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2022-08-31Resolving Conflicts among Unbalanced Multi-Source Data When Multi-Value Objects ExistFang, XS; Sheng, QZ; Yang, J; Sun, G; Wang, X; Zhang, Y
2022-05-17Australia’s Aged Care Sector: Mid-Year Report (2021-22)Sutton, N; Ma, N; Yang, J; Lewis, R; McAllister, G; Brown, D; Woods, M
2021-12-15Silicon - single molecule - silicon circuits.Reimers, JR; Yang, J; Darwish, N; Kosov, DS
2021-12-10Effect of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate on hydrogen production from dark fermentation of waste activated sludge.Wu, M; Fu, Q; Huang, J; Xu, Q; Wang, D; Liu, X; Yang, J; Wu, Y; He, D; Ni, B-J; Wang, Q
2021-12-01Effect of discretized transfer paths on abnormal vibration analysis and door structure improvement to reduce its vibration in the door slamming eventLiu, Z; Gao, Y; Yang, J; Xu, X; Fang, J; Xu, Y
2021-12Nanoengineering of Advanced Carbon Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries.Zhao, S; Guo, Z; Yang, J; Wang, C; Sun, B; Wang, G
2021-12Homeostatic IL-13 in healthy skin directs dendritic cell differentiation to promote TH2 and inhibit TH17 cell polarization.Mayer, JU; Hilligan, KL; Chandler, JS; Eccles, DA; Old, SI; Domingues, RG; Yang, J; Webb, GR; Munoz-Erazo, L; Hyde, EJ; Wakelin, KA; Tang, S-C; Chappell, SC; von Daake, S; Brombacher, F; Mackay, CR; Sher, A; Tussiwand, R; Connor, LM; Gallego-Ortega, D; Jankovic, D; Le Gros, G; Hepworth, MR; Lamiable, O; Ronchese, F
2021-11-30Dynamic group optimization algorithm with a mean–variance search frameworkTang, R; Yang, J; Fong, S; Wong, R; Vasilakos, AV; Chen, Y
2021-11-15Bismuth Nanoparticles Anchored on Ti3 C2 Tx MXene Nanosheets for High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries.Ma, H; Li, J; Yang, J; Wang, N; Liu, Z; Wang, T; Su, D; Wang, C; Wang, G
2021-11-01Electrical Transport Properties Based on Silicon-1,6-hexadithiol-Silicon Molecular DevicesYang, J; Kosov, DS; Reimers, J
2021-11-01A Simplified Model of the Field Dependence for HTS Conductor on Round Core (CORC) CablesShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Chen, Y; Sheng, J; Huang, Z; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Bian, X; Liu, H; Ozturk, Y; Tian, M; Hao, L; Hu, J; Wei, H; Shah, A; Patel, I; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-11-01Losses in the Saturated Iron-Core Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for VSC-HVDC SystemShen, B; Chen, X; Fu, L; Zhang, M; Jiang, S; Sheng, J; Wang, W; Zhai, Y; Yuan, Y; Gao, S; Soomro, WA; Guo, Y; Wang, S; Li, C; Bian, X; Liu, H; Zheng, Z; Li, C; Zhang, R; Ozturk, Y; Liu, Y; Yang, J; Coombs, T
2021-10-01Triclosan degradation in sludge anaerobic fermentation and its impact on hydrogen productionWang, D; Yi, N; Wang, Y; Yang, J; Fu, Q; Liu, X; Yang, Q; Cai, Z; Ye, J; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, BJ
2021-09-01Dynamic buckling of rotationally restrained FG porous arches reinforced with graphene nanoplatelets under a uniform step loadYang, Z; Wu, D; Yang, J; Lai, SK; Lv, J; Liu, A; Fu, J
2021-07-19Highly Efficient Adsorption of Bilirubin by Ti3 C2 Tx MXene.Sun, X; Yang, J; Su, D; Wang, C; Wang, G
2021-06-08A Comprehensive Survey of the Key Technologies and Challenges Surrounding Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksXia, Z; Wu, J; Wu, L; Wu, L; Chen, Y; Yang, J; Yu, PS
2021-05-25Near-Field Excited Archimedean-like Tiling Patterns in Phonon-Polaritonic Crystals.Yang, J; Krix, ZE; Kim, S; Tang, J; Mayyas, M; Wang, Y; Watanabe, K; Taniguchi, T; Li, LH; Hamilton, AR; Aharonovich, I; Sushkov, OP; Kalantar-Zadeh, K
2021-05Ultraefficiently Calming Cytokine Storm Using Ti3 C2 Tx MXene.Wang, T; Sun, X; Guo, X; Zhang, J; Yang, J; Tao, S; Guan, J; Zhou, L; Han, J; Wang, C; Yao, H; Wang, G
2021-02-16The 2021 battery technology roadmapMa, J; Li, Y; Grundish, NS; Goodenough, JB; Chen, Y; Guo, L; Peng, Z; Qi, X; Yang, F; Qie, L; Wang, C-A; Huang, B; Huang, Z; Chen, L; Su, D; Wang, G; Peng, X; Chen, Z; Yang, J; He, S; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Fu, C; Jiang, M; Deng, W; Sun, C-F; Pan, Q; Tang, Y; Li, X; Ji, X; Wan, F; Niu, Z; Lian, F; Wang, C; Wallace, GG; Fan, M; Meng, Q; Xin, S; Guo, Y-G; Wan, L-J
2021-02-15Mechanisms of potassium permanganate pretreatment improving anaerobic fermentation performance of waste activated sludgeXu, Q; Fu, Q; Liu, X; Wang, D; Wu, Y; Li, Y; Yang, J; Yang, Q; Wang, Y; Li, H; Ni, BJ