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2021-01-01Mono- to few-layer non-van der Waals 2D lanthanide-doped NaYF(4)nanosheets with upconversion luminescenceClarke C; Singh M; Tawfik SA; Xu X; Spencer MJS; Ramanathan R; Reineck P; Bansal V; Ton-That C
2020-11-02Characterization of Upconversion Nanoparticles by Single-Particle ICP-MS Employing a Quadrupole Mass Filter with Increased Bandpass.Meyer S; Gonzalez de Vega R; Xu X; Du Z; Doble PA; Clases D
2020-09-05Factors associated with the psychological well-being among front-line nurses exposed to COVID-2019 in China: A predictive study.Li X; Zhou Y; Xu X
2020-09Video-rate upconversion display from optimized lanthanide ion doped upconversion nanoparticles.Gao L; Shan X; Xu X; Liu Y; Liu B; Li S; Wen S; Ma C; Jin D; Wang F
2020-08-31Older Persons' and Their Caregivers' Perspectives and Experiences of Research Participation With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity: A Scoping Review.Hosie A; Kochovska S; Ries N; Gilmore I; Parker D; Sinclair C; Sheehan C; Collier A; Caplan GA; Visser M; Xu X; Lobb E; Sheahan L; Brown L; Lee W; Sanderson CR; Amgarth-Duff I; Green A; Edwards L; Agar MR
2020-08Service use of young people with Type 1 diabetes after transition from paediatric to adult-based diabetes health care.Perry L; Dunbabin J; Xu X; Lowe J; Acharya S; James S; Steinbeck KS
2020-07-27Trajectories of Dietary Patterns, Sleep Duration, and Body Mass Index in China: A Population-Based Longitudinal Study from China Nutrition and Health Survey, 1991-2009.Cao Y; Xu X; Shi Z
2020-07-14SARS-CoV-2 induces transcriptional signatures in human lung epithelial cells that promote lung fibrosis.Xu J; Xu X; Jiang L; Dua K; Hansbro PM; Liu G
2020-07-02mHealth education interventions in heart failure.Allida S; Du H; Xu X; Prichard R; Chang S; Hickman LD; Davidson PM; Inglis SC
2020-06-02Deep‐Eutectic‐Solvent‐Based Self‐Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long‐Life Lithium‐Metal BatteriesJaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-06-02Frequency-domain diagonal extension imagingJiang S; Guan M; Wu J; Fang G; Xu X; Jin D; Liu Z; Shi K; Bai F; Wang S; Xi P
2020-06Eating and healthy ageing: a longitudinal study on the association between food consumption, memory loss and its comorbidities.Xu X; Ling M; Inglis SC; Hickman L; Parker D
2020-06Deep-Eutectic-Solvent-Based Self-Healing Polymer Electrolyte for Safe and Long-Life Lithium-Metal Batteries.Jaumaux P; Liu Q; Zhou D; Xu X; Wang T; Wang Y; Kang F; Li B; Wang G
2020-03-14Elastin is a key factor of tumor development in colorectal cancer.Li J; Xu X; Jiang Y; Hansbro NG; Hansbro PM; Xu J; Liu G
2020-03-11Boosting Sodium Storage in Two-Dimensional Phosphorene/Ti3C2Tx MXene Nanoarchitectures with Stable Fluorinated Interphase.Guo X; Zhang W; Zhang J; Zhou D; Tang X; Xu X; Li B; Liu H; Wang G
2020-02Super-Resolution Mapping of Single Nanoparticles inside Tumor Spheroids.Liu Y; Wang F; Lu H; Fang G; Wen S; Chen C; Shan X; Xu X; Zhang L; Stenzel M; Jin D
2020Antiproliferative activities of tricyclic amides derived from β-caryophyllene via the Ritter reaction against MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cellsXu X; Roseblade A; Rawling T; Ung AT
2019-12Cognitive behavior stress management during pregnancy: a randomized controlled trial.Li J; Shao D; Xu X; Zhang Y; Jiang Y; Hall J
2018Novel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for QoS-Aware Service SelectionWang X; Xu X; Sheng QZ; Wang Z; Yao L