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26-Aug-2016Adapting the nominal group technique for priority setting of evidence-practice gaps in implementation science.Rankin, NM; McGregor, D; Butow, PN; White, K; Phillips, JL; Young, JM; Pearson, SA; York, S; Shaw, T
Jun-2016Patterns in the incidence, mortality and survival of malignant pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma, New South Wales, 1972-2009.Soeberg, MJ; Creighton, N; Currow, DC; Young, JM; van Zandwijk, N
Dec-2015Trends in incidence and survival for anal cancer in New South Wales, Australia, 1972-2009.Soeberg, MJ; Rogers, K; Currow, DC; Young, JM
15-Jul-2015Assessing measures of comorbidity and functional status for risk adjustment to compare hospital performance for colorectal cancer surgery: a retrospective data-linkage study.Dobbins, TA; Badgery-Parker, T; Currow, DC; Young, JM
Jun-2015Unconditional and conditional incentives differentially improved general practitioners' participation in an online survey: randomized controlled trial.Young, JM; O'Halloran, A; McAulay, C; Pirotta, M; Forsdike, K; Stacey, I; Currow, D
Apr-2015Look back for the Charlson Index did not improve risk adjustment of cancer surgical outcomes.Dobbins, TA; Creighton, N; Currow, DC; Young, JM
Apr-2014The association between tobacco plain packaging and Quitline calls.Young, JM; Currow, D; Dunlop, S
20-Jan-2014Association between tobacco plain packaging and Quitline calls: a population-based, interrupted time-series analysis.Young, JM; Stacey, I; Dobbins, TA; Dunlop, S; Dessaix, AL; Currow, DC
Jan-2014Impact of Australia's introduction of tobacco plain packs on adult smokers' pack-related perceptions and responses: results from a continuous tracking survey.Dunlop, SM; Dobbins, T; Young, JM; Perez, D; Currow, DC