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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-23SE-Loc: Security-Enhanced Indoor Localization with Semi-Supervised Deep LearningYe, Q; Fan, X; Bie, H; Puthal, D; Wu, T; Song, X; Fang, G
2022Transformer-Based High-Frequency Oscillation Signal Detection on Magnetoencephalography From Epileptic Patients.Guo, J; Xiao, N; Li, H; He, L; Li, Q; Wu, T; He, X; Chen, P; Chen, D; Xiang, J; Peng, X
2021-12-01Tolerance-Oriented Wi-Fi Advertisement Scheduling: A Near Optimal Study on Accumulative User InterestsXu, W; Fan, X; Wu, T; Tao, W; Xi, Y; Yang, P; Tian, C
2021-09-01Influence of water allocation on bioenergy production under climate change: A stochastic mathematical programming approachKung, C-C; Wu, T
2021-07-28Vision-based parking space detection: A mask R-CNN approachSong, Y; Zeng, J; Wu, T; Ni, W; Liu, RP
2021-06-01Enabling URLLC under $\kappa-\mu$ Shadowed FadingWu, T; Fan, X; Zeng, J; Ni, W; Liu, RP
2021-03-01Forecasting bond returns in a macro modelHou, K; Li, X; Li, Z; Wu, T
2021-01-01TPD: Temporal and Positional Computation Offloading with Dynamic and Dependent TasksWang, M; Wu, T; Fan, X; Sun, P; Qu, Y; Yang, P
2021-01-01Thermal Modeling of Tubular Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor Based on Random ForestWu, T; Wang, H; Guo, Y
2020-07-01Research on inversion model of cultivated soil moisture content based on hyperspectral imaging analysisWu, T; Yu, J; Lu, J; Zou, X; Zhang, W
2020-05-01Multiobjective Optimization of a Tubular Coreless LPMSM Based on Adaptive Multiobjective Black Hole AlgorithmWu, T; Feng, Z; Wu, C; Lei, G; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Wang, X
2020-05Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency via Hybrid Ligand Exchange Treatment of p-Type PbS Quantum Dots.Teh, ZL; Hu, L; Zhang, Z; Gentle, AR; Chen, Z; Gao, Y; Yuan, L; Hu, Y; Wu, T; Patterson, RJ; Huang, S
2019-08-01Calculation of eddy current loss in a tubular oscillatory lpmsm using computationally efficient FEAWu, T; Lu, K; Zhu, J; Lei, G; Guo, Y; Tang, S
2019-04-01STC: Exposing Hidden Compromised Devices in Networked Sustainable Green Smart Computing Platforms by Partial ObservationWang, D; Wu, T; Wen, S; Chen, X; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W
2019-01-01An artificial bee colony algorithm based on multiobjective and nondominated solution replacement mechanism for constrained optimization problemsLiu, F; Sun, Y; Liu, Y; Wu, T
2018-07-01Twitter spam detection: Survey of new approaches and comparative studyWu, T; Wen, S; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W
2018-05-01Pokémon GO in Melbourne CBD: A case study of the cyber-physical symbiotic social networksWang, D; Wu, T; Wen, S; Liu, D; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W; Hassan, H; Alelaiwi, A
2017-10-02The influence analysis of thrust and gap magnetic field of a down-to-hole tubular permanent magnet linear hammer due to high temperature in deep holeWu, T; Fu, K; Zhu, J; Lei, G
2017-10-01Mobile live video streaming optimization via crowdsourcing brokerageWu, T; Dou, W; Ni, Q; Yu, S; Chen, G
2017-03-01Service Mining for Trusted Service Composition in Cross-Cloud EnvironmentWu, T; Dou, W; Hu, C; Chen, J