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2023-05-01Effects of bond-slip on flexural behavior of reinforced nano-material modified UHPC beams: Experimental and numerical investigationXu, S; Yang, T; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Wu, C
2023-04-30Tutorials at The Web Conference 2023Fionda, V; Hartig, O; Abdolazimi, R; Amer-Yahia, S; Chen, H; Chen, X; Cui, P; Dalton, J; Dong, XL; Espin-Noboa, L; Fan, W; Fritz, M; Gan, Q; Gao, J; Guo, X; Hahmann, T; Han, J; Han, S; Hruschka, E; Hu, L; Huang, J; Jaimini, U; Jeunen, O; Jiang, Y; Karimi, F; Karypis, G; Kenthapadi, K; Lakkaraju, H; Lauw, HW; Le, T; Le, T-H; Lee, D; Lee, G; Levontin, L; Li, C-T; Li, H; Li, Y; Liao, JC; Liu, Q; Lokala, U; London, B; Long, S; Mcginty, HK; Meng, Y; Moon, S; Naseem, U; Natarajan, P; Omidvar-Tehrani, B; Pan, Z; Parekh, D; Pei, J; Peixoto, T; Pemberton, S; Poon, J; Radlinski, F; Rossetto, F; Roy, K; Salah, A; Sameki, M; Sheth, A; Shimizu, C; Shin, K; Song, D; Stoyanovich, J; Tao, D; Trippas, J; Truong, Q; Tsai, Y-C; Uchendu, A; Van Den Akker, B; Wang, L; Wang, M; Wang, S; Wang, X; Weber, I; Weld, H; Wu, L; Xu, D; Xu, EY; Xu, S; Yang, B; Yang, K; Yom-Tov, E; Yoo, J; Yu, Z; Zafarani, R; Zamani, H; Zehlike, M; Zhang, Q; Zhang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhao, L; Zhao, X; Zhu, W
2023-03-01Experimental and numerical study of blast resistance of geopolymer based high performance concrete sandwich walls incorporated with metallic tube coreYuan, P; Xu, S; Liu, J; Su, Y; Wu, C
2023-01-15Experimental and numerical study of steel wire mesh reinforced G-HPC slab protected by UHMWPE FRC under multiple blast loadingsYuan, P; Xiang, H; Xu, S; Liu, J; Su, Y; Qu, K; Wu, C
2023The strategic use of corporate philanthropy: Evidence from bank donationsChoi, S; Park, J; Xu, S
2022-12-01Is conductivity measurement or inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry reliable to define rejection of different ions?Xu, S; He, R; Zhao, S; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-11-01Experimental investigation of G-HPC-based sandwich walls incorporated with metallic tube core under contact explosionYuan, P; Xu, S; Liu, J; Su, Y; Li, J; Qu, K; Liu, C; Xu, S; Wu, C
2022-09-16A review of automated sleep disorder detection.Xu, S; Faust, O; Seoni, S; Chakraborty, S; Barua, PD; Loh, HW; Elphick, H; Molinari, F; Acharya, UR
2022-09-01Subspace cross representation measure for robust face recognition with few samplesZhang, J; Qin, X; Xiao, Y; Fei, R; Zang, Q; Xu, S; Bo, L; Li, H; Zhang, H; Zhong, Z
2022-08-22Experimental and numerical investigation of bond behavior between geopolymer based ultra-high-performance concrete and steel barsYang, T; Xu, S; Liu, Z; Li, J; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wu, C
2022-07-01Triaxial strength and failure criterion of ultra-high performance concreteWu, P; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Xu, S; Li, J; Li, J
2022-06-01G-UHPC slabs strengthened with high toughness and lightweight energy absorption materials under contact explosionsLiu, J; Liu, C; Xu, S; Li, J; Fang, J; Su, Y; Wu, C
2022-06Heart rate variability for medical decision support systems: A review.Faust, O; Hong, W; Loh, HW; Xu, S; Tan, R-S; Chakraborty, S; Barua, PD; Molinari, F; Acharya, UR
2022-05-15Concentrating phosphoric acid by direct contact membrane distillation using a low-cost polyethylene separatorWang, Y; Yu, H; Yang, X; Liu, L; Xu, S; He, H; Zhang, Y; He, T
2022-05-01Electromagnetic wave absorption performance of UHPC incorporated with carbon black and carbon fiberXu, S; Yang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, K
2022-05-01FlexMon: A flexible and fine-grained traffic monitor for programmable networksWang, Y; Wang, X; Xu, S; He, C; Zhang, Y; Ren, J; Yu, S
2022-04Application of photoplethysmography signals for healthcare systems: An in-depth review.Loh, HW; Xu, S; Faust, O; Ooi, CP; Barua, PD; Chakraborty, S; Tan, R-S; Molinari, F; Acharya, UR
2022-02-15Acid stable layer-by-layer nanofiltration membranes for phosphoric acid purificationXu, S; He, R; Dong, C; Sun, N; Zhao, S; He, H; Yu, H; Zhang, YB; He, T
2022-02-01Fire damaged ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) under coupled axial static and impact loadingLiu, K; Wu, C; Li, X; Tao, M; Li, J; Liu, J; Xu, S
2022-01-10Investigation of geopolymer-based ultra-high performance concrete slabs against contact explosionsLiu, J; Peng, Y; Xu, S; Yuan, P; Qu, K; Yu, X; Hu, F; Zhang, W; Su, Y