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2023Finite-Time Nonchattering Synchronization of Coupled Neural Networks With Multi-WeightsZhao, L-H; Wen, S; Guo, Z; Shi, K; Xiao, J; Zhu, S; Huang, T
2022-11-01Cross-regional electricity and hydrogen deployment research based on coordinated optimization: Towards carbon neutrality in ChinaJin, C; Xiao, J; Hou, J; Jiang, H; Zhang, J; Lv, X; Sun, W; Jiang, H; Du, E; Fang, Y; Zhou, Y; Shi, X
2022-11-01Recent advances on MXene based materials for energy storage applicationsLong, MQ; Tang, KK; Xiao, J; Li, JY; Chen, J; Gao, H; Chen, WH; Liu, CT; Liu, H
2022-11Affinity Attention Graph Neural Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation.Zhang, B; Xiao, J; Jiao, J; Wei, Y; Zhao, Y
2022-10-10Integrating Object-aware and Interaction-aware Knowledge for Weakly Supervised Scene Graph GenerationLi, X; Chen, L; Ma, W; Yang, Y; Xiao, J
2022-10-10Bidirectional Self-Training with Multiple Anisotropic Prototypes for Domain Adaptive Semantic SegmentationLu, Y; Luo, Y; Zhang, L; Li, Z; Yang, Y; Xiao, J
2022-10-10Active Learning for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation via Spatial-Structural Diversity ReasoningShao, F; Luo, Y; Liu, P; Chen, J; Yang, Y; Lu, Y; Xiao, J
2022-10-01One-Step Hydrothermal Reaction Induced Nitrogen-Doped MoS<inf>2</inf>/MXene Composites with Superior Lithium-Ion StorageGong, C; Long, M; Xiao, J; Li, J; Chen, J; Xiao, Y; Zhang, G; Gao, H; Liu, H
2022-10Extended analysis on the global Mittag-Leffler synchronization problem for fractional-order octonion-valued BAM neural networks.Xiao, J; Guo, X; Li, Y; Wen, S; Shi, K; Tang, Y
2022-08-31Nano-engineering induced Bi dots in situ anchored into modified porous carbon with superior sodium ion storageChen, J; Xiao, J; Li, J; Gao, H; Guo, X; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-07-01Optical vegetation indices for monitoring terrestrial ecosystems globallyZeng, Y; Hao, D; Huete, A; Dechant, B; Berry, J; Chen, JM; Joiner, J; Frankenberg, C; Bond-Lamberty, B; Ryu, Y; Xiao, J; Asrar, GR; Chen, M
2022-07-01Superlithiophilic N, S-codoped carbon on Ni foam as a stable 3D host for dendrite-free Li metal anodesTang, K; Xiao, J; Long, M; Chen, J; Gao, H; Liu, H
2022-05-15Hierarchical O<inf>α</inf>-rich Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> nanoarray anchored on Ni foam with superior lithiophilicity enabling ultrastable lithium metal batteriesTang, K; Gao, H; Xiao, J; Long, M; Chen, J; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-03-01Engineering a heteroatom-doped multidimensional carbon network for dendrite-free lithium metal anodeTang, K; Xiao, J; Long, M; Chen, J; Gao, H; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-03Manipulating Stable Layered P2-Type Cathode via a Co-Substitution Strategy for High Performance Sodium Ion Batteries.Xiao, J; Gao, H; Tang, K; Long, M; Chen, J; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-01-01Recent advances in “water in salt” electrolytes for aqueous rechargeable monovalent-ion (Li+, Na+, K+) batteriesGao, H; Tang, K; Xiao, J; Guo, X; Chen, W; Liu, H; Wang, G
2022-01-01CAMRL: A Joint Method of Channel Attention and Multidimensional Regression Loss for 3D Object Detection in Automated VehiclesGao, H; Fang, D; Xiao, J; Hussain, W; Kim, JY
2022-01-01Rethinking Multi-Modal Alignment in Multi-Choice VideoQA from Feature and Sample PerspectivesXiao, S; Chen, L; Gao, K; Wang, Z; Yang, Y; Zhang, Z; Xiao, J
2022-01-01Enhanced electrochemical performance of Li-rich cathode material for lithium-ion batteriesXiao, J; Li, X; Tang, K; Long, M; Chen, J; Wang, D; Gao, H; Liu, H
2022-01-01Unified Analysis on the Global Dissipativity and Stability of Fractional-Order Multidimension-Valued Memristive Neural Networks With Time Delay.Xiao, J; Zhong, S; Wen, S