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2022-01-01Distributed Online Optimization of Edge Computing with Mixed Power Supply of Renewable Energy and Smart GridChen, X; Wen, H; Ni, W; Zhang, S; Wang, X; Xu, S; Pei, Q
2021-12-01The influences of cooling regimes on fire resistance of ultra-high performance concrete under static-dynamic coupled loadsLiu, K; Wu, C; Li, X; Liu, J; Tao, M; Fang, J; Xu, S
2021-11-15Development and preliminary mix design of ultra-high-performance concrete based on geopolymerXu, S; Yuan, P; Liu, J; Pan, Z; Liu, Z; Su, Y; Li, J; Wu, C
2021-08-01Calibration of CSCM model for numerical modeling of UHPCFTWST columns against monotonic lateral loadingXu, S; Wu, P; Liu, Z; Wu, C
2021-07-21Optimizing Sowing Date and Planting Density Can Mitigate the Impacts of Future Climate on Maize Yield: A Case Study in the Guanzhong Plain of ChinaXu, F; Wang, B; He, C; Liu, DL; Feng, P; Yao, N; Zhang, R; Xu, S; Xue, J; Feng, H; Yu, Q; He, J
2021-07-05Projectile impact resistance of fibre-reinforced geopolymer-based ultra-high performance concrete (G-UHPC)Liu, J; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Z; Xu, S; Liu, K; Su, Y; Fang, J; Chen, G
2021-07-01VerSe: A Vertebrae Labelling and Segmentation Benchmark for Multi-detector CT ImagesSekuboyina, A; Husseini, ME; Bayat, A; Löffler, M; Liebl, H; Li, H; Tetteh, G; Kukačka, J; Payer, C; Štern, D; Urschler, M; Chen, M; Cheng, D; Lessmann, N; Hu, Y; Wang, T; Yang, D; Xu, D; Ambellan, F; Amiranashvili, T; Ehlke, M; Lamecker, H; Lehnert, S; Lirio, M; de Olaguer, NP; Ramm, H; Sahu, M; Tack, A; Zachow, S; Jiang, T; Ma, X; Angerman, C; Wang, X; Brown, K; Kirszenberg, A; Puybareau, É; Chen, D; Bai, Y; Rapazzo, BH; Yeah, T; Zhang, A; Xu, S; Hou, F; He, Z; Zeng, C; Xiangshang, Z; Liming, X; Netherton, TJ; Mumme, RP; Court, LE; Huang, Z; He, C; Wang, L-W; Ling, SH; Huỳnh, LD; Boutry, N; Jakubicek, R; Chmelik, J; Mulay, S; Sivaprakasam, M; Paetzold, JC; Shit, S; Ezhov, I; Wiestler, B; Glocker, B; Valentinitsch, A; Rempfler, M; Menze, BH; Kirschke, JS
2021-05-01Protective effect of unbonded prestressed ultra-high performance reinforced concrete slab against gas explosion in buried utility tunnelYang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Du, J; Zhang, H; Xu, S; Zhou, S
2021-05-01Cooling-Aware Optimization of Edge Server Configuration and Edge Computation Offloading for Wirelessly Powered DevicesChen, X; Lu, Z; Ni, W; Wang, X; Wang, F; Zhang, S; Xu, S
2021-04-01A study of pressure characteristics of methane explosion in a 20 m buried tunnel and influence on structural behaviour of concrete elementsMeng, Q; Wu, C; Li, J; Wu, P; Xu, S; Wang, Z
2021-02-15Silicon incorporation into hydroxyapatite nanocarrier counteracts the side effects of vancomycin for efficient chronic osteomyelitis treatmentXu, Z; Xia, Y; Zhou, P; Li, JJ; Yang, M; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y; Xie, Y; Li, L; Pan, H; Xu, S; Wang, G
2021-01-01Focusing plasma jets to achieve high current density: Feasibility and opportunities for applications in debris removal and space explorationLevchenko, I; Baranov, O; Fang, J; Cherkun, O; Xu, S; Bazaka, K
2021-01-01Investigations on the response of ceramic ball aggregated and steel fibre reinforced geopolymer-based ultra-high performance concrete (G-UHPC) to projectile penetrationLiu, J; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Li, J; Xu, S; Liu, K; Su, Y; Chen, G
2021Non-Line-of-Sight Localization of Passive UHF RFID Tags in Smart Storage SystemsGui, L; Xu, S; Xiao, F; Shu, F; Yu, S
2021Behavior of CFRP-UHPFRC-steel double skin tubular columns against low-velocity impactYang, T; Wang, W; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Xu, S; Yang, Y
2020-11-06SAANet: Siamese action-units attention network for improving dynamic facial expression recognitionLiu, D; Ouyang, X; Xu, S; Zhou, P; He, K; Wen, S
2020-11-01DFT-s-OFDM: Enabling flexibility in frequency selectivity and multiuser diversity for 5GChen, X; Cui, J; Ni, W; Wang, X; Zhu, Y; Zhang, J; Xu, S
2020-08-24Crowd counting via hierarchical scale recalibration networkZou, Z; Liu, Y; Xu, S; Wei, W; Wen, S; Zhou, P
2020-07-27Joint Resource Allocation and Load Management for Cooling-Aware Mobile-Edge ComputingChen, X; Lu, Z; Ni, W; Wang, X; Zhang, S; Xu, S
2020-01-15Efficient measurement of round-trip link delays in software-defined networksWang, X; Yang, Y; Liu, H; Ren, J; Xu, S; Wang, S; Yu, S