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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Feb-2019DPWeVote: differentially private weighted voting protocol for cloud-based decision-makingYan, Z; Liu, J; Liu, S
31-Jan-2019Reconstruction of sparse signals via neurodynamic optimizationLi, G; Yan, Z
1-Nov-2018A neurodynamic approach to distributed optimization with globally coupled constraintsLe, X; Chen, S; Yan, Z; Xi, J
1-Nov-2018Bayesian deep reinforcement learning via deep kernel learningXuan, J; Lu, J; Yan, Z; Zhang, G
10-Oct-2018Explore Uncertainty in Residual Networks for Crowds Flow PredictionWang, B; Yan, Z; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Li, T
6-Aug-2018A continuous-time recurrent neural network for sparse signal reconstruction via ℓ<inf>1</inf> minimizationYan, Z; Le, X; Wen, S; Lu, J
1-Jul-2018General memristor with applications in multilayer neural networksWen, S; Xie, X; Yan, Z; Huang, T; Zeng, Z
1-Jan-2018Distributed model predictive control of linear systems with coupled constraints based on collective neurodynamic optimizationYan, Z; Lu, J; Zhang, G
1-Jan-2018Deep multi-task learning for air quality predictionWang, B; Yan, Z; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Li, T
1-May-2017A Collective Neurodynamic Approach to Constrained Global OptimizationYan, Z; Fan, J; Wang, J
1-Jul-2016Tube-Based Robust Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems via Collective Neurodynamic OptimizationYan, Z; Le, X; Wang, J
1-Apr-2015Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Collective Neurodynamic OptimizationYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Feb-2015Global exponential synchronization of two memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time delays via static or dynamic couplingGuo, Z; Wang, J; Yan, Z
1-Jan-2015A one-layer recurrent neural network for constrained nonconvex optimizationLi, G; Yan, Z; Wang, J
1-Jan-2015Obstacle and singularity avoidance for kinematically redundant manipulators based on neurodynamic optimizationZhang, P; Yan, Z; Wang, J
1-Nov-2014Passivity and passification of memristor-based recurrent neural networks with time-varying delaysGuo, Z; Wang, J; Yan, Z
13-Aug-2014Nonlinear and robust model predictive control of systems with unmodeled dynamics based on supervised learning and neurodynamic optimizationYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Apr-2014Attractivity analysis of memristor-Based cellular neural networks with time-Varying delaysGuo, Z; Wang, J; Yan, Z
1-Mar-2014Robust model predictive control of nonlinear systems with unmodeled dynamics and bounded uncertainties based on neural networksYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Jan-2014Machine-cell and part-family formation in cellular manufacturing using a two-phase clustering algorithmYan, Z; Wang, J; Fan, J