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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01Dual-track Spatio-temporal Learning for Urban Flow Prediction with Adaptive NormalizationLi, X; Gong, Y; Liu, W; Yin, Y; Zheng, Y; Nie, L
2024High-order Spatial Interactions Enhanced Lightweight Model for Optical Remote Sensing Image-based Small Ship DetectionYin, Y; Cheng, X; Shi, F; Liu, X; Huo, H; Chen, S
2023-12-06Multiview Clickbait Detection via Jointly Modeling Subjective and Objective PreferenceShi, C; Yin, Y; Zhang, Q; Xiao, L; Naseem, U; Wang, S; Hu, L
2023-01-01Missingness-Pattern-Adaptive Learning With Incomplete DataGong, Y; Li, Z; Liu, W; Lu, X; Liu, X; Tsang, IW; Yin, Y
2023-01-01Modeling Multiple Aesthetic Views for Series Photo SelectionHuang, J; Gong, Y; Zhang, L; Zhang, J; Nie, L; Yin, Y
2022-10-01Partial Reflective Decoupling Superstrate for Dual-Polarized Antennas Application Considering Power Combining EffectsGuo, J; Liu, F; Zhao, L; Huang, GL; Lin, W; Yin, Y
2022-07-25Hiding Among Your Neighbors: Face Image Privacy Protection with Differential Private k-anonymityCao, J; Liu, B; Wen, Y; Zhu, Y; Xie, R; Song, L; Li, L; Yin, Y
2022-05Anomalous Structural Evolution and Glassy Lattice in Mixed-Halide Hybrid Perovskites.Shahrokhi, S; Dubajic, M; Dai, Z-Z; Bhattacharyya, S; Mole, RA; Rule, KC; Bhadbhade, M; Tian, R; Mussakhanuly, N; Guan, X; Yin, Y; Nielsen, MP; Hu, L; Lin, C-H; Chang, SLY; Wang, D; Kabakova, IV; Conibeer, G; Bremner, S; Li, X-G; Cazorla, C; Wu, T
2022-01-01Regularized Two Granularity Loss Function for Weakly Supervised Video Moment RetrievalTeng, J; Lu, X; Gong, Y; Liu, X; Nie, X; Yin, Y
2022-01-01Series Photo Selection via Multi-View Graph LearningHuang, J; Zhang, L; Gong, Y; Zhang, J; Nie, X; Yin, Y
2021-08-04Editorial: AI-based mobile multimedia computing for data-smart processingGao, H; Hussain, W; Yin, Y; Zhao, W; Iqbal, M
2021-03-31Tailoring electronic structure of perovskite cathode for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells with high performanceXu, X; Xu, Y; Ma, J; Yin, Y; Fronzi, M; Wang, X; Bi, L
2021Missing Value Imputation for Multi-view Urban Statistical Data via Spatial Correlation LearningGong, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, J; Liu, W; Yin, Y; Zheng, Y
2020-09-01The Ubiquitous Internet of Things in Electricity (IOTE): Computational-Intelligence-based Optimization, Security Control, and Fault DiagnosisGao, H; Yin, Y; Hussain, W; Hussain, W
2020Collaborative Learning-Based Industrial IoT API Recommendation for Software-Defined Devices: The Implicit Knowledge Discovery PerspectiveGao, H; Qin, X; Barroso, RJD; Hussain, W; Xu, Y; Yin, Y
2018-12-01Computational delineation and quantitative heterogeneity analysis of lung tumor on 18F-FDG PET for radiation dose-escalationWang, X; Cui, H; Gong, G; Fu, Z; Zhou, J; Gu, J; Yin, Y; Feng, D
2018-06-01A topo-graph model for indistinct target boundary definition from anatomical imagesCui, H; Wang, X; Zhou, J; Gong, G; Eberl, S; Yin, Y; Wang, L; Feng, D; Fulham, M
2018-01-01Topology-guided deformable registration with local importance preservation for biomedical imagesZheng, C; Wang, X; Zeng, S; Zhou, J; Yin, Y; Feng, D; Fulham, M
2016-01-01A Game-Theoretic Resource Allocation Approach for Intercell Device-to-Device Communications in Cellular NetworksHuang, J; Yin, Y; Zhao, Y; Duan, Q; Wang, W; Yu, S
2015-01-01A method for physics-based dynamic deformation with st. venant kirchhoff elasticity and implicit newmark integratorFeng, X; Wan, W; Zhu, X; Yin, Y; Wang, J