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2022-10-01Metal-based adsorbents for lithium recovery from aqueous resourcesYu, H; Naidu, G; Zhang, C; Wang, C; Razmjou, A; Han, DS; He, T; Shon, H
2022-04-211,6;2,3-Bis-BN Cyclohexane: Synthesis, Structure, and Hydrogen Release.Dai, Y; Zhang, X; Liu, Y; Yu, H; Su, W; Zhou, J; Ye, Q; Huang, Z
2021-12-01Effect of Fe-based micro-flocculation combined with gravity-driven membrane ultrafiltration on removal of aluminum species during water treatmentYue, X; Yang, Y; Li, X; Ren, J; Zhou, Z; Zhang, Y; Yu, H
2021-09-01Intelligent diagnostic system for rice diseases and pests based on knowledge graphYu, H; Shen, J; Bi, C; Liang, J; Chen, H
2021-07-01Digestion liquid based alkaline pretreatment of waste activated sludge promotes methane production from anaerobic digestion.He, D; Xiao, J; Wang, D; Liu, X; Fu, Q; Li, Y; Du, M; Yang, Q; Liu, Y; Wang, Q; Ni, B-J; Song, K; Cai, Z; Ye, J; Yu, H
2021-06-01A low dose cell therapy system for treating osteoarthritis: In vivo study and in vitro mechanistic investigationsWang, B; Liu, W; Li, JJ; Chai, S; Xing, D; Yu, H; Zhang, Y; Yan, W; Xu, Z; Zhao, B; Du, Y; Jiang, Q
2021-05An Amine-Borane System Featuring Room-Temperature Dehydrogenation and Regeneration.Zhang, G; Morrison, D; Bao, G; Yu, H; Yoon, CW; Song, T; Lee, J; Ung, AT; Huang, Z
2021-04-12An Amine–Borane System Featuring Room‐Temperature Dehydrogenation and RegenerationZhang, G; Morrison, D; Bao, G; Yu, H; Yoon, CW; Song, T; Lee, J; Ung, AT; Huang, Z
2021-04-01Seismic response of tunnel near fault fracture zone under incident SV wavesLiu, Z; Liu, J; Pei, Q; Yu, H; Li, C; Wu, C
2021-02-16The 2021 battery technology roadmapMa, J; Li, Y; Grundish, NS; Goodenough, JB; Chen, Y; Guo, L; Peng, Z; Qi, X; Yang, F; Qie, L; Wang, C-A; Huang, B; Huang, Z; Chen, L; Su, D; Wang, G; Peng, X; Chen, Z; Yang, J; He, S; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Fu, C; Jiang, M; Deng, W; Sun, C-F; Pan, Q; Tang, Y; Li, X; Ji, X; Wan, F; Niu, Z; Lian, F; Wang, C; Wallace, GG; Fan, M; Meng, Q; Xin, S; Guo, Y-G; Wan, L-J
2021-01-13Regularized Zero Forcing Beamforming for Serving More Users in Energy-Harvesting Enabled NetworksYu, H; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Debbah, M; Fang, Y
2021-01-01WeChat subscription accounts (WSAs) in Australia: a political economy account of Chinese-language digital/social mediaYu, H; Sun, W
2021-01-01An Effective In-Field Calibration Method for Triaxial Magnetometers Based on Local Magnetic InclinationYu, H; Ye, L; Guo, Y; Su, S
2021-01-01Latency performance modeling and analysis for hyperledger fabric blockchain networkXu, X; Sun, G; Luo, L; Cao, H; Yu, H; Vasilakos, AV
2020-11-01Joint Design of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces and Transmit Beamforming under Proper and Improper Gaussian SignalingYu, H; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
2020-11-01Optimization for Signal Transmission and Reception in a Macrocell of Heterogeneous Uplinks and DownlinksYu, H; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV; Fang, Y
2020-11-01Improper Gaussian Signaling for Computationally Tractable Energy and Information BeamformingYu, H; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Duong, TQ; Hanzo, L
2020-10-01An Innovative 9-Parameter Magnetic Calibration Method Using Local Magnetic Inclination and Calibrated Acceleration ValueYu, H; Ye, L; Guo, Y; Su, S
2020-09-10Continuous Support Vector Regression for Nonstationary Streaming Data.Yu, H; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2020-09Engineering 3D functional tissue constructs using self-assembling cell-laden microniches.Xing, D; Liu, W; Li, JJ; Liu, L; Guo, A; Wang, B; Yu, H; Zhao, Y; Chen, Y; You, Z; Lyu, C; Li, W; Liu, A; Du, Y; Lin, J