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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Sep-2015Solving reliability redundancy allocation problems with orthogonal simplified swarm optimizationYeh, WC; Chung, VYY; Jiang, YZ; He, X
1-Jan-2014Feature selection and mass classification using particle swarm optimization and support vector machineWong, MT; He, X; Yeh, WC; Ibrahim, Z; Ibrahim, Z; Chung, YY
21-Aug-2013Using swarm intelligence to optimize the energy consumption for distributed systemsNeil Bergmann; Chung, YY; Yang, X; Chen, Z; Yeh, WC; He, X; Jurdak, R
19-Nov-2012Mass classification in digitized mammograms using texture features and artificial neural networkWong, MT; He, X; Nguyen, H; Yeh, WC
4-Oct-2012A radio frequency identification network design methodology for the decision problem in Mackay Memorial Hospital based on swarm optimizationYeh, WC; Yeh, YM; Chou, CH; Chung, YY; He, X
1-Jul-2012Economic-based resource allocation for reliable Grid-computing service based on Grid BankYeh, WC; Wei, SC
1-Jun-2012A new simplified swarm optimization (SSO) using exchange local search schemeBae, C; Yeh, WC; Wahid, N; Chung, YY; Liu, Y
1-Mar-2012A cellular automata hybrid quasi-random Monte Carlo simulation for estimating the one-to-all reliability of acyclic multi-state information networksYeh, WC; Cao, L; Jin, JS
1-Jan-2012A new algorithm for finding all minimal cuts in modified networksYeh, WC; Ho, HC; Chen, YC; Yeh, YM
1-Jan-2012Particle swarm optimization based feature selection in mammogram mass classificationWong, MT; He, X; Nguyen, H; Yeh, WC
Jan-2012The Application of Bi-level Programming with Stackelberg Equilibrium in Cloud Computing based on Simplified Swarm OptimizationYeh, W; Yeh, Y; Lin, L; Yeh, WC; Yeh, YM; Lin, LM
Jan-2012A Hybrid Niching-based Evolutionary PSO for Numerical Optimization ProblemsHsieh, T; Cheng, C; Yeh, W; Hsieh, TJ; Cheng, CL; Yeh, WC
Jan-2012Simplified Swarm Optimization with Sorted Local Search for Golf Data ClassificationLiu, Y; Chung, YY; Yeh, W; Liu, Y; Chung, YY; Yeh, WC
1-Dec-2011Improved error correction techniques for digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) serviceChen, X; Chung, YY; Yeh, WC; Bergmann, N; Wahid, N; Shukran, MAM
29-Aug-2011Image clustering using Particle Swarm OptimizationWong, MT; He, X; Yeh, WC
1-Jul-2011A two-phase algorithm for product part change utilizing AHP and PSOHuang, PC; Tong, LI; Chang, WW; Yeh, WC
26-Jan-2011Facial expression recognition on hexagonal structure using LBP-based histogram variancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, WC
1-Dec-2010A two-tier system for web attack detection using linear discriminant methodTan, Z; Jamdagni, A; He, X; Nanda, P; Liu, RP; Jia, W; Yeh, WC
1-Nov-2010An efficient error concealment algorithm for H.264/AVC using regression modeling-based predictionChen, X; Chung, YY; Bae, C; He, X; Yeh, WC
1-Sep-2010A new universal generating function method for estimating the novel multiresource multistate information network reliabilityYeh, WC; He, X