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2024-01-01BeECD: Belief-Aware Echo Chamber Detection over Twitter StreamWang, G; Li, W; Wu, S; Bai, Q; Lai, EMK
2023-12-31IE-Evo: Internal and External Evolution-Enhanced Temporal Knowledge Graph ForecastingLiu, K; Zhao, F; Xu, G; Wu, S
2023-12-01SOAC: Supervised Off-Policy Actor-Critic for Recommender SystemsWu, S; Xu, G; Wang, X
2023-12-01DOR: a novel dual-observation-based approach for recommendation systemsWang, M; Li, W; Shi, J; Wu, S; Bai, Q
2023-12A Parametrical Model for Instance-Dependent Label Noise.Yang, S; Wu, S; Yang, E; Han, B; Liu, Y; Xu, M; Niu, G; Liu, T
2023-11-01Event-Triggered Finite-Time Synchronization Control for Quaternion-Valued Memristive Neural Networks by an Non-Decomposition MethodPing, J; Zhu, S; Shi, M; Wu, S; Shen, M; Liu, X; Wen, S
2023-10-09Bone disease imaging through the near-infrared-II window.Mi, C; Zhang, X; Yang, C; Wu, J; Chen, X; Ma, C; Wu, S; Yang, Z; Qiao, P; Liu, Y; Wu, W; Guo, Z; Liao, J; Zhou, J; Guan, M; Liang, C; Liu, C; Jin, D
2023-09Development of a deep learning-based model to diagnose mixed-type gastric cancer accurately.Ning, X; Liu, R; Wang, N; Xiao, X; Wu, S; Wang, Y; Yi, C; He, Y; Li, D; Chen, H
2023-07-19Dynamic Graph Evolution Learning for RecommendationTang, H; Wu, S; Xu, G; Li, Q
2023-05-01Identifying influential users in unknown social networks for adaptive incentive allocation under budget restrictionWu, S; Li, W; Shen, H; Bai, Q
2023-04Construction and properties detection of 3D micro-structure scaffolds base on decellularized sheep kidney before and after crosslinking.Ma, H; Zheng, L; Yang, S; Cheng, YY; Liu, T; Wu, S; Wang, H; Zhang, J; Song, K
2023-02-26Preparation and Characterization of Polylactic Acid/Nano Hydroxyapatite/Nano Hydroxyapatite/Human Acellular Amniotic Membrane (PLA/nHAp/HAAM) Hybrid Scaffold for Bone Tissue Defect Repair.Jia, Z; Ma, H; Liu, J; Yan, X; Liu, T; Cheng, YY; Li, X; Wu, S; Zhang, J; Song, K
2023-02-07Pixel-Level Classification of Five Histologic Patterns of Lung Adenocarcinoma.Shao, D; Su, F; Zou, X; Lu, J; Wu, S; Tian, R; Ran, D; Guo, Z; Jin, D
2023-02-01Game theory based compatible incentive mechanism design for non-cryptocurrency blockchain systemsLi, X; Liu, Q; Wu, S; Cao, Z; Bai, Q
2023-02ABEM: An adaptive agent-based evolutionary approach for influence maximization in dynamic social networksLi, W; Hu, Y; Jiang, C; Wu, S; Bai, Q; Lai, E
2023-01-10GAC: A deep reinforcement learning model toward user incentivization in unknown social networksWu, S; Li, W; Bai, Q
2023-01-01Deep learning enhanced NIR-II volumetric imaging of whole mice vasculatureWu, S; Yang, Z; Ma, C; Zhang, X; Mi, C; Zhou, J; Guo, Z; Jin, D
2023-01-01Competitive advantages and the proximity of investment: evidence from Hong Kong-listed real estate development firms in Mainland ChinaShi, S; Wu, S; Yang, Z
2023Can biomarkers be used to diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?Chen, H; Yang, Y; Odisho, D; Wu, S; Yi, C; Oliver, BG
2022-12-03Bridging the Gap between Few-Shot and Many-Shot Learning via Distribution Calibration.Yang, S; Wu, S; Liu, T; Xu, M