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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-05Autonomous Target Allocation RecommendationsMarsh, L; Cochrane, M; Lodge, R; Sims, B; Traish, J; Xu, R
2020-12-14Gaussian Mixture Model based Convolutional Sparse Coding for Radar Heartbeat DetectionLiu, J; Zhang, JA; Xu, R; Pearce, A; Ni, W; Hedley, M
2020-12-01Towards Environment-independent Human Activity Recognition using Deep Learning and Enhanced CSIShi, Z; Zhang, JA; Xu, R; Cheng, Q; Pearce, A
2020-01-01Simultaneous Customer Segmentation and Behavior DiscoveryZhang, S; Luo, L; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Xu, R
2020Multi-task learning for relation extractionZhou, K; Luo, X; Wang, H; Xu, R
2020Enhancing relation extraction using syntactic indicators and sentential contextsTao, Q; Luo, X; Wang, H; Xu, R
2019-10-01Impact of in Situ Soil Shear-Wave Velocity Profile on the Seismic Design of Tall Buildings on End-Bearing PilesXu, R; Fatahi, B
2019-05-01Deep Learning Networks for Human Activity Recognition with CSI Correlation Feature ExtractionShi, Z; Zhang, JA; Xu, R; Cheng, Q
2019-02-19Human Activity Recognition Using Deep Learning Networks with Enhanced Channel State InformationShi, Z; Zhang, JA; Xu, R; Fang, G
2019-01-01Novel application of geosynthetics to reduce residual drifts of mid-rise buildings after earthquakesXu, R; Fatahi, B
2018-12-01Geosynthetic-reinforced cushioned piles with controlled rocking for seismic safeguardingXu, R; Fatahi, B
2018-11-26Deep Content: Unveiling video streaming content from encrypted WiFi TrafficLi, Y; Huang, Y; Xu, R; Seneviratne, S; Thilakarathna, K; Cheng, A; Webb, D; Jourjon, G
2018-08-01Influence of geotextile arrangement on seismic performance of mid-rise buildings subjected to MCE shakingXu, R; Fatahi, B
2018-04-01Three-dimensional response of neighboring buildings sitting on pile foundations to seismic poundingFatahi, B; Van Nguyen, Q; Xu, R; Sun, WJ
2018-01-01Effects of Pile Group Configuration on the Seismic Response of Buildings Considering Soil-Pile-Structure InteractionXu, R; Fatahi, B; Qiu, T; Tiwari, B; Zhang, Z
2017-10-23Efficient binary coding for subspace-based qery-by-image video retrievalXu, R; Yang, Y; Shen, F; Xie, N; Shen, HT
2017-09-17Effects of Soil Stiffness on Seismic Response of Buildings Considering Soil-Pile-Structure InteractionXu, R; Fatahi, B; Li, D
2017-08-01A hybrid approach for parameter optimization of multiple tuned mass dampers in reducing floor vibrations due to occupant walking: Theory and parametric studiesXu, R; Chen, J; Zhu, X
2017-01-01Effects of soil stiffness on seismic response of buildings considering soil-pile-structure interactionXu, R; Li, D; Fatahi, B
2016-07-25Influence of Soft Soil Shear Strength on the Seismic Response of Concrete Buildings Considering Soil-Structure InteractionXu, R; Fatahi, B