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2023-01-01Different microplastics distinctively enriched the antibiotic resistance genes in anaerobic sludge digestion through shifting specific hosts and promoting horizontal gene flow.Luo, T; Dai, X; Chen, Z; Wu, L; Wei, W; Xu, Q; Ni, B-J
2022-12-01Achieving URLLC by MU-MIMO With Imperfect CSI: Under κ-μ Shadowed FadingZeng, J; Xu, Q; Fan, X; Ye, N; Ni, W; Jay Guo, Y
2022-09-01Ubiquitous Transmission Service: Hierarchical Wireless Data Rate Provisioning in Space-Air-Ocean Integrated NetworksXu, Q; Su, Z; Lu, R; Yu, S
2022-03-15Performance and Mechanism of Fe3O4 Improving Biotransformation of Waste Activated Sludge into Liquid High-Value Products.Luo, T; Xu, Q; Wei, W; Sun, J; Dai, X; Ni, B-J
2022-02-01Trust Based Incentive Scheme to Allocate Big Data Tasks with Mobile Social CloudXu, Q; Su, Z; Yu, S; Wang, Y
2021-12-15Free ammonia pretreatment assists potassium ferrate to enhance the production of short-chain fatty acids from waste activated sludge: Performance, mechanisms and applicationsZhang, J; Sui, K; Wang, D; Liu, X; Li, L; Li, X; Xu, Q; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Yang, Q
2021-12-10Effect of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate on hydrogen production from dark fermentation of waste activated sludge.Wu, M; Fu, Q; Huang, J; Xu, Q; Wang, D; Liu, X; Yang, J; Wu, Y; He, D; Ni, B-J; Wang, Q
2021-11-22STED microscopy reveals in-situ photoluminescence properties of single nanostructures in densely perovskite thin films.Wang, Q; Qin, Q; Chen, Y; Yang, T; Xu, Q; Mu, H; Han, J; Cao, K; Jiao, M; Liu, M; Zhang, S; Yang, C
2021-07-15Coagulation removal and photocatalytic degradation of microplastics in urban watersXu, Q; Huang, QS; Luo, TY; Wu, RL; Wei, W; Ni, BJ
2021-06-01In-depth research on percarbonate expediting zero-valent iron corrosion for conditioning anaerobically digested sludgeLi, Y; Wang, D; Yang, G; Yuan, X; Yuan, L; Li, Z; Xu, Q; Liu, X; Yang, Q; Tang, W; Jiang, L; Li, H; Wang, Q; Ni, B
2021-04-15Rhamnolipid pretreatment enhances methane production from two-phase anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge.Xu, Q; Luo, T-Y; Wu, R-L; Wei, W; Sun, J; Dai, X; Ni, B-J
2021-04The impact and fate of clarithromycin in anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge for biogas production.Zeng, S; Sun, J; Chen, Z; Xu, Q; Wei, W; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2021-02-15Mechanisms of potassium permanganate pretreatment improving anaerobic fermentation performance of waste activated sludgeXu, Q; Fu, Q; Liu, X; Wang, D; Wu, Y; Li, Y; Yang, J; Yang, Q; Wang, Y; Li, H; Ni, BJ
2021-02-02Biological Reduction of Nitric Oxide for Efficient Recovery of Nitrous Oxide as an Energy Source.Wang, L-K; Chen, X; Wei, W; Xu, Q; Sun, J; Mannina, G; Song, L; Ni, B-J
2021-02-02Improving Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Production from Anaerobic Fermentation of Waste Activated Sludge Using Free AmmoniaWang, Y; Wei, W; Wu, W; Sun, J; Xu, Q; Wang, D; Song, L; Ni, B-J
2021-02-01Mechanistic insights into the effect of poly ferric sulfate on anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge.Liu, X; Wu, Y; Xu, Q; Du, M; Wang, D; Yang, Q; Yang, G; Chen, H; Zeng, T; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, B-J
2021-01-13Revealing the Mechanism of Biochar Enhancing the Production of Medium Chain Fatty Acids from Waste Activated Sludge Alkaline Fermentation LiquorWu, S-L; Wei, W; Xu, Q; Huang, X; Sun, J; Dai, X; Ni, B-J
2021-01-01Fast Containment of Infectious Diseases with E-healthcare Mobile Social Internet of ThingsXu, Q; Su, Z; Zhang, K; Yu, S
2021-01-01The potential of energy cooperation between China and Australia under the Belt and Road InitiativeXu, Q; Yu, J; Shi, X; Collinson, E
2021-01-01Towards hydrogen production from waste activated sludge: Principles, challenges and perspectivesFu, Q; Wang, D; Li, X; Yang, Q; Xu, Q; Ni, B-J; Wang, Q; Liu, X