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2022-10-01Role of spent coffee ground biochar in an anaerobic membrane bioreactor for treating synthetic swine wastewaterSun, C; Du, Q; Zhang, X; Wang, Z; Zheng, J; Wu, Q; Li, Z; Long, T; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
2022-01-01Improving Disentangled Representation Learning for Gait Recognition using Group SupervisionYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Zhang, P; Wu, Q; Zhang, J
2021-12-23Automatic Sheep Behaviour Analysis Using Mask R-CNNXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tait, A
2021-11-13Non-Salient Region Object Mining for Weakly Supervised Semantic SegmentationYao, Y; Chen, T; Xie, G-S; Zhang, C; Shen, F; Wu, Q; Tang, Z; Zhang, J
2021-11-13Jo-SRC: A Contrastive Approach for Combating Noisy LabelsYao, Y; Sun, Z; Zhang, C; Shen, F; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2021-11-01Dual-stream guided-learning via a priori optimization for person re-identificationWu, J; Huang, Y; Wu, Q; Gao, Z; Zhao, J; Huang, L
2021-10-15Multilocation Human Activity Recognition via MIMO-OFDM-Based Wireless Networks: An IoT-Inspired Device-Free Sensing ApproachZhong, Y; Wang, J; Wu, S; Jiang, T; Huang, Y; Wu, Q
2021-09-01Learning from EPI-Volume-Stack for Light Field image angular super-resolutionLiu, D; Wu, Q; Huang, Y; Huang, X; An, P
2021-07-01Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Background Shift Mitigating for Person Re-IdentificationHuang, Y; Wu, Q; Xu, J; Zhong, Y; Zhang, Z
2021-05-13Multi-Models Fusion for Light Field Angular Super-ResolutionCao, F; An, P; Huang, X; Yang, C; Wu, Q
2021-05-01Exploring region relationships implicitly: Image captioning with visual relationship attentionZhang, Z; Wu, Q; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2021-02-09PTN: A Poisson Transfer Network for Semi-supervised Few-shot LearningHuaxi, H; Zhang, J; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, C
2021-01-01Hybrid learning of vessel segmentation in retinal imagesKusakunniran, W; Charoenpanich, P; Samunyanoraset, P; Suksai, S; Kanchanapreechakorn, S; Wu, Q; Zhang, J
2021-01-01Collaborative Feature Learning for Gait Recognition under Cloth ChangesYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Xu, J; Zhang, J
2021-01-01Blockchain-Enabled Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking SystemWang, X; Yu, G; Liu, RP; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Su, S; He, Y; Zhang, Z; Yu, L; Liu, T; Zhang, W; Loneragan, P; Dutkiewicz, E; Poole, E; Paton, N
2021-01-01Learning Spatial-Temporal Representations over Walking Tracklet for Long-Term Person Re-Identification in the WildZhang, P; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Huang, Y; Ben, X
2021-01-01Weighted Adaptive Image Super-Resolution Scheme Based on Local Fractal Feature and Image RoughnessYao, X; Wu, Q; Zhang, P; Bao, F
2021-01Gait recognition using a few gait frames.Yao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J
2021Dual Attention on Pyramid Feature Maps for Image CaptioningYu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2021TOAN: Target-Oriented Alignment Network for Fine-Grained Image Categorization with Few Labeled SamplesHuang, H; Zhang, J; Yu, L; Zhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, C