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2021-11-03A Fe<sub>3</sub>N/carbon composite electrocatalyst for effective polysulfides regulation in room-temperature Na-S batteries.Qi, Y; Li, Q-J; Wu, Y; Bao, S-J; Li, C; Chen, Y; Wang, G; Xu, M
2021-10-11Graph neural networks with multiple kernel ensemble attentionZhang, H; Xu, M
2021-01-15Protected Resource Allocation in Space Division Multiplexing-Elastic Optical Networks with Fluctuating TrafficZhu, R; Samuel, A; Wang, P; Li, S; Oun, BK; Li, L; Lv, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2021-01-05LGAttNet: Automatic micro-expression detection using dual-stream local and global attentionsTakalkar, MA; Thuseethan, S; Rajasegarar, S; Chaczko, Z; Xu, M; Yearwood, J
2021-01-01Energy-efficient Deep Reinforced Traffic Grooming in Elastic Optical Networks for Cloud-Fog ComputingZhu, R; Li, S; Wang, P; Xu, M; Yu, S
2020-12-15Multi-camera 3d ball tracking framework for sports videoWu, W; Xu, M; Liang, Q; Mei, L; Peng, Y
2020-10-01Infrared Target Detection Using Intensity Saliency and Self-AttentionZhang, R; Xu, M; Shi, Y; Fan, J; Mu, C; Xu, L
2020-10Development and External Validation of Radiomics Approach for Nuclear Grading in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma.Zhou, H; Mao, H; Dong, D; Fang, M; Gu, D; Liu, X; Xu, M; Yang, S; Zou, J; Yin, R; Zheng, H; Tian, J; Pan, C; Fang, X
2020-10Noninvasive Prediction of High-Grade Prostate Cancer via Biparametric MRI Radiomics.Gong, L; Xu, M; Fang, M; Zou, J; Yang, S; Yu, X; Xu, D; Zhou, L; Li, H; He, B; Wang, Y; Fang, X; Dong, D; Tian, J
2020-09-01A Distributed and Anonymous Data Collection Framework Based on Multilevel Edge Computing ArchitectureUsman, M; Jan, MA; Jolfaei, A; Xu, M; He, X; Chen, J
2020-06-01Multi-camera multi-player tracking with deep player identification in sports videoZhang, R; Wu, L; Yang, Y; Wu, W; Chen, Y; Xu, M
2020-06-01RF-Mirror: Mitigating Mutual Coupling Interference in Two-Tag Array Labeled RFID SystemsWang, Z; Xu, M; Ye, N; Huang, H; Wang, R; Xiao, F
2020-05-28LSTM-Cubic A*-based auxiliary decision support system in air traffic managementShi, Z; Pan, Q; Xu, M
2020-05-19Dual-path Convolutional Image-Text Embeddings with Instance LossZheng, Z; Zheng, L; Garrett, M; Yang, Y; Xu, M; Shen, YD
2020-05-19Image to Modern Chinese Poetry Creation via a Constrained Topic-aware ModelWu, L; Xu, M; Qian, S; Cui, J
2020-05Improving the generalization performance of deep networks by dual pattern learning with adversarial adaptationZhang, H; Xu, M
2020-02-01Multi-player tracking for multi-view sports videos with improved K-shortest path algorithmLiang, Q; Wu, W; Yang, Y; Zhang, R; Peng, Y; Xu, M
2020-01-01Manifold feature integration for micro-expression recognitionTakalkar, MA; Xu, M; Chaczko, Z
2020-01-01A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques for Cyber Security in the Last DecadeShaukat, K; Luo, S; Varadharajan, V; Hameed, IA; Xu, M
2020Cascaded Revision Network for Novel Object CaptioningFeng, Q; Wu, Y; Fan, H; Yan, C; Xu, M; Yang, Y