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2022-12-29A Graph Neural Network and Pointer Network-Based Approach for QoS-Aware Service CompositionWang, X; Xu, H; Wang, X; Xu, X; Wang, Z
2022-08-05A survey for trust-aware recommender systems: A deep learning perspectiveDong, M; Yuan, F; Yao, L; Wang, X; Xu, X; Zhu, L
2022-04-25Veracity-aware and Event-driven Personalized News Recommendation for Fake News MitigationWang, S; Xu, X; Zhang, X; Wang, Y; Song, W
2022-04-13MetaGB: A Gradient Boosting Framework for Efficient Task Adaptive Meta LearningDong, M; Yao, L; Wang, X; Xu, X; Zhu, L
2022-04-07Generative Inverse Deep Reinforcement Learning for Online RecommendationChen, X; Yao, L; Sun, A; Wang, X; Xu, X; Zhu, L
2022-02-08Different Types of Long-Term Milk Consumption and Mortality in Adults with Cardiovascular Disease: A Population-Based Study in 7236 Australian Adults over 8.4 Years.Xu, X; Kabir, A; Barr, ML; Schutte, AE
2021-12-21Metrology of convex-shaped nanoparticles: Via soft classification machine learning of TEM imagesWen, H; Xu, X; Cheong, S; Lo, SC; Chen, JH; Chang, SLY; Dwyer, C
2021-12-01CoPace: Edge Computation Offloading and Caching for Self-Driving with Deep Reinforcement LearningTian, H; Xu, X; Qi, L; Zhang, X; Dou, W; Yu, S; Ni, Q
2021-12-01A feasible identification method of uncertainty responses for vehicle structuresXu, X; Chen, X; Liu, Z; Zhang, Y; Xu, Y; Fang, J; Gao, Y
2021-12-01Effect of discretized transfer paths on abnormal vibration analysis and door structure improvement to reduce its vibration in the door slamming eventLiu, Z; Gao, Y; Yang, J; Xu, X; Fang, J; Xu, Y
2021-12-01Organic semiconductor colloids: From the knowledge acquired in photovoltaics to the generation of solar hydrogen fuelHolmes, NP; Chambon, S; Holmes, A; Xu, X; Hirakawa, K; Deniau, E; Lartigau-Dagron, C; Bousquet, A
2021-11-24Intent-aware interactive internet of things for enhanced collaborative ambient intelligenceHuang, C; Yao, L; Wang, X; Sheng, QZ; Dustdar, S; Wang, Z; Xu, X
2021-11-10Self-care behaviours and related cultural factors among Chinese immigrants with cardiovascular disease in western countries: an integrative review.Zeng, L; Perry, L; Xu, X
2021-10-01Optimization of the Discrete Structure in a Pressure Sensor Based on a Multiple-Contact Mechanism to Improve Sensitivity and NonlinearityLiu, Y; Li, H; Li, Y; Xu, X; Yang, Z; Ding, G
2021-10-01Transfer path analysis and its application to diagnosis for low-frequency transient vibration in the automotive door slamming eventLiu, Z; Gao, Y; Yang, J; Xu, X; Fang, J; Duan, Y; Ma, C
2021-09-15Nonlinear pattern and algal dual-impact in N2O emission with increasing trophic levels in shallow lakes.Zhou, Y; Xu, X; Song, K; Yeerken, S; Deng, M; Li, L; Riya, S; Wang, Q; Terada, A
2021-08-01Bioadaptability of biomaterials: Aiming at precision medicineXu, X; Jia, Z; Zheng, Y; Wang, Y
2021-08-01Efficiency diagnosis and optimization in distributed solar plantsRen, L; Zhang, S; Li, L; Xu, X; Zhang, Y; Wang, F
2021-07-01Effective easing of the side effects of copper intrauterine devices using ultra-fine-grained Cu-0.4Mg alloy.Fan, Q; Bao, G; Ge, D; Wang, K; Sun, M; Liu, T; Liu, J; Zhang, Z; Xu, X; Xu, X; He, B; Rao, J; Zheng, Y
2021-06-01A Flexible Implantable Polyimide Catheter Device for Targeted Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases by Aggregating Magnetic NanoparticlesZhang, H; Li, Y; Zhang, P; Ren, C; Xu, X; Sun, B; Yang, Z