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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-09PTN: A Poisson Transfer Network for Semi-supervised Few-shot LearningHuaxi, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, C
2021-01-01Hybrid learning of vessel segmentation in retinal imagesKusakunniran, W; Charoenpanich, P; Samunyanoraset, P; Suksai, S; Kanchanapreechakorn, S; Wu, Q; Zhang, J
2021-01-01Collaborative Feature Learning for Gait Recognition under Cloth ChangesYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Xu, J; Zhang, J
2021-01-01Blockchain-Enabled Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking SystemWang, X; Yu, G; Liu, RP; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Su, S; He, Y; Zhang, Z; Yu, L; Liu, T; Zhang, W; Loneragan, P; Dutkiewicz, E; Poole, E; Paton, N
2021-01Gait recognition using a few gait frames.Yao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J
2021Dual Attention on Pyramid Feature Maps for Image CaptioningYu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2021TOAN: Target-Oriented Alignment Network for Fine-Grained Image Categorization with Few Labeled SamplesHuang, H; Zhang, J; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, C
2020-12-31Field-wise Learning for Multi-field Categorical DataLi, Z; Zhang, J; Gong, Y; Yao, Y; Wu, Q
2020-12-01A Vision Based Fish Processing SystemZhang, Z; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2020-12-01A Vision Based Fish Processing SystemZhang, Z; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2020-12-01A Vision Based Fish Processing SystemZhang, Z; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2020-12-01Automatic Sheep Counting by Multi-object TrackingXu, J; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2020-11-01Error sensitivity model based on spatial and temporal featuresMa, R; Li, T; Bo, D; Wu, Q; An, P
2020-10Exploring Long-Short-Term Context For Point Cloud Semantic SegmentationDu, A; Pang, S; Huang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2020-07-31An Edge Based Multi-Agent Auto Communication Method for Traffic Light Control.Wu, Q; Wu, J; Shen, J; Shen, J; Yong, B; Zhou, Q
2020-06-12Towards Attention-Based Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory for Travel Time Prediction of Bus Journeys.Wu, J; Wu, Q; Shen, J; Cai, C
2020-03-01Coupled Bilinear Discriminant Projection for Cross-View Gait RecognitionBen, X; Gong, C; Zhang, P; Yan, R; Wu, Q; Meng, W
2020-02-01Multi-Scale Frequency Reconstruction for Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution via Deep Residual NetworkZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Fang, Y; An, P; Huang, L; Chen, Z
2020-01-01Light Field Compression Using Global Multiplane Representation and Two-Step PredictionChen, Y; An, P; Huang, X; Yang, C; Liu, D; Wu, Q
2020-01-01Multi-Angular Epipolar Geometry Based Light Field Angular Reconstruction NetworkLiu, D; Huang, Y; Wu, Q; Ma, R; An, P