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2022-10-29Are we talking the same language? Contestable discourses between university staff accommodating students with disabilityYerbury, H; Darcy, S; Burridge, N; Almond, B
2022-10-05“I’m in the center of a vortex”: Mapping the affective experiences of trolling victimsTian, H; Yerbury, H
2022-01-01Conceptions of place in the information practices of the Mahamewnawa Asapuwa Temple communityYerbury, H; Perera, P; Olsson, M
2021-09-28Thinking and Acting; Towards a Gendered ScholarshipYerbury, H
2021-07-16Bringing order or creating exclusion: systems for managing disability in a universityYerbury, H; Darcy, S; Burridge, N; Almond, B
2020-10-19Corrigendum: An Exploration of the Metaphors and Images Used to Describe Leadership in Two Different Cultural Contexts (Frontiers in Education, (2020), 5, (151), 10.3389/feduc.2020.00151)Randell, S; Yerbury, H
2019-12-18Libraries and democracy: complementarity in a regime of truthYerbury, H; Henninger, M; Goldstein, S
2019-12-01Knowledge sharing and organizational change: Practice interactions in Australian local governmentLeith, D; Yerbury, H
2019-09-01Information literacy and regimes of truth: continuity and disruptionYerbury, H; Henninger, M
2019-03-21Disability citizenship and digital capital: the case of engagement with a social enterprise telcoDarcy, S; Yerbury, H; Maxwell, H
2019-02-21Politics of rising tides: governments and nongovernmental organizations in small island developing statesMcGregor, I; Yerbury, H; Harris, P
2019-01-01Does information science need history and foundations?Gorichanaz, T; Hauser, E; Mansourian, Y; Tennis, JT; Yerbury, H
2019Accessing learning resources: experiences of students with disabilityBurridge, N; Darcy, S; Yerbury, H
2018-06Manifestations of Social Impact in Civil SocietyEdwards, M; Yerbury, H; Burridge, N
2018-04-03Information Provision and Active Citizenship: An NGO’s Information-Based InteractionsConnor, M; Yerbury, H
2018-01-01The voices of local NGOs in climate change issues: Examples from climate vulnerable nationsMcGregor, I; Yerbury, H; Shahid, A
2018-01-01The institutionalisation of the public intellectualYerbury, H; Burridge, N
2018-01-01Civil Commitment and the Role of Public LibrariansYerbury, H; Henninger, M
2017-12-15Knowings in practice: some insights into evidence-based practice implemented by studentsYerbury, H
2017-12-15Practising humour: knowledge sharing and humour in the workplaceYerbury, H; Leith, D