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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023How does investor attention affect energy firms’ managerial opportunistic behavior? New evidence from ChinaCao, W; Linnenluecke, M; Tian, J; Xue, R; Yang, H
2022-04-25Dual Space Graph Contrastive LearningYang, H; Chen, H; Pan, S; Li, L; Yu, PS; Xu, G
2022-03-01Discrete embedding for attributed graphsYang, H; Chen, L; Pan, S; Wang, H; Zhang, P
2022-01-01Being Automated or Not? Risk Identification of Occupations with Graph Neural NetworksXu, D; Yang, H; Rizoiu, MA; Xu, G
2022-01-01Automatic RFI Identification for Sentinel-1 Based on Siamese-Type Deep CNN Using Repeat-Pass ImagesLu, X; Wang, C; Xu, X; Yang, H; Zhang, S; Tan, K; Bao, X; Su, W; Gu, H
2022-01-01Cloud-Edge Collaboration in Industrial Internet of Things: A Joint Offloading Scheme based on Resource PredictionSun, Z; Yang, H; Li, C; Yao, Q; Wang, D; Zhang, J; Wang, H; Vasilakos, AV
2021-10-07RDRF-Net: A pyramid architecture network with residual-based dynamic receptive fields for unsupervised depth estimationJi, ZY; Song, XJ; Song, HB; Yang, H; Guo, XX
2021-09-01Connecting Language and Vision for Natural Language-Based Vehicle RetrievalBai, S; Zheng, Z; Wang, X; Lin, J; Zhang, Z; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Yang, Y
2021-06-16Environmental design strategies to decrease the risk of nosocomial infection in medical buildings using a hybrid MCDM modelXiong, L; Sheng, G; Fan, Z-M; Yang, H; Hwang, FJ; Zhu, B-W
2021-06-01Architecting Amorphous Vanadium Oxide/MXene Nanohybrid via Tunable Anodic Oxidation for High-Performance Sodium-Ion BatteriesZhang, W; Peng, J; Hua, W; Liu, Y; Wang, J; Liang, Y; Lai, W; Jiang, Y; Huang, Y; Zhang, W; Yang, H; Yang, Y; Li, L; Liu, Z; Wang, L; Chou, SL
2021-06How well has economic strategy changed CO<sub>2</sub> emissions? Evidence from China's largest emission province.Yang, H; Lu, Z; Shi, X; Muhammad, S; Cao, Y
2021-04-15Unsupervised feature selection for attributed graphsZhou, R; Niu, L; Yang, H
2021-04-07Copper phosphide as a promising anode material for potassium-ion batteriesYang, Q; Tai, Z; Xia, Q; Lai, W; Wang, W; Zhang, B; Yan, Z; Peng, J; Yang, H; Liu, H; Gu, Q; Chou, S; Liu, H
2021-02-09Exploratory Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural NetworksLin, X; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Wu, J; Wang, H; Cao, Y; Wang, B
2021-01-10Multi-region and multi-sector comparisons and analysis of industrial carbon productivity in ChinaYang, H; Lu, Z; Shi, X; Mensah, IA; Luo, Y; Chen, W
2021-01-01BrainIoT: Brain-Like Productive Services Provisioning with Federated Learning in Industrial IoTYang, H; Yuan, J; Li, C; Zhao, G; Sun, Z; Yao, Q; Bao, B; Vasilakos, AV; Zhang, J
2021-01-01Hyper Meta-Path Contrastive Learning for Multi-Behavior RecommendationYang, H; Chen, H; Li, L; Yu, PS; Xu, G
2021-01-01Discrete embedding for latent networksYang, H; Chen, L; Lei, M; Niu, L; Zhou, C; Zhang, P
2021-01-01Graph neural architecture searchGao, Y; Yang, H; Zhang, P; Zhou, C; Hu, Y
2020-10-11Model Predictive Flux Control Based on Synchronous Pulse-Width ModulationYang, H; Huang, P; Zhang, Y; Zhu, J