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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01-17From Occupations to Tasks: A New Perspective on Automatability Prediction Using BERTXu, D; Yang, H; Rizoiu, M-A; Xu, G
2023-12-01Nondetection Zone Elimination and Detection Speed Improvement for DC Microgrids Islanding Detection With Adaptive Resonant FrequencyShi, T; Xiang, X; Lei, J; Liu, B; Wang, F; Chen, M; Yang, H; Li, L; Li, W
2023-11-20What can we learn from a Chinese social media used by glaucoma patients?Fu, J; Yang, J; Li, Q; Huang, D; Yang, H; Xie, X; Xu, H; Zhang, M; Zheng, C
2023-11-15Bioenergy production from swine wastewater based on a combined process of anaerobic dynamic membrane reactor and microalgae cultivation: Feasibility and performance.Tang, J; Yang, H; Pu, Y; Hu, Y; Qu, X; Chen, S; Wang, XC; Ngo, HH; Li, Y; Abomohra, A
2023-11-01Mitigating the performance sacrifice in DP-satisfied federated settings through graph contrastive learningYang, H; Zhao, X; Li, M; Chen, H; Xu, G
2023-10-01Multiple Signal Classification Based Joint Communication and Sensing SystemChen, X; Feng, Z; Wei, Z; Yuan, X; Zhang, P; Zhang, JA; Yang, H
2023-09Synergized Tricomponent All-Inorganics Solid Electrolyte for Highly Stable Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries.Xu, G; Zhang, X; Sun, S; Zhou, Y; Liu, Y; Yang, H; Huang, Z; Fang, F; Sun, W; Hong, Z; Gao, M; Pan, H
2023-04-30Generating Counterfactual Hard Negative Samples for Graph Contrastive LearningYang, H; Chen, H; Zhang, S; Sun, X; Li, Q; Zhao, X; Xu, G
2023-04-11Cooperative Coevolution for Non-Separable Large-Scale Black-Box Optimization: Convergence Analyses and Distributed AccelerationsDuan, Q; Shao, C; Zhou, G; Yang, H; Zhao, Q; Shi, Y
2023-01-01Intelligent Computation Offloading for Joint Communication and Sensing-Based Vehicular NetworksYang, H; Feng, Z; Wei, Z; Zhang, Q; Yuan, X; Quek, TQS; Zhang, P
2023-01-01An Empirical Study Towards Prompt-Tuning for Graph Contrastive Pre-Training in RecommendationsYang, H; Zhao, X; Li, Y; Chen, H; Xu, G
2023How does investor attention affect energy firms’ managerial opportunistic behavior? New evidence from ChinaCao, W; Linnenluecke, M; Tian, J; Xue, R; Yang, H
2022-10-10In-N-Out Generative Learning for Dense Unsupervised Video SegmentationPan, X; Li, P; Yang, Z; Zhou, H; Zhou, C; Yang, H; Zhou, J; Yang, Y
2022-04-25Dual Space Graph Contrastive LearningYang, H; Chen, H; Pan, S; Li, L; Yu, PS; Xu, G
2022-03-01Discrete embedding for attributed graphsYang, H; Chen, L; Pan, S; Wang, H; Zhang, P
2022-02-01Electrolytes/Interphases: Enabling Distinguishable Sulfur Redox Processes in Room-Temperature Sodium-Sulfur BatteriesLiu, H; Lai, WH; Lei, Y; Yang, H; Wang, N; Chou, S; Liu, HK; Dou, SX; Wang, YX
2022-01-01Automatic RFI Identification for Sentinel-1 Based on Siamese-Type Deep CNN Using Repeat-Pass ImagesLu, X; Wang, C; Xu, X; Yang, H; Zhang, S; Tan, K; Bao, X; Su, W; Gu, H
2022-01-01Cloud-Edge Collaboration in Industrial Internet of Things: A Joint Offloading Scheme based on Resource PredictionSun, Z; Yang, H; Li, C; Yao, Q; Wang, D; Zhang, J; Wang, H; Vasilakos, AV
2022-01-01Stage Evolving Graph Neural Network based Dynamic Recommendation with Life CyclesMeng, L; Yang, H; Zhang, J
2022-01-01Being Automated or Not? Risk Identification of Occupations with Graph Neural NetworksXu, D; Yang, H; Rizoiu, MA; Xu, G