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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-01Refining Parkinson’s neurological disorder identification through deep transfer learningNaseer, A; Rani, M; Naz, S; Razzak, MI; Imran, M; Xu, G
2020-01-01Integrating joint feature selection into subspace learning: A formulation of 2DPCA for outliers robust feature selectionRazzak, I; Saris, RA; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2020Constrained nonnegative matrix factorization-based semi-supervised multi-label learningYu, D; Fu, B; Xu, G; Qin, A
2020A location privacy-preserving system based on query range cover-up for location-based servicesWu, Z; Wang, R; Li, Q; Lian, X; Xu, G; Chen, E; Liu, X
2020Reinforcement-Learning-Guided Source Code Summarization via Hierarchical AttentionWang, W; Zhang, Y; Sui, Y; Wan, Y; Zhao, Z; Wu, J; Yu, P; Xu, G
2019-12-01Enhanced Heartbeat Graph for emerging event detection on Twitter using time series networksSaeed, Z; Abbasi, RA; Razzak, I; Maqbool, O; Sadaf, A; Xu, G
2019-11-01A general framework for learning prosodic-enhanced representation of rap lyricsLiang, H; Wang, H; Li, Q; Wang, J; Xu, G; Chen, J; Wei, JM; Yang, Z
2019-11-01Static detection of control-flow-related vulnerabilities using graph embeddingCheng, X; Wang, H; Hua, J; Zhang, M; Xu, G; Yi, L; Sui, Y
2019-10Electricity Price Forecast using Meteorology data: A study in Australian Energy MarketZhao, M; Shu, Y; Liu, S; Xu, G
2019-10Prediction and Analysis of Rumour's Impact on Social MediaYin, J; Liu, S; Li, Q; Xu, G
2019-09-15Time-aware metric embedding with asymmetric projection for successive POI recommendationYing, H; Wu, J; Xu, G; Liu, Y; Liang, T; Zhang, X; Xiong, H
2019-09-01Deep learning for decision making and the optimization of socially responsible investments and portfolioVo, NNY; He, X; Liu, S; Xu, G
2019-09-01Efficient Brain Tumor Segmentation with Multiscale Two-Pathway-Group Conventional Neural NetworksRazzak, MI; Imran, M; Xu, G
2019-08-01Event Detection in Twitter Stream Using Weighted Dynamic Heartbeat Graph Approach [Application Notes]Saeed, Z; Ayaz Abbasi, R; Razzak, MI; Xu, G
2019-08-01BorderShift: toward optimal MeanShift vector for cluster boundary detection in high-dimensional dataCao, X; Qiu, B; Xu, G
2019-06-15What’s Happening Around the World? A Survey and Framework on Event Detection Techniques on TwitterSaeed, Z; Abbasi, RA; Maqbool, O; Sadaf, A; Razzak, I; Daud, A; Aljohani, NR; Xu, G
2019-06-01Multiclass Support Matrix Machines by Maximizing the Inter-Class Margin for Single Trial EEG ClassificationRazzak, I; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2019-06-01Multidimensional Balance-Based Cluster Boundary Detection for High-Dimensional DataCao, X; Qiu, B; Li, X; Shi, Z; Xu, G; Xu, J
2019-06Polynomial Representation for Persistence DiagramWang, Z; Li, Q; Li, G; Xu, G
2019-05-01SMS: A Framework for Service Discovery by Incorporating Social Media InformationLiang, T; Chen, L; Wu, J; Xu, G; Wu, Z