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2023-12-13Pseudo Inputs Optimisation for Efficient Gaussian Process Distance FieldsWu, L; Gentil, CL; Vidal-Calleja, T
2023-10-01Log-GPIS-MOP: A Unified Representation for Mapping, Odometry, and PlanningWu, L; Lee, KMB; Le Gentil, C; Vidal-Calleja, T
2023-05-01Nanoplastics are significantly different from microplastics in urban waters.Chen, Z; Shi, X; Zhang, J; Wu, L; Wei, W; Ni, B-J
2023-04-30Tutorials at The Web Conference 2023Fionda, V; Hartig, O; Abdolazimi, R; Amer-Yahia, S; Chen, H; Chen, X; Cui, P; Dalton, J; Dong, XL; Espin-Noboa, L; Fan, W; Fritz, M; Gan, Q; Gao, J; Guo, X; Hahmann, T; Han, J; Han, S; Hruschka, E; Hu, L; Huang, J; Jaimini, U; Jeunen, O; Jiang, Y; Karimi, F; Karypis, G; Kenthapadi, K; Lakkaraju, H; Lauw, HW; Le, T; Le, T-H; Lee, D; Lee, G; Levontin, L; Li, C-T; Li, H; Li, Y; Liao, JC; Liu, Q; Lokala, U; London, B; Long, S; Mcginty, HK; Meng, Y; Moon, S; Naseem, U; Natarajan, P; Omidvar-Tehrani, B; Pan, Z; Parekh, D; Pei, J; Peixoto, T; Pemberton, S; Poon, J; Radlinski, F; Rossetto, F; Roy, K; Salah, A; Sameki, M; Sheth, A; Shimizu, C; Shin, K; Song, D; Stoyanovich, J; Tao, D; Trippas, J; Truong, Q; Tsai, Y-C; Uchendu, A; Van Den Akker, B; Wang, L; Wang, M; Wang, S; Wang, X; Weber, I; Weld, H; Wu, L; Xu, D; Xu, EY; Xu, S; Yang, B; Yang, K; Yom-Tov, E; Yoo, J; Yu, Z; Zafarani, R; Zamani, H; Zehlike, M; Zhang, Q; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhao, L; Zhao, X; Zhu, W
2023-04Development of A Soft Robotic Catheter for Vascular Intervention SurgeryNguyen, CC; Thai, MT; Hoang, TT; Davies, J; Phan, PT; Zhu, K; Wu, L; Brodie, MA; Tsai, D; Ha, QP; Phan, H-P; Lovell, NH; Nho Do, T
2023-02-01Model-based evaluation of N<inf>2</inf>O recovery as an energy source in sulfur-driven NO-based autotrophic denitrificationHuo, P; Deng, R; Chen, X; Yang, L; Liu, Y; Wu, L; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2023-02-01Microplastics in municipal solid waste landfills: Detection, formation and potential environmental risksShi, X; Chen, Z; Wu, L; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2023-01-15Long-chain alcohol production in open culture anaerobic fermentationWu, L; Wei, W; Chen, Z; Chen, X; Ni, BJ
2023-01-01Different microplastics distinctively enriched the antibiotic resistance genes in anaerobic sludge digestion through shifting specific hosts and promoting horizontal gene flow.Luo, T; Dai, X; Chen, Z; Wu, L; Wei, W; Xu, Q; Ni, B-J
2023-01-01Application of biochar for improving sewage sludge treatmentNi, BJ; Wu, L; Shi, X; Wei, W
2023-01-01Application of biochar for improving sewage sludge treatmentNi, BJ; Wu, L; Shi, X; Wei, W
2023-01-01Accurate Gaussian-Process-based Distance Fields with Applications to Echolocation and MappingGentil, CL; Ouabi, OL; Wu, L; Pradalier, C; Vidal-Calleja, T
2022-12-01Waste-Derived Catalysts for Water Electrolysis: Circular Economy-Driven Sustainable Green Hydrogen Energy.Chen, Z; Yun, S; Wu, L; Zhang, J; Shi, X; Wei, W; Liu, Y; Zheng, R; Han, N; Ni, B-J
2022-11-01Medium-chain carboxylate productions through open-culture fermentation of organic wastesWu, L; Wei, W; Chen, Z; Ni, BJ
2022-10-17Applied Machine Learning Methods for Time Series ForecastingPang, L; Liu, W; Wu, L; Xie, K; Guo, S; Chalapathy, R; Wen, M
2022-10-01Potentiality of recovering bioresource from food waste through multi-stage Co-digestion with enzymatic pretreatment.Wu, L; Wei, W; Liu, X; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2022-09-01Capturing hybrid vigor for lentil breedingTan, J; Wu, L; Peacock, J; Dennis, ES
2022-08-15Multiple microplastics induced stress on anaerobic granular sludge and an effectively overcoming strategy using hydrochar.Wei, W; Wang, C; Shi, X; Zhang, Y-T; Chen, Z; Wu, L; Ni, B-J
2022-07-01Calcium peroxide pre-treatment improved the anaerobic digestion of primary sludge and its co-digestion with waste activated sludge.Wei, W; Shi, X; Wu, L; Liu, X; Ni, B-J
2022-03Autotrophic denitrification of NO for effectively recovering N2O through using thiosulfate as sole electron donor.Wu, L; Wang, L-K; Wei, W; Ni, B-J