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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-01Contextual Bandit Learning for Activity-aware Things-of-Interest Recommendation in an Assisted Living EnvironmentAltulayan MS; Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Kanhere S
2021-04-01Deep Multi-view Spatio-Temporal Network for Urban Crime PredictionSalama U; Chen X; Yao L; Paik H-Y; Wang X
2021Agglomerative Neural Networks for Multiview ClusteringLiu Z; Li Y; Yao L; Wang X; Nie F
2020-12-30Adaptive Graph Convolutional Recurrent Network for Traffic ForecastingBai L; Yao L; Li C; Wang X; Wang C
2020-11RecRisk: An enhanced recommendation model with multi-facet risk controlXiao Y; Pei Q; Yao L; Wang X
2020-09-20Zero-shot object detection with textual descriptions using convolutional neural networksZhang L; Wang X; Yao L; Zheng F
2020-09-20Knowledge-guided deep reinforcement learning for interactive recommendationChen X; Huang C; Yao L; Wang X; Liu W; Zhang W
2020-07-25Adversarial Attacks and Detection on Reinforcement Learning-Based Interactive Recommender SystemsCao Y; Chen X; Yao L; Wang X; Zhang WE
2020-07Zero-Shot Object Detection via Learning an Embedding from Semantic Space to Visual SpaceZhang L; Wang X; Yao L; Wu L; Zheng F
2020-06-15Adversarial Multi-view Networks for Activity RecognitionBai L; Yao L; Wang X; Kanhere SS; Guo B; Yu Z
2020-03-01Economic integration in southeast Asia: The case of the ASEAN power gridShi X; Yao L
2020-02An enhanced probabilistic fairness-aware group recommendation by incorporating social activenessXiao Y; Pei Q; Yao L; Yu S; Bai L; Wang X
2020Know your mind: Adaptive cognitive activity recognition with reinforced CNNZhang X; Yao L; Wang X; Zhang W; Zhang S; Liu Y
2020MGNN: Mutualistic Graph Neural Network for Joint Friend and Item RecommendationXiao Y; Yao L; Pei Q; Wang X; Yang J; Sheng QZ
2020AMRNN: attended multi-task recurrent neural networks for dynamic illness severity predictionChen W; Long G; Yao L; Sheng QZ
2019-05-01A Decentralized Private Data Transaction Pricing and Quality Control MethodYao L; Jia Y; Zhang H; Long K; Pan M; Yu S
2018Novel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms for QoS-Aware Service SelectionWang X; Xu X; Sheng QZ; Wang Z; Yao L
-A survey on deep learning-based non-invasive brain signals: recent advances and new frontiersZhang X; Yao L; Wang X; Monaghan JJM; Mcalpine D; Zhang Y