoltaic array using a dual-channels convolutional neural network with a feature selection structureLu, X; Lin, P; Cheng, S; Fang, G; He, X; Chen, Z; Wu, L
2021-11-01Insights into coconut shell incineration bottom ash mediated microbial hydrogen production from waste activated sludgeWei, W; Shi, X; Wu, L; Ni, BJ
2021-10-26DynSTGAT: Dynamic Spatialoral Graph Attention Network for Traffic Signal ControlWu, L; Wang, M; Wu, D; Wu, J
2021-10-01Upgrading biogas produced in anaerobic digestion: Biological removal and bioconversion of CO<inf>2</inf> in biogasWu, L; Wei, W; Song, L; Woźniak-Karczewska, M; Chrzanowski, Ł; Ni, BJ
2021-08-20Improving nutrients removal and energy recovery from wastes using hydrochar.Wu, L; Wei, W; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2021-06-12Beyond the virus: a first look at coronavirus-themed Android malwareWang, L; He, R; Wang, H; Xia, P; Li, Y; Wu, L; Zhou, Y; Luo, X; Sui, Y; Guo, Y; Xu, G
2021-06-08A Comprehensive Survey of the Key Technologies and Challenges Surrounding Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksXia, Z; Wu, J; Wu, L; Wu, L; Chen, Y; Yang, J; Yu, PS
2021-06-01Deep Reinforcement Learning for Smart City Communication NetworksXia, Z; Xue, S; Wu, J; Chen, Y; Chen, J; Wu, L
2021-04-30Mechanisms of CuO Nanoparticles at an Environmentally Relevant Level Enhancing Production of Hydrogen from Anaerobic Fermentation of Waste-Activated SludgeWei, W; Wu, L; Shi, X; Ni, B-J
2021-04Faithful Euclidean Distance Field From Log-Gaussian Process Implicit SurfacesWu, L; Lee, KMB; Liu, L; Vidal-Calleja, T
2021-02-23Active and Interactive Mapping With Dynamic Gaussian Process Implicit Surfaces for Mobile ManipulatorsLiu, L; Fryc, S; Wu, L; Vu, TL; Paul, G; Vidal-Calleja, T
2021-01-01Denitrifying biofilm processes for wastewater treatment: Developments and perspectivesWu, L; Wei, W; Xu, J; Chen, X; Liu, Y; Peng, L; Wang, D; Ni, BJ
2021-01-01Response to Comment on "A Critical Review on Nitrous Oxide Production by Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea".Wu, L; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2020-12-01Controllable design of nanoworm-like nickel sulfides for efficient electrochemical water splitting in alkaline mediaChen, Z; Ibrahim, I; Hao, D; Liu, X; Wu, L; Wei, W; Su, D; Ni, BJ
2020-11Surface defective g-C<sub>3</sub>N<sub>4-</sub><sub>x</sub>Cl<sub>x</sub> with unique spongy structure by polarization effect for enhanced photocatalytic removal of organic pollutants.Bai, X; Wang, X; Lu, X; Liang, Y; Li, J; Wu, L; Li, H; Hao, Q; Ni, B-J; Wang, C