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2023-02-01Time-Varying Pattern and Prediction Model for Geopolymer Mortar Performance under Seawater Immersion.Wu, Y; Du, K; Wu, C; Tao, M; Zhao, R
2022-11-10Laminaria japonica Peptides Suppress Liver Cancer by Inducing Apoptosis: Possible Signaling Pathways and Mechanism.Wu, Y; Li, Y; Guo, W; Liu, J; Lao, W; Hu, P; Lin, Y; Chen, H
2022-10-17Efficiently Answering Minimum Reachable Label Set Queries in Edge-Labeled GraphsWu, Y; Sun, R; Chen, C; Wang, X; Fu, X
2022-08-26A deep learning semantic segmentation network with attention mechanism for concrete crack detectionHang, J; Wu, Y; Li, Y; Lai, T; Zhang, J; Li, Y
2022-07-01Comparison of Vegetation Phenology Derived from Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Enhanced Vegetation Index, and Their Relationship with Climatic LimitationsWang, C; Wu, Y; Hu, Q; Hu, J; Chen, Y; Lin, S; Xie, Q
2022-06-16Sand supplementation favors tropical seagrass Thalassia hemprichii in eutrophic bay: implications for seagrass restoration and management.Jiang, Z; Liu, S; Cui, L; He, J; Fang, Y; Premarathne, C; Li, L; Wu, Y; Huang, X; Kumar, M
2022-05-17Effect of Oral Methylprednisolone on Decline in Kidney Function or Kidney Failure in Patients With IgA Nephropathy: The TESTING Randomized Clinical Trial.Lv, J; Wong, MG; Hladunewich, MA; Jha, V; Hooi, LS; Monaghan, H; Zhao, M; Barbour, S; Jardine, MJ; Reich, HN; Cattran, D; Glassock, R; Levin, A; Wheeler, DC; Woodward, M; Billot, L; Stepien, S; Rogers, K; Chan, TM; Liu, Z-H; Johnson, DW; Cass, A; Feehally, J; Floege, J; Remuzzi, G; Wu, Y; Agarwal, R; Zhang, H; Perkovic, V; TESTING Study Group,
2022-05-12Rational design of robust and universal aqueous binders to enable highly stable cyclability of high‐capacity conversion and alloy‐type anodesYao, Y; Qu, X; Zhou, L; Liu, Y; Hong, Z; Wu, Y; Huang, Z; Hu, J; Gao, M; Pan, H
2022-05-01Multifunctional Virus Manipulation with Large-Scale Arrays of All-Dielectric Resonant NanocavitiesShi, Y; Wu, Y; Chin, LK; Li, Z; Liu, J; Chen, MK; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Liu, PY; Zhou, X; Cai, H; Jin, W; Yu, Y; Yu, R; Huang, W; Yap, PH; Xiao, L; Ser, W; Nguyen, TTB; Lin, YT; Wu, PC; Liao, J; Wang, F; Chan, CT; Kivshar, Y; Tsai, DP; Liu, AQ
2022-04-01Ambiguity, limited commitment, and the q theory of investmentWu, W; Niu, Y; Wu, Y; Xu, H
2022-03-07NAP: Neural architecture search with pruningDing, Y; Wu, Y; Huang, C; Tang, S; Wu, F; Yang, Y; Zhu, W; Zhuang, Y
2022-03-02Identifying Visible Parts via Pose Estimation for Occluded Person Re-Identification.Miao, J; Wu, Y; Yang, Y
2022-03-01Low electric field assisted surface conductive membrane in AnMBR: Strengthening effect and fouling behaviorWang, L; Wu, Y; Fu, Y; Deng, L; Wang, Y; Ren, Y; Zhang, H
2022-03-01Hierarchical conformal coating enables highly stable microparticle Si anodes for advanced Li-ion batteriesYang, Y; Liu, S; Dong, Z; Huang, Z; Lu, C; Wu, Y; Gao, M; Liu, Y; Pan, H
2022-01-25Switchable Novel Object Captioner.Wu, Y; Jiang, L; Yang, Y
2022-01-06An Efficient Memristor-Based Circuit Implementation of Squeeze-and-Excitation Fully Convolutional Neural Networks.Chen, J; Wu, Y; Yang, Y; Wen, S; Shi, K; Bermak, A; Huang, T
2022-01-01Policing pandemic in China: investigating the roles of organizational adjustment, procedural justice, and police trustworthiness on public complianceLin, K; Shen, S; Sun, IY; Wu, Y
2022-01-01Soft X-ray Detectors Based on SnS Nanosheets for the Water Window RegionShabbir, B; Liu, J; Krishnamurthi, V; Ayyubi, RAW; Tran, K; Tawfik, SA; Hossain, MM; Khan, H; Wu, Y; Shivananju, BN; Sagar, RUR; Mahmood, A; Younis, A; Uddin, MH; Bukhari, SA; Walia, S; Li, Y; Spencer, MJS; Mahmood, N; Jasieniak, JJ
2022-01-01Learning to Learn by Jointly Optimizing Neural Architecture and WeightsDing, Y; Wu, Y; Huang, C; Tang, S; Yang, Y; Wei, L; Zhuang, Y; Tian, Q
2022-01-01Large-scale Video Panoptic Segmentation in the Wild: A BenchmarkMiao, J; Wang, X; Wu, Y; Li, W; Zhang, X; Wei, Y; Yang, Y