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2022-11-10DMRNet++: Learning Discriminative Features with Decoupled Networks and Enriched Pairs for One-Step Person Search.Han, C; Zheng, Z; Su, K; Yu, D; Yuan, Z; Gao, C; Sang, N; Yang, Y
2022-11-09User-centered visual explorer of in-process comparison in spatiotemporal spaceYu, D; Ian, O; Jie, L; Xiaoru, Y; Vinh, NQ
2022-07-06MGPolicy: Meta Graph Enhanced Off-policy Learning for RecommendationsWang, X; Li, Q; Yu, D; Wang, Z; Chen, H; Xu, G
2022-05-16Semantics-Guided Disentangled Learning for RecommendationYu, D
2022-04-25Off-policy Learning over Heterogeneous Information for RecommendationWang, X; Li, Q; Yu, D; Xu, G
2022-02-28Weakly Supervised Person Search with Region Siamese NetworksHan, C; Su, K; Yu, D; Yuan, Z; Gao, C; Sang, N; Yang, Y; Wang, C
2022-02-01Investigating the Prospect of Leveraging Blockchain and Machine Learning to Secure Vehicular Networks: A SurveyDibaei, M; Zheng, X; Xia, Y; Xu, X; Jolfaei, A; Bashir, AK; Tariq, U; Yu, D; Vasilakos, AV
2022-01-01Causal Disentanglement for Semantics-Aware Intent Learning in RecommendationWang, X; Li, Q; Yu, D; Cui, P; Wang, Z; Xu, G
2022-01-01Semantics-Guided Disentangled Learning for RecommendationYu, D; Li, Q; Wang, X; Wang, Z; Cao, Y; Xu, G
2021-11-24Whether Urbanization Has Intensified the Spread of Infectious Diseases—Renewed Question by the COVID-19 PandemicYu, D; Li, X; Yu, J; Shi, X; Liu, P; Tian, P
2021-10-27Hierarchical Social Similarity-guided Model with Dual-mode Attention for session-based recommendationFeng, C; Shi, C; Hao, S; Zhang, Q; Jiang, X; Yu, D
2021-10-23Reasonability Analysis and Application of Solar Energy Equipment Installation in QLD Smart City Using Information TechnologiesGuo, M; Yu, D; Wu, S
2021-10-20Attentive sequential model based on graph neural network for next poi recommendationWang, D; Wang, X; Xiang, Z; Yu, D; Deng, S; Xu, G
2021-09-01DFIAM: deep factorization integrated attention mechanism for smart TV recommendationZhou, Y; Shen, X; Zhang, S; Yu, D; Xu, G
2021-08International Nurses Day 2021: A vision for increased social justice in future healthcare.Jackson, D; Commodore-Mensah, Y; Dale, CM; Logsdon, MC; Morin, K; Noyes, J; Yu, D
2021-06-07Sequential Recommendation Based on Multivariate Hawkes Process Embedding With Attention.Wang, D; Zhang, X; Xiang, Z; Yu, D; Xu, G; Deng, S
2021-05Copper Diffusion Rates and Hopping Pathways in Superionic Cu2SeNazrul Islam, SMK; Mayank, P; Ouyang, Y; Chen, J; Sagotra, AK; Li, M; Cortie, MB; Mole, R; Cazorla, C; Yu, D; Wang, X; Robinson, RA; Cortie, DL
2021-02-15Nurses in advanced roles as a strategy for equitable access to healthcare in the WHO Western Pacific region: a mixed methods studyKim, S; Lee, TW; Kim, GS; Cho, E; Jang, Y; Choi, M; Baek, S; Lindsay, D; Chan, S; Lee, RLT; Guo, A; Wong, FKY; Yu, D; Chair, SY; Shimpuku, Y; Mashino, S; Lim, G; Bonito, S; Rumsey, M; Neill, A; Hazarika, I
2021-01-01Time-aware sequence model for next-item recommendationWang, D; Xu, D; Yu, D; Xu, G
2021-01-01Modeling Sequential Listening Behaviors with Attentive Temporal Point Process for Next and Next New Music RecommendationWang, D; Zhang, X; Wan, Y; Yu, D; Xu, G; Deng, S