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2023-03Failure modes after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Li, X; Yan, L; Li, D; Fan, Z; Liu, H; Wang, G; Jiu, J; Yang, Z; Li, JJ; Wang, B
2023-01-03Evaluation of Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Surgical Approaches for Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis.Yan, L; Ge, L; Dong, S; Saluja, K; Li, D; Reddy, KS; Wang, Q; Yao, L; Li, JJ; Roza da Costa, B; Xing, D; Wang, B
2023-01-01Self-assembly of gelatin microcarrier-based MSC microtissues for spinal cord injury repairLiu, H; Yan, X; Jiu, J; Li, JJ; Zhang, Y; Wang, G; Li, D; Yan, L; Du, Y; Zhao, B; Wang, B
2022-12Design, synthesis and antitumor activity of 5-trifluoromethylpyrimidine derivatives as EGFR inhibitors.Zuo, Y; Li, R; Zhang, Y; Bao, G; Le, Y; Yan, L
2022-10-15Magnetic regulation of the luminescence of hybrid lanthanide-doped nanoparticlesLuo, Y; Chen, Z; Wen, S; Han, Q; Fu, L; Yan, L; Jin, D; Bünzli, JCG; Bao, G
2022-08Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineering for the Treatment of Burn Wounds: A Systematic Review of Preclinical Studies.Lukomskyj, AO; Rao, N; Yan, L; Pye, JS; Li, H; Wang, B; Li, JJ
2022-05Preclinical studies and clinical trials on mesenchymal stem cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis: A systematic review on models and cell doses.Wang, G; Xing, D; Liu, W; Zhu, Y; Liu, H; Yan, L; Fan, K; Liu, P; Yu, B; Li, JJ; Wang, B
2022-05Cost Effectiveness of Pharmacological Management for Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review.Shi, J; Fan, K; Yan, L; Fan, Z; Li, F; Wang, G; Liu, H; Liu, P; Yu, H; Li, JJ; Wang, B
2022-02Animal Models for Treating Spinal Cord Injury Using Biomaterials-Based Tissue Engineering Strategies.Li, JJ; Liu, H; Zhu, Y; Yan, L; Liu, R; Wang, G; Wang, B; Zhao, B
2022An experimental and numerical study of the microstructural and biomechanical properties of human peripheral nerve endoneurium for the design of tissue scaffolds.Yan, L; Entezari, A; Zhang, Z; Zhong, J; Liang, J; Li, Q; Qi, J
2021-09-01Gimmicky or Effective? The Effects of Imaginative Displays on Customers’ Purchase BehaviorKeh, HT; Wang, D; Yan, L
2021-08-01Compressive Performance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Encased Recycled Concrete with NanoparticlesGao, C; Huang, L; Yan, L; Kasal, B; Li, W; Jin, R; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Deng, P
2021-04-05Footprints at School: Modelling In-class Social Dynamics from Students’ Physical Positioning TracesYan, L; Martinez-Maldonado, R; Cordoba, BG; Deppeler, J; Corrigan, D; Nieto, GF; Gasevic, D
2021-04-01Assimilating and Differentiating: The Curvilinear Effect of Social Class on Green ConsumptionYan, L; Keh, HT; Chen, J
2021-01-01Synthesis and preliminary structure-activity relationship study of 3-methylquinazolinone derivatives as EGFR inhibitors with enhanced antiproliferative activities against tumour cells.Zhang, Y; Wang, Q; Li, L; Le, Y; Liu, L; Yang, J; Li, Y; Bao, G; Yan, L
2021Interference screws are more likely to perform better than cortical button and cross-pin fixation for hamstring autograft in ACL reconstruction: a Bayesian network meta-analysis.Yan, L; Li, JJ; Zhu, Y; Liu, H; Liu, R; Zhao, B; Wang, B
2020-12-01Efficient monolithic perovskite/organic tandem solar cells and their efficiency potentialXie, S; Xia, R; Chen, Z; Tian, J; Yan, L; Ren, M; Li, Z; Zhang, G; Xue, Q; Yip, H-L; Cao, Y
2020-11Risk Factors with Multilevel Evidence for Dislocation in Patients with Femoral Neck Fractures After Hip Hemiarthroplasty: A Systematic Review.Wang, B; Liu, H; Zhu, Y; Yan, L; Li, JJ; Zhao, B
2020-07-02Customer perceptions of frontline employees' extra-role helping behaviorsWang, X; Keh, HT; Yan, L
2020Powering Sustainable Consumption: The Roles of Green Consumption Values and Power Distance BeliefYan, L; Keh, HT; Wang, X