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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Mar-2016Foundations of Quantum ProgrammingYing, M
28-Mar-2016Foundations of Quantum ProgrammingYing, M
2016A Theorem Prover for Quantum Hoare Logic and Its Applications.Liu, T; Li, Y; Wang, S; Ying, M; Zhan, N
2015Quantum Privacy-Preserving Data Mining.Ying, S; Ying, M; Feng, Y
2015Toward Automatic Verification of Quantum Cryptographic Protocols.Feng, Y; Ying, M; Aceto, L; Frutos-Escrig, DD
8-Jul-2014Model-checking linear-time properties of quantum systemsYing, M; Li, Y; Yu, N; Feng, Y
Apr-2014Symbolic bisimulation for quantum processesFeng, Y; Deng, Y; Ying, M
Apr-2014Distinguishability of Quantum States by Positive Operator-Valued Measures with Positive Partial TransposeYu, N; Duan, R; Ying, M
Feb-2014Alternation in Quantum Programming: From Superposition of Data to Superposition of Programs.Ying, M; Yu, N; Feng, Y
2014Reachability Analysis of Quantum Markov Decision Processes.Ying, S; Ying, M
2014(Un)decidable Problems about Reachability of Quantum Systems.Li, Y; Ying, M; Baldan, P; Gorla, D
2014Symbolic Bisimulation for Quantum Processes.Feng, Y; Deng, Y; Ying, M
2014Quantum Recursion and Second Quantisation: Basic Ideas and Examples.Ying, M
30-Jul-2013Five two-qubit gates are necessary for implementing the Toffoli gateYu, N; Duan, R; Ying, M
Jan-2013Removing Measurements From Quantum WalksYing, S; Ying, M
Jan-2013Verification of quantum programsYing, M; Yu, N; Feng, Y; Duan, R
Jan-2013Quantum information-flow security - noninterference and access controlYing, M; Feng, Y; Yu, N; Patrick Kellenberger
Jan-2013Probabilistic Automata for Computing with WordsCao, Y; Xia, L; Ying, M
Jan-2013Reachability probabilities of quantum Markov chainsYing, S; Feng, Y; Yu, N; Ying, M; D Argenio, P; Melgratti, H
Jan-2013Model Checking Quantum Markov ChainsFeng, Y; Yu, N; Ying, M