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2021-12-02A system dynamics approach to pollution remediation and mitigation based on increasing the share of renewable resources.Shadman, S; Chin, CMM; Sakundarini, N; Yap, EH; Fairuz, S; Wong, XY; Khalid, PA; Karimi, F; Karaman, C; Mofijur, M; Koyande, AK; Show, PL
2021-11-01Conceptualising the Sustainable Energy Security Dimensions of Malaysia: A Thematic Analysis through Stakeholder Engagement to Draw Policy ImplicationsShadman, S; Hanafiah, MM; Chin, CMM; Yap, EH; Sakundarini, N
2021-01-01Identifying Human Factors for Remote Guidance on Physical TasksLe, HC; Huang, W; Billinghurst, M; Yap, EH
2021-01-01Least Cost Option for Optimum Energy Penetration in MalaysiaCheok, JJ; Tan, AHP; Yap, EH; Wong, KC; Goh, BH
2021-01-01Quantifying the Impact of Energy Shortage on Malaysia’s Energy Security Using a System Dynamics ApproachShadman, S; Chin, CMM; Sakundarini, N; Yap, EH
2021-01-01Thermal Performance of a Double Layer Microchannel Heat Sink with Staggered Triangular Ribs in the Transverse MicrochambersWong, KC; Tee, ZJ; Goh, BH; Lim, CS; Yap, EH; Tan, AHP
2020-07-15Effect of Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 Nanoparticles Addition on Tl-1212 High Temperature SuperconductorKong, W; Jacob, C; Kong, I; Kong, C; Yap, EH; Abd-Shukor, R
2020-07-15Green Energy and EnvironmentYap, EH; Tan, AHP
2020-01-01A complex systems analysis of the water-energy nexus in malaysiaTan, AHP; Yap, EH; Abakr, YA
2019-03-09Energy Security within Malaysia’s Water-Energy-Food Nexus—A Systems ApproachTan, AHP; Yap, EH
2019-03-01Thermal and mechanical properties of chemically treated oil palm fiber filled acrylonitrile butadiene styrene compositesOng, TK; Tshai, KY; Khiew, PS; Yap, EH
2019-02-01Component Recovereability Analysis in Product Design using System Dynamics ModellingSakundarini, N; Riwayat, NS; Chin, CMM; Yap, EH; Hu, AH; Matsumoto, M; Kuo, TC; Smith, S
2019-02-01Nuclear Penetration for a Deregulated Electricity Market for Peninsula Malaysia: A Systemic Feasibility AnalysisTang, SY; Tan, AHP; Yap, EH
2019-01-01Deregulating the electricity market for the peninsula Malaysian grid using a system dynamics approachLee, DTL; Tan, AHP; Yap, EH; Tshai, KY
2018-12-03Electric vehicle charging at telco base station and bidirectional charging at hillslope descent technical-commercial cost-benefit study and scheduling-reservation systemJunid, A; Yap, EH; Ng, PK
2018-11-01A Conceptual Framework for Assessing Malaysia’s Water, Energy and Food (WEF) Security NexusTan, AHP; Tshai, KY; Ho, J-H; Yap, EH
2018-07-01Effects of expandable graphite on flammability, thermal and mechanical performance of palm empty fruit bunch fibre reinforced compositeLiew, V; Tshai, KY; Pang, MM; Yap, EH; Yong, LC; Koay, SC
2018Dynamics of a piezoelectric energy harvester in a simulated rain environmentWong, VK; Ho, JH; Yap, EH; Chai, AB
2017-11-01Future Powering Options for Container VesselsChoi, G; Yap, EH
2016-02-01Reviewing Malaysia’s Renewable Energy Policies: A Management Framework PerspectiveOng, PY; Chin, CMM; Yap, EH