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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2018SUDMAD: Sequential and unsupervised decomposition of a multi-author document based on a hidden markov modelAldebei, K; He, X; Yeh, W; Jia, W
28-Sep-2015A probability-dynamic Particle Swarm Optimization for object trackingSha, F; Bae, C; Liu, G; Zhao, X; Chung, YY; Yeh, W; He, X
Jan-2013Simplified swarm optimization with differential evolution mutation strategy for parameter searchChang, P; Yeh, W; Ismail, SHLLHR
Jan-2013A Novel Cut-Based Universal Generating Function MethodYeh, W
Jan-2013A Chaotic Ordered Hierarchies Consistency Analysis Performance Evaluation ModelYeh, W; NA
Jan-2013New Parameter-Free Simplified Swarm Optimization for Artificial Neural Network Training and its Application in the Prediction of Time SeriesYeh, W
Jan-2013Evaluating the reliability of a novel deterioration-effect multi-state flow networkYeh, W
Jan-2012The Application of Bi-level Programming with Stackelberg Equilibrium in Cloud Computing based on Simplified Swarm OptimizationYeh, W; Yeh, Y; Lin, L; Yeh, WC; Yeh, YM; Lin, LM
Jan-2012A Novel Anomaly-network Intrusion Detection System Using ABC AlgorithmsBae, C; Yeh, W; Shukran, MA; Chung, YY; Hsieh, T
Jan-2012A New Universal Generating Function Method for Solving the Single (d,tau)-Quick path Problem in Multi-state Flow NetworksYeh, W; El Khadiri, M
Jan-2012Mining Financial Distress Trend Data Using Penalty Guided Support Vector Machines based on Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization and Artificial Bee Colony AlgorithmHsieh, T; Hsiao, H; Yeh, W
Jan-2012Uniform parallel-machine scheduling to minimize makespan with position-based learning curvesLee, W; Chuang, M; Yeh, W
Jan-2012Optimization of the Disassembly Sequencing Problem on the Basis of Self-Adaptive Simplified Swarm OptimizationYeh, W
Jan-2012A Modified Universal Generating Function Algorithm For The Acyclic Binary-State Network ReliabilityYeh, W
Jan-2012A Hybrid Niching-based Evolutionary PSO for Numerical Optimization ProblemsHsieh, T; Cheng, C; Yeh, W; Hsieh, TJ; Cheng, CL; Yeh, WC
Jan-2012Simplified Swarm Optimization with Sorted Local Search for Golf Data ClassificationLiu, Y; Chung, YY; Yeh, W; Liu, Y; Chung, YY; Yeh, WC
Jan-2011Image Classification Technique using Modified Particle Swarm OptimizationShukran, MA; Chung, YY; Yeh, W; Wahid, N; Zaidi, AM
Jan-2011A Simplified Swarm Optimization For Discovering The Classification Rule Using Microarray Data Of Breast CancerYeh, W; Chang, W; Chiu, C
Jan-2011Particle Swarm Optimisation for Fixed-Charge Transportation Problem in a Multistage Supply Chain NetworkManimaran, P; Selladurai, V; Yeh, W; Sivakumar, M
Jan-2011An Improved Method For Multistate Flow Network Reliability With Unreliable Nodes And A Budget Constraint Based On Path SetYeh, W