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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Robust Optimization Over Time by Estimating Robustness of Promising RegionsYazdani, D; Yazdani, D; Branke, J; Omidvar, MN; Gandomi, AH; Yao, X
2022-12-01Fitness landscape analysis and niching genetic approach for hybrid beamforming in RIS-aided communicationsYan, B; Zhao, Q; Li, M; Zhang, J; Zhang, JA; Yao, X
2022-08-26Differential-Critic GAN: Generating What You Want by a Cue of Preferences.Yao, Y; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Yao, X
2022-08-15A novel method to immobilize zwitterionic copolymers onto PVDF hollow fiber membrane surface to obtain antifouling membranesZhang, P; Rajabzadeh, S; Istirokhatun, T; Shen, Q; Jia, Y; Yao, X; Venault, A; Chang, Y; Matsuyama, H
2022-07-23Lanthanide ions in nanocrystals for biophotonics applicationChen, C; Liu, B; Liao, J; Ding, L; Shan, X; Wang, F; Liu, J; Jia, B; Yao, X; Wang, Y; Cao, L; Nomura, T
2022-07-01An Efficient Surrogate Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization for Antenna SynthesisFu, K; Cai, X; Yuan, B; Yang, Y; Yao, X
2022-06-20Gridless Evolutionary Approach for Line Spectral Estimation With Unknown Model Order.Yan, B; Zhao, Q; Zhang, J; Zhang, JA; Yao, X
2022-05-31SADnet: Semi-supervised Single Image Dehazing Method Based on an Attention MechanismSun, Z; Zhang, Y; Bao, F; Wang, P; Yao, X; Zhang, C
2021-12-01Multiobjective bilevel evolutionary approach for off-grid direction-of-arrival estimationYan, B; Zhao, Q; Zhang, J; Zhang, JA; Yao, X
2021-01-01Weighted Adaptive Image Super-Resolution Scheme Based on Local Fractal Feature and Image RoughnessYao, X; Wu, Q; Zhang, P; Bao, F
2021-01-01AdverseGen: A Practical Tool for Generating Adversarial Examples to Deep Neural Networks Using Black-Box ApproachesZhang, K; Wu, K; Chen, S; Zhao, Y; Yao, X
2021Adaptive Initialization Method for K-Means Algorithm.Yang, J; Wang, Y-K; Yao, X; Lin, C-T
2020-10-01Single image numerical iterative dehazing method based on local physical featuresZhang, Y; Wang, P; Fan, Q; Bao, F; Yao, X; Zhang, C
2020-06-01A single-image super-resolution method based on progressive-iterative approximationZhang, Y; Wang, P; Bao, F; Yao, X; Zhang, C; Lin, H
2020-01-01Adaptive Interpolation Scheme for Image Magnification Based on Local Fractal AnalysisSong, G; Qin, C; Zhang, K; Yao, X; Bao, F; Zhang, Y
2020-01-01Consensus Learning for Distributed Fuzzy Neural Network in Big Data EnvironmentShi, Y; Lin, CT; Chang, YC; Ding, W; Shi, Y; Yao, X
2019-12-01Evolutionary generative adversarial networksWang, C; Xu, C; Yao, X; Tao, D
2019-10-01Solving Incremental Optimization Problems via Cooperative CoevolutionCheng, R; Omidvar, MN; Gandomi, AH; Sendhoff, B; Menzel, S; Yao, X
2019-02-01Adaptive rational fractal interpolation function for image super-resolution via local fractal analysisYao, X; Wu, Q; Zhang, P; Bao, F
2019-01-01Support matching: A novel regularization to escape from mode collapse in GANsYao, Y; Pan, Y; Tsang, IW; Yao, X