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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01Enhancing session-based social recommendation through item graph embedding and contextual friendship modelingGu P; Han Y; Gao W; Xu G; Wu J
2020-07Development of a four-parameter phenomenological model for the nonlinear viscoelastic behaviour of magnetorheological gelsLi S; Tian T; Wang H; Li Y; Li J; Zhou Y; Wu J
2020-05-18A robust online energy management strategy for fuel cell/battery hybrid electric vehiclesWu J; Zhang N; Tan D; Chang J; Shi W
2020Time-Variant Graph ClassificationWang H; Wu J; Zhu X; Chen Y; Zhang C
2020Adaptive knowledge subgraph ensemble for robust and trustworthy knowledge graph completionWan G; Du B; Pan S; Wu J
2019-10-01Towards a General Prediction System for the Primary Delay in Urban RailwaysWu J; Zhou L; Cai C; Dong F; Shen J; Sun G
2019-07-25Link prediction with signed latent factors in signed social networksXu P; Wu J; Hu W; Du B
2019-07-01Deep Structure Learning for Rumor Detection on TwitterHuang Q; Zhou C; Wu J; Wang M; Wang B
2019-07-01Evolutionary Community Detection in Dynamic Social NetworksLiu F; Wu J; Zhou C; Yang J
2019-07-01Smooth Deep Network EmbeddingZheng M; Zhou C; Wu J; Guo L
2019-01-01Robust Inter-Vehicle Distance Estimation Method Based on Monocular VisionHuang L; Zhe T; Wu J; Wu Q; Pei C; Chen D
2019Multivalent ion storage towards high-performance aqueous zinc-ion hybrid supercapacitorsMa X; Cheng J; Dong L; Liu W; Mou J; Zhao L; Wang J; Ren D; Wu J; Xu C; Kang F
2016-10-01A study of mechanical peeling behavior in a junction assembled by two individual carbon nanotubesSui C; Luo Q; He X; Tong L; Zhang K; Zhang Y; Zhang Y; Wu J; Wang C
2014-01-01Mechanical characteristics of individual multi-layer graphene-oxide sheets under direct tensile loadingWang C; Peng Q; Wu J; He X; Tong L; Luo Q; Li J; Moody S; Liu H; Wang R; Du S; Li Y