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2023-05-01Effects of bond-slip on flexural behavior of reinforced nano-material modified UHPC beams: Experimental and numerical investigationXu, S; Yang, T; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Liu, J; Wu, C
2023-01Value of Renal Histology in Predicting Cardiorenal Outcomes in Heart Transplant-listed Patients.Barua, S; Yang, T; Conte, S; Bragg, C; Sevastos, J; Macdonald, PS; Muthiah, K; Hayward, CS
2022-12-15Multi-step-ahead solar output time series prediction with gate recurrent unit neural network using data decomposition and cooperation search algorithmFeng, ZK; Huang, QQ; Niu, WJ; Yang, T; Wang, JY; Wen, SP
2022-12A survey on deep learning based knowledge tracingSong, X; Li, J; Cai, T; Yang, S; Yang, T; Liu, C
2022-10-31Single-shot production of Janus graphene thin film for solar steam generation with 94.5% efficiencyYang, T; Lin, H; Lin, KT; Mesa Saldarriaga, D; Yang, G; Guo, C; Zhang, H; Zhang, J; Fraser, S; Lau, AKT; Ma, T; Jia, B
2022-08-22Experimental and numerical investigation of bond behavior between geopolymer based ultra-high-performance concrete and steel barsYang, T; Xu, S; Liu, Z; Li, J; Wu, P; Yang, Y; Wu, C
2022-06-20Electrical control of quantum emitters in a Van der Waals heterostructure.White, SJU; Yang, T; Dontschuk, N; Li, C; Xu, Z-Q; Kianinia, M; Stacey, A; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-06-01Characteristics of 3D-printing ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced concrete under impact loadingYang, Y; Wu, C; Liu, Z; Li, J; Yang, T; Jiang, X
2022-04-01Optimal Task-Space Tracking with Minimum Manipulator ReconfigurationYang, T; Miro, JV; Wang, Y; Xiong, R
2022-03-31Spin defects in hexagonal boron nitride for strain sensing on nanopillar arrays.Yang, T; Mendelson, N; Li, C; Gottscholl, A; Scott, J; Kianinia, M; Dyakonov, V; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2021-11-22STED microscopy reveals in-situ photoluminescence properties of single nanostructures in densely perovskite thin films.Wang, Q; Qin, Q; Chen, Y; Yang, T; Xu, Q; Mu, H; Han, J; Cao, K; Jiao, M; Liu, M; Zhang, S; Yang, C
2021-11Enhanced Emission from Interlayer Excitons Coupled to Plasmonic Gap Cavities.Tran, TN; Kim, S; White, SJU; Nguyen, MAP; Xiao, L; Strauf, S; Yang, T; Aharonovich, I; Xu, Z-Q
2021-06-05Optimal Object Placement for Minimum Discontinuity Non-revisiting Coverage TaskYang, T; Miro, JV; Wang, Y; Xiong, R
2021-04-012D Laser SLAM with Closed Shape Features: Fourier Series Parameterization and Submap JoiningZhao, J; Li, T; Yang, T; Zhao, L; Huang, S
2021-03-03Graphene Multilayer Photonic Metamaterials: Fundamentals and ApplicationsLin, H; Lin, K-T; Yang, T; Jia, B
2021-01-01An Epsilon-Near-Zero (ENZ) Based, Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Terahertz Single-Polarization Single-Mode Photonic Crystal FiberYang, T; Ding, C; Ziolkowski, RW; Guo, YJ
2021High Sensitivity Core-Shell Structure (CSS)-Based Fiber Sensor for Monitoring Analytes in Liquids and GasesYang, T; Ding, C; Ziolkowski, RW; Guo, J
2021Behavior of CFRP-UHPFRC-steel double skin tubular columns against low-velocity impactYang, T; Wang, W; Liu, Z; Wu, C; Xu, S; Yang, Y
2020-09-04A Controllable Plasmonic Resonance in a SiC-Loaded Single-Polarization Single-Mode Photonic Crystal Fiber Enables Its Application as a Compact LWIR Environmental Sensor.Yang, T; Ding, C; Ziolkowski, RW; Guo, YJ
2020-09-01Carbon-based absorbers for solar evaporation: Steam generation and beyondYang, T; Lin, H; Lin, K-T; Jia, B