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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Manifestations of Social Impact in Civil SocietyEdwards, M; Yerbury, H; Burridge, N
3-Apr-2018Information Provision and Active Citizenship: An NGO’s Information-Based InteractionsConnor, M; Yerbury, H
1-Jan-2018The institutionalisation of the public intellectualYerbury, H; Burridge, N
1-Jan-2018Civil Commitment and the Role of Public LibrariansYerbury, H; Henninger, M
15-Dec-2017Practising humour: knowledge sharing and humour in the workplaceYerbury, H; Leith, D
15-Dec-2017Knowings in practice: some insights into evidence-based practice implemented by studentsYerbury, H
1-Nov-2017Small worlds and active citizenship; Interactions between an NGO and its Facebook communityConnor, M; Yerbury, H
18-Jun-2017The Gen Book and TranstextualityYerbury, H
7-Feb-2017Social media activism in Maldives; Information practices and civil societyYerbury, H; Shahid, A
15-Jun-2016Transformations: From Social Media Campaign to Scholarly PaperYerbury, H; Shahid, A
1-Jan-2015Re-enactment and its information practices; tensions between the individual and the collectiveRobinson, J; Yerbury, H
1-Jan-2015Information practices of young activists in RwandaYerbury, H
1-Jan-2014A case study of the socialization of human rights language and norms in Maldives: Process, impact and challengesShahid, A; Yerbury, H
Jan-2013Revaluing Women's KnowledgeYerbury, H
Jan-2013Active Citizenship and Knowledge Management: A Practice-based PerspectiveOlsson, MR; Heizmann, H; Yerbury, H; Dermol, V; Trunk Sirca, N; Dakovic, G
Jan-2013The Activist Professional: Advocacy and scholarshipYerbury, H; Burridge, N
Jan-2013Translating Public Policy: Enhancing the Applicability of Social Impact Techniques for Grassroots Community GroupsEdwards, M; Burridge, N; Yerbury, H
1-Apr-2012Vocabularies of communityYerbury, H
Jan-2012What you do Matters: Demostrate your Community ImpactEdwards, M; Burridge, N; Yerbury, H
Jan-2011Scaling Up Connections: Everyday Cosmopolitanism, Complexity Theory & Social CapitalOnyx, J; Ho, C; Edwards, M; Burridge, N; Yerbury, H