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2021-12-01Fabrication and interfacial characterization of Ni-rich thin-film cathodes for stable Li-ion batteriesJiang, M; Wu, X; Zhang, Q; Danilov, DL; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL
2021-12-01A Comparative Study of Class Rebalancing Methods for Security Bug Report ClassificationZheng, W; Xun, Y; Wu, X; Deng, Z; Chen, X; Sui, Y
2021-11-01Bittm: A core biterms-based topic model for targeted analysisWang, J; Chen, L; Li, L; Wu, X
2021-10LL-37 and HMGB1 induce alveolar damage and reduce lung tissue regeneration via RAGE.Pouwels, SD; Hesse, L; Wu, X; Allam, VSRR; van Oldeniel, D; Bhiekharie, LJ; Phipps, S; Oliver, BG; Gosens, R; Sukkar, MB; Heijink, IH
2021-09-24Knowledge Graph enhanced Neural Collaborative Filtering with Residual Recurrent NetworkSang, L; Xu, M; Qian, S; Wu, X
2021-08-13Rice hybrid mimics have stable yields equivalent to those of the F1 hybrid and suggest a basis for hybrid vigour.He, Y; Zhang, Y; Liao, Y; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ; Wu, X
2021-07-09Investigation of Dynamic Load Sharing Behavior for Herringbone Planetary Gears considering Multicoupling Manufacturing ErrorsRen, F; Ji, J; Luo, G; Zhao, S; Zhao, L; Shi, G; Wu, X; Wang, N
2021-06-01A survey of Intel SGX and its applicationsZheng, W; Wu, Y; Wu, X; Feng, C; Sui, Y; Luo, X; Zhou, Y
2021-03-01Analytical Model of Open-Circuit Air-Gap Field Distribution in Interior Permanent Magnet Machines Based on Magnetic Equivalent Circuit Method and Boundary Conditions of Macroscopic EquationsMa, C; Zhang, J; Wang, J; Yang, N; Liu, Q; Zuo, S; Wu, X; Wang, P; Li, J; Fang, J
2021-02-01Knowledge graph enhanced neural collaborative recommendationSang, L; Xu, M; Qian, S; Wu, X
2020-12-01Deep invariant texture features for water image classificationXue, M; Shivakumara, P; Wu, X; Lu, T; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M; Lopresti, D
2020-10-06Game theory for mobile location privacyWu, X; Ji, G; Dou, W; Yu, S; Qi, L
2020Deep-HOSeq: Deep Higher Order Sequence Fusion for Multimodal Sentiment AnalysisVerma, S; Wang, J; Ge, Z; Shen, R; Jin, F; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Liu, W; Plant, C; Wang, H; Cuzzocrea, A; Zaniolo, C; Wu, X
2020One-stage deep instrumental variable method for causal inference from observational dataLin, A; Lu, J; Xuan, J; Zhu, F; Zhang, G; Wang, J; Shim, K; Wu, X
2019-11-25Double-Shelled Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/C Nanocages Enabling Polysulfides Adsorption for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesZhou, L; Li, H; Wu, X; Zhang, Y; Danilov, DL; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL
2019-09-01SEEN: A Selective Encryption Method to Ensure Confidentiality for Big Sensing Data StreamsPuthal, D; Wu, X; Surya, N; Ranjan, R; Chen, J
2019-07-01Noninvasive screening tool to detect undiagnosed diabetes among young and middle-aged people in Chinese communityZhang, M; Lin, L; Xu, X; Wu, X; Jin, Q; Liu, H
2019-07Identification of Neuromuscular Causal Relationship Between Brain and Muscles in Limb Movement by Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition based Causal Decomposition.Zhang, Y; Yao, D; Tie, Y; Wang, Y; Zhang, X; Cui, Y; Hao, J; Wu, X; Su, S; Xu, P
2019-03-21Multi-modal multi-view Bayesian semantic embedding for community question answeringSang, L; Xu, M; Qian, SS; Wu, X
2019-02-07Supervised image classification with self-paced regularizationZhang, T; Gong, C; Jia, W; Song, X; Sun, J; Wu, X