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2023-08Latent Class-Conditional Noise Model.Yao, J; Han, B; Zhou, Z; Zhang, Y; Tsang, IW
2022-10Benefits and risks of spontaneous pushing versus directed pushing during the second stage of labour among women without epidural analgesia: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Yao, J; Roth, H; Anderson, D; Lu, H; Li, X; Baird, K
2022-02Learning on Attribute-Missing Graphs.Chen, X; Chen, S; Yao, J; Zheng, H; Zhang, Y; Tsang, IW
2022-01-01Orthogonal Super Greedy Learning for Sparse Feedforward Neural NetworksXu, L; Cao, X; Yao, J; Yan, Z
2019-04-01Deep Learning from Noisy Image Labels with Quality EmbeddingYao, J; Wang, J; Tsang, IW; Zhang, Y; Sun, J; Zhang, C; Zhang, R
2019-01-30Genetic analysis of 12 X-STRs for forensic purposes in Liaoning Manchu population from ChinaXing, J; Adnan, A; Rakha, A; Kasim, K; Noor, A; Xuan, J; Zhang, X; Yao, J; McNevin, D; Wang, B
2019-01-01How does disagreement help generalization against label corruption?Yu, X; Han, B; Yao, J; Niu, G; Tsang, IW; Sugiyama, M
2019Safeguarded Dynamic Label Regression for Noisy SupervisionYao, J; Wu, H; Zhang, Y; Tsang, WH; Sun, J
2019Understanding VAEs in Fisher-Shannon PlaneTsang, WH; Zheng, H; Yao, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, J
2018-12-24Develop A Virtual System Using Traffic Flow Model for Intelligent Transportation in Smart CityYao, J; Kong, X; Sandrasegaran, K; Liu, L
2018-07-07Magnet-induced aligning magnetorheological elastomer based on ultra-soft matrixYao, J; Sun, Y; Wang, Y; Fu, Q; Xiong, Z; Liu, Y
2018-05-01D<sup>2</sup>FL: Design and implementation of distributed dynamic fault localizationZhou, F; Qi, Z; Yao, J; Ma, R; Wang, B; Vasilakos, AV; Guan, H
2018-04-24A micro electromagnetically-driven scanner by 2-DOF second-order resonance to extend scanning scale for ultra-thin single-fiber endoscope applicationZhao, M; Yang, Z; Sun, B; Dai, B; Liu, H; Yao, J; Xu, X; Ding, G; Zhao, X
2018-01-01Masking: A new perspective of noisy supervisionHan, B; Yao, J; Niu, G; Zhou, M; Tsang, IW; Zhang, Y; Sugiyama, M
2017-09-14The Effect of Stoichiometry on the Stability of Inorganic Cesium Lead Mixed-Halide Perovskites Solar CellsMa, Q; Huang, S; Chen, S; Zhang, M; Lau, CFJ; Lockrey, MN; Mulmudi, HK; Shan, Y; Yao, J; Zheng, J; Deng, X; Catchpole, K; Green, MA; Ho-Baillie, AWY
2017-01-01Discovering user interests from social imagesYao, J; Zhang, Y; Tsang, I; Sun, J
2016-03-01Traffic sign localization based on edge-color pair and feature filtersLi, W; Li, H; Dong, T; Yao, J; He, X
2016-02-16Moving vehicle detection based on an improved interframe difference and a Gaussian modelLi, W; Yao, J; Dong, T; Li, H; He, X
2015-01-01Energy harvesting for powering wireless sensor networks in low-frequency and large-force environmentsJiang, X; Wang, J; Li, Y; Li, J; Yao, J
2014-01-01Piezoelectric energy harvesting from traffic-induced pavement vibrationsJiang, X; Li, Y; Li, J; Wang, J; Yao, J