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2023-12Perspectives of inpatients with palliative care needs, their families, clinicians and key stakeholders on measuring quality of hospital care via patient experience measures: A qualitative study.Virdun, C; Button, E; Phillips, JL; Yates, P; Luckett, T
2023-04Considering community care in public health responses: A national study regarding palliative care during a prolonged coronavirus disease 2019 lockdown.Daveson, BA; Blanchard, M; Davis, WR; Connolly, J; Clapham, S; William, L; Kaltner, M; Currow, DC; Yates, P; Clark, K; Eagar, K
2023-03Position Statement on Cancer Nursing Leadership.Downing, JD; Appiah, AA; Ash, K; Chante, S; Eves, E; Tysoe, F; Glennon, C; Krishnasamy, M; Milanti, A; Philips, J; Power, J; So, WKW; Yates, P
2022-10-01Nurse- and midwife-led trials in Australia and New Zealand: Scoping review protocolFish, JA; Rickard, CM; Gray, R; Middleton, S; Homer, C; Keogh, S; Leslie, G; Nemeh, F; Neville, S; Sharplin, G; Whitehead, L; Yates, P; Eckert, M
2022-07Cancer survivorship care and general practice: A qualitative study of roles of general practice team members in Australia.Fox, J; Thamm, C; Mitchell, G; Emery, J; Rhee, J; Hart, NH; Yates, P; Jefford, M; Koczwara, B; Halcomb, E; Steinhardt, R; O'Reilly, R; Chan, RJ
2022-05-16Telehealth cancer-related fatigue clinic model for cancer survivors: a pilot randomised controlled trial protocol (the T-CRF trial).Ladwa, R; Pinkham, EP; Teleni, L; Hanley, B; Lock, G; Nixon, J; Agbejule, OA; Crawford-Williams, F; Jones, L; Pinkham, MB; Turner, J; Yates, P; McPhail, SM; Aitken, JF; Escalante, CP; Hart, NH; Chan, RJ
2022-02-02Evaluating a multicomponent survivorship programme for men with prostate cancer in Australia: a single cohort study.Yates, P; Carter, R; Cockerell, R; Cowan, D; Dixon, C; Lal, A; Newton, RU; Hart, N; Galvão, DA; Baguley, B; Denniston, N; Skinner, T; Couper, J; Emery, J; Frydenberg, M; Liu, W-H
2022-02Evidence-informed implementation of nurse prescribing under supervision: An integrative review.Fox, A; Joseph, R; Cardiff, L; Thoms, D; Yates, P; Nissen, L; Chan, RJ
2022-01-01What workforce preparation is required for successful implementation of nurse prescribing under supervision?Fox, A; Thamm, C; Crawford-Williams, F; Joseph, R; Cardiff, L; Thoms, D; Nissen, L; Yates, P; Chan, RJ
2021-01-01Barriers to adequate pain and symptom relief at the end of life: A qualitative study capturing nurses’ perspectivesGerber, K; Willmott, L; White, B; Yates, P; Mitchell, G; Currow, DC; Piper, D
2020-07-06Oral medicinal cannabinoids to relieve symptom burden in the palliative care of patients with advanced cancer: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trial of efficacy and safety of 1:1 delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).Hardy, J; Haywood, A; Gogna, G; Martin, J; Yates, P; Greer, R; Good, P
2020-04Nurses' knowledge of law at the end of life and implications for practice: A qualitative study.Willmott, L; White, B; Yates, P; Mitchell, G; Currow, DC; Gerber, K; Piper, D
2019-12-06Oral medicinal cannabinoids to relieve symptom burden in the palliative care of patients with advanced cancer: A double-blind, placebo controlled, randomised clinical trial of efficacy and safety of cannabidiol (CBD)Good, P; Haywood, A; Gogna, G; Martin, J; Yates, P; Greer, R; Hardy, J
2019-09-12Methotrimeprazine versus haloperidol in palliative care patients with cancer-related nausea: a randomised, double-blind controlled trial.Hardy, JR; Skerman, H; Philip, J; Good, P; Currow, DC; Mitchell, G; Yates, P
2018-07Life stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression in women after cancer: The mediating effect of stress appraisal and coping.Seib, C; Porter-Steele, J; Ng, S-K; Turner, J; McGuire, A; McDonald, N; Balaam, S; Yates, P; McCarthy, A; Anderson, D
2018-05-02A randomized open-label study of guideline-driven antiemetic therapy versus single agent antiemetic therapy in patients with advanced cancer and nausea not related to anticancer treatmentHardy, J; Skerman, H; Glare, P; Philip, J; Hudson, P; Mitchell, G; Martin, P; Spruyt, O; Currow, D; Yates, P
2018-01-01Providing palliative care at the end of life: Should health professionals fear regulation?Willmott, L; White, B; Piper, D; Yates, P; Mitchell, G; Currow, D
2017-01A tiered multidisciplinary approach to the psychosocial care of adult cancer patients integrated into routine care: the PROMPT study (a cluster-randomised controlled trial).Turner, J; Kelly, B; Clarke, D; Yates, P; Aranda, S; Jolley, D; Forbes, A; Chambers, S; Hargraves, M; Mackenzie, L
2016-09-01A survey of patients' experience of pain and other symptoms while receiving care from palliative care servicesPidgeon, T; Johnson, CE; Currow, D; Yates, P; Banfield, M; Lester, L; Allingham, SF; Bird, S; Eagar, K
2016-05-01Breathlessness during the Last Week of Life in Palliative Care: An Australian Prospective, Longitudinal StudyEkström, M; Allingham, SF; Eagar, K; Yates, P; Johnson, C; Currow, DC