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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-31Randomized Kaczmarz and Landweber Algorithms for Impact Force Identification on a Composite PanelKalhori, H; Rafiee, R; Ye, L; Halkon, B; Bahmanpour, M
2022-02-15An Integrated First Principal and Deep Learning Approach for Modeling Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants.Li, K; Duan, H; Liu, L; Qiu, R; van den Akker, B; Ni, B-J; Chen, T; Yin, H; Yuan, Z; Ye, L
2022-01-01A Novel Continuum Robot With Stiffness Variation Capability Using Layer Jamming: Design, Modeling, and ValidationFan, Y; Liu, D; Ye, L
2022-01-01Statistical Analysis of In-Field Magnetometer Calibration for Two Representative MethodsYu, H; Guo, Y; Ye, L; Su, SW
2021-10-17Improving Weakly Supervised Object Localization via Causal InterventionShao, F; Luo, Y; Zhang, L; Ye, L; Tang, S; Yang, Y; Xiao, J
2021-09-15An Efficient Calibration Method for Triaxial GyroscopeWang, L; Zhang, T; Ye, L; Li, JJ; Su, SW
2021-01-01An Effective In-Field Calibration Method for Triaxial Magnetometers Based on Local Magnetic InclinationYu, H; Ye, L; Guo, Y; Su, S
2020-10-01An Innovative 9-Parameter Magnetic Calibration Method Using Local Magnetic Inclination and Calibrated Acceleration ValueYu, H; Ye, L; Guo, Y; Su, S
2020-10Mitigating nitrous oxide emissions at a full-scale wastewater treatment plant.Duan, H; van den Akker, B; Thwaites, BJ; Peng, L; Herman, C; Pan, Y; Ni, B-J; Watt, S; Yuan, Z; Ye, L
2020-03-15Improving wastewater management using free nitrous acid (FNA).Duan, H; Gao, S; Li, X; Ab Hamid, NH; Jiang, G; Zheng, M; Bai, X; Bond, PL; Lu, X; Chislett, MM; Hu, S; Ye, L; Yuan, Z
2020-01-01Nonparametric Model Prediction for Intelligent Regulation of Human Cardiorespiratory System to Prescribed Exercise MedicineYu, H; Zhang, Y; Ye, L; Alqudah, HM; Guo, K; Argha, A; Celler, BG; Song, R; Su, S
2020-01-01Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons Based on Balanced Coplanar Stripline WaveguidesXu, KD; Zhang, F; Guo, Y; Ye, L; Liu, Y
2019-11-01A novel multi-odour identification by electronic nose using non-parametric modelling-based feature extraction and time-series classificationLiu, T; Zhang, W; Ye, L; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Su, SW
2019-10-01Nitrite oxidizing bacteria (NOB) contained in influent deteriorate mainstream NOB suppression by sidestream inactivationDuan, H; Ye, L; Wang, Q; Zheng, M; Lu, X; Wang, Z; Yuan, Z
2019-09-01Optimal sparse output feedback for networked systems with parametric uncertaintiesArgha, A; Su, SW; Ye, L; Celler, BG
2019-07-11Spoof surface plasmonic waveguide and its band-rejection filter based on H-shaped slot unitsLi, W; Qin, Z; Wang, Y; Ye, L; Liu, Y
2019-05-10A fast-converge, real-time auto-calibration algorithm for triaxial accelerometerYe, L; Guo, Y; Dong, L; Yu, H; Nguyen, H; Su, SW
2019-03-01A novel data pre-processing method for odour detection and identification systemZhang, W; Liu, T; Ye, L; Ueland, M; Forbes, SL; Su, SW
2019-01-01Wideband Patch Antenna With Ground Radiation Mode and Patch Radiation ModeLi, W; Li, Q; Zhou, J; Ye, L; Liu, Y
2018-12-10Effects of free nitrous acid treatment conditions on the nitrite pathway performance in mainstream wastewater treatmentDuan, H; Wang, Q; Erler, DV; Ye, L; Yuan, Z