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2023-01-01Self-assembly of gelatin microcarrier-based MSC microtissues for spinal cord injury repairLiu, H; Yan, X; Jiu, J; Li, JJ; Zhang, Y; Wang, G; Li, D; Yan, L; Du, Y; Zhao, B; Wang, B
2022-11-01Revealing the mechanisms of polypyrrole (Ppy) enhancing methane production from anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge (WAS).Qian, J; Zhang, Y; Bai, L; Yan, X; Du, Y; Ma, R; Ni, B-J
2022-01-01Crown ether-thiourea conjugates as ion transportersZhao, Z; Tang, B; Yan, X; Wu, X; Li, Z; Gale, PA; Jiang, YB
2021-05-01Reliability of EEG microstate analysis at different electrode densities during propofol-induced transitions of brain states.Zhang, K; Shi, W; Wang, C; Li, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, T; Li, J; Yan, X; Wang, Q; Cao, Z; Wang, G
2021-04-06Effective Brain State Estimation During Propofol-Induced Sedation Using Advanced EEG Microstate Spectral Analysis.Li, Y; Shi, W; Liu, Z; Li, J; Wang, Q; Yan, X; Cao, Z; Wang, G
2021-02-15Revisiting Microplastics in Landfill Leachate: Unnoticed Tiny Microplastics and Their Fate in Treatment Works.Sun, J; Zhu, Z-R; Li, W-H; Yan, X; Wang, L-K; Zhang, L; Jin, J; Dai, X; Ni, B-J
2021-01-01Numerical Modeling of Water-Vapor Migration and Phase Transformation in Unsaturated Freezing SoilsShan, F; Teng, J; Yan, X; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2020-12Seizure Prediction Using Directed Transfer Function and Convolution Neural Network on Intracranial EEG.Wang, G; Wang, D; Du, C; Li, K; Zhang, J; Liu, Z; Tao, Y; Wang, M; Cao, Z; Yan, X
2020-02-01Parameterization of soil freezing characteristic curve for unsaturated soilsTeng, J; Kou, J; Yan, X; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2020-02Rapid and strong biocidal effect of ferrate on sulfidogenic and methanogenic sewer biofilms.Yan, X; Sun, J; Kenjiahan, A; Dai, X; Ni, B-J; Yuan, Z
2019-10-01Persulfate and zero valent iron combined conditioning as a sustainable technique for enhancing dewaterability of aerobically digested sludgeNi, BJ; Yan, X; Sun, J; Chen, X; Peng, L; Wei, W; Wang, D; Mao, S; Dai, X; Wang, Q
2019-06-01Effect of Particle Shape and Confining Pressure on Breakage and Deformation of Artificial RockfillYang, G; Yan, X; Nimbalkar, S; Xu, J
2019-02-04Spatial prediction of landslide susceptibility using data mining-based kernel logistic regression, naive Bayes and RBFNetwork models for the Long County area (China)Chen, W; Yan, X; Zhao, Z; Hong, H; Bui, DT; Pradhan, B
2018-01-01Molecular characteristics of the refractory organic matter in the anaerobic and aerobic digestates of sewage sludgeLi, X; Mei, Q; Yan, X; Dong, B; Dai, X; Yu, L; Wang, Y; Ding, G; Yu, F; Zhou, J
2017-12-01Enhancing vehicular communication using 5g-enabled smart collaborative networkingDong, P; Zheng, T; Yu, S; Zhang, H; Yan, X
2017-04-01Statistical Analysis of Path Losses for Sectorized Wireless NetworksXu, J; Yan, X; Zhu, Y; Wang, J; Yang, Y; Ge, X; Mao, G; Tirkkonen, O
2015-08-01Development of a maximum likelihood regression tree-based model for predicting subway incident delayWeng, J; Zheng, Y; Qu, X; Yan, X
2015-07-03nagnag: Identification and quantification of NAGNAG alternative splicing using RNA-Seq dataYan, X; Sablok, G; Feng, G; Ma, J; Zhao, H; Sun, X
2015-01-01In-depth analysis of drivers' merging behavior and rear-end crash risks in work zone merging areasWeng, J; Xue, S; Yang, Y; Yan, X; Qu, X
2015-01-01Cluster-based lognormal distribution model for accident durationWeng, J; Qiao, W; Qu, X; Yan, X