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2022-12Formation of robust bound states of interacting microwave photons.Morvan, A; Andersen, TI; Mi, X; Neill, C; Petukhov, A; Kechedzhi, K; Abanin, DA; Michailidis, A; Acharya, R; Arute, F; Arya, K; Asfaw, A; Atalaya, J; Bardin, JC; Basso, J; Bengtsson, A; Bortoli, G; Bourassa, A; Bovaird, J; Brill, L; Broughton, M; Buckley, BB; Buell, DA; Burger, T; Burkett, B; Bushnell, N; Chen, Z; Chiaro, B; Collins, R; Conner, P; Courtney, W; Crook, AL; Curtin, B; Debroy, DM; Del Toro Barba, A; Demura, S; Dunsworth, A; Eppens, D; Erickson, C; Faoro, L; Farhi, E; Fatemi, R; Flores Burgos, L; Forati, E; Fowler, AG; Foxen, B; Giang, W; Gidney, C; Gilboa, D; Giustina, M; Grajales Dau, A; Gross, JA; Habegger, S; Hamilton, MC; Harrigan, MP; Harrington, SD; Hoffmann, M; Hong, S; Huang, T; Huff, A; Huggins, WJ; Isakov, SV; Iveland, J; Jeffrey, E; Jiang, Z; Jones, C; Juhas, P; Kafri, D; Khattar, T; Khezri, M; Kieferová, M; Kim, S; Kitaev, AY; Klimov, PV; Klots, AR; Korotkov, AN; Kostritsa, F; Kreikebaum, JM; Landhuis, D; Laptev, P; Lau, K-M; Laws, L; Lee, J; Lee, KW; Lester, BJ; Lill, AT; Liu, W; Locharla, A; Malone, F; Martin, O; McClean, JR; McEwen, M; Meurer Costa, B; Miao, KC; Mohseni, M; Montazeri, S; Mount, E; Mruczkiewicz, W; Naaman, O; Neeley, M; Nersisyan, A; Newman, M; Nguyen, A; Nguyen, M; Niu, MY; O'Brien, TE; Olenewa, R; Opremcak, A; Potter, R; Quintana, C; Rubin, NC; Saei, N; Sank, D; Sankaragomathi, K; Satzinger, KJ; Schurkus, HF; Schuster, C; Shearn, MJ; Shorter, A; Shvarts, V; Skruzny, J; Smith, WC; Strain, D; Sterling, G; Su, Y; Szalay, M; Torres, A; Vidal, G; Villalonga, B; Vollgraff-Heidweiller, C; White, T; Xing, C; Yao, Z; Yeh, P; Yoo, J; Zalcman, A; Zhang, Y; Zhu, N; Neven, H; Bacon, D; Hilton, J; Lucero, E; Babbush, R; Boixo, S; Megrant, A; Kelly, J; Chen, Y; Smelyanskiy, V; Aleiner, I; Ioffe, LB; Roushan, P
2022-11-30Developing teachers' writing lives: A case study of english teacher professional learningCarter, D; Yoo, J
2021-12-28Revisiting This Girl Is on Fire: Seeking a Home for the Narrative During Lockdown to Uncover the Burning EmbersYoo, J
2020-11-06Wayfinding and decolonising time Talanoa, activism, and critical autoethnographyTuinamuana, K; Yoo, J
2020-03-01My Child and His Beautiful BodyYoo, J
2020-03-01Learning to Write Through an Awareness of BreathYoo, J
2020-03-01A paradoxical academic life: What we can learn from having the ‘end’ in sightYoo, J
2020-01-01Tracing the Immaterial Spaces of YouYoo, J
2020-01-01Writing creatively to catch flickers of ‘truth’ and beautyYoo, J
2019-11-01Abandonment or Release: Finding Words That Cut Through PainYoo, J
2019-07-03A year of writing ‘dangerously’: a narrative of hopeYoo, J
2019-04-03Creative writing and academic timelessnessYoo, J
2019-01-02Populism, media and education: challenging discrimination in contemporary digital societiesYoo, J
2019-01-01Every Second Is a Life: Ulla-Carin Lindquist’s Rowing Without OarsYoo, J
2019-01-01Collaborative coteaching (CCT): Practitioner learning through shared praxisYoo, J; Heggart, K; Burridge, N
2018-07-03Teachers as creative writers: needs, desires and opportunities for growthYoo, J
2018-01-01Getting the most from google classroom: A pedagogical framework for tertiary educatorsHeggart, KR; Yoo, J
2017-09-02Writing out on a limb: integrating the creative and academic writing identityYoo, J
2017-08-22NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and ResultsTimofte, R; Agustsson, E; Gool, LV; Yang, MH; Zhang, L; Lim, B; Son, S; Kim, H; Nah, S; Lee, KM; Wang, X; Tian, Y; Yu, K; Zhang, Y; Wu, S; Dong, C; Lin, L; Qiao, Y; Loy, CC; Bae, W; Yoo, J; Han, Y; Ye, JC; Choi, JS; Kim, M; Fan, Y; Yu, J; Han, W; Liu, D; Yu, H; Wang, Z; Shi, H; Huang, TS; Chen, Y; Zhang, K; Zuo, W; Tang, Z; Luo, L; Li, S; Fu, M; Cao, L; Heng, W; Bui, G; Le, T; Duan, Y; Tao, D; Wang, R; Lin, X; Pang, J; Xu, J; Zhao, Y; Xu, X; Pan, J; Sun, D; Song, X; Dai, Y; Qin, X; Huynh, XP; Guo, T; Mousavi, HS; Vu, TH; Monga, V; Cruz, C; Egiazarian, K; Katkovnik, V; Mehta, R; Jain, AK; Agarwalla, A; Praveen, CVS; Zhou, R; Wen, H; Zhu, C; Xia, Z; Guo, Q
2017-01-01Illness as teacher: Learning from illnessYoo, J