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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020EEG-Based Drowsiness Estimation for Driving Safety Using Deep Q-LearningMing Y; Wu D; Wang Y-K; Shi Y; Lin C-T
2019-11Time dependent uncertain free vibration analysis of composite CFST structure with spatially dependent creep effectsWu D; Liu A; Huang Y; Huang Y; Pi Y; Gao W
2019-08-01Network anomaly detection by using a time-decay closed frequent patternZhao Y; Chen J; Wu D; Teng J; Sharma N; Sajjanhar A; Blumenstein M
2019-08-01Poisoning attack in federated learning using generative adversarial netsZhang J; Chen J; Wu D; Chen B; Yu S
2019-08Protecting Privacy of Users in Brain-Computer Interface Applications.Agarwal A; Dowsley R; McKinney ND; Wu D; Lin C-T; De Cock M; Nascimento ACA
2019-07-01Dynamic reliability analysis using the extended support vector regression (X-SVR)Feng J; Liu L; Wu D; Li G; Beer M; Gao W
2019-06-01Nonlinear in-plane buckling of fixed shallow functionally graded graphene reinforced composite arches subjected to mechanical and thermal loadingYang Z; Huang Y; Liu A; Fu J; Wu D
2019-04-15Geometrically nonlinear dynamic analysis of organic solar cell resting on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation under thermal environmentLi Q; Wang Q; Wu D; Chen X; Yu Y; Gao W
2019-04-01Nonlinear behaviour and stability of functionally graded porous arches with graphene platelets reinforcementsLiu Z; Yang C; Gao W; Wu D; Li G
2019-02-15Robust free vibration analysis of functionally graded structures with interval uncertaintiesWu D; Wang Q; Liu A; Yu Y; Zhang Z; Gao W
2019-02Active learning for regression using greedy samplingWu D; Lin C-T; Huang J
2019-01-15Effect of concrete creep on dynamic stability behavior of slender concrete-filled steel tubular columnHuang YQ; Fu JY; Liu AR; Pi YL; Wu D; Gao W
2019Privacy-preserving linear regression for brain-computer interface applicationsAgarwal A; Dowsley R; McKinney ND; Wu D; Lin C-T; Cock MD; Nascimento A
2019White-box target attack for EEG-based BCI regression problemsMeng L; Lin C-T; Jung T-P; Wu D