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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-01Efficient Structural Clustering on Probabilistic GraphsQiu, YX; Li, RH; Li, J; Qiao, S; Wang, G; Yu, JX; Mao, R
2019-07-01User Preference Analysis for Most Frequent Peer/DominatorDeng, K; Li, Y; Zeng, J; Yuan, M; Luo, J; Yu, JX
2019-05-01HyperX: A Scalable Hypergraph FrameworkJiang, W; Qi, J; Yu, JX; Huang, J; Zhang, R
2019-02-01Supergraph Search in Graph Databases via Hierarchical Feature-TreeLyu, B; Qin, L; Lin, X; Chang, L; Yu, JX
2019-01-15Direction-based multiple views on dataGuo, X; Yu, JX; Li, RH; Miao, X
2019-01-01I/O Efficient Core Graph Decomposition: Application to Degeneracy OrderingWen, D; Qin, L; Zhang, Y; Lin, X; Yu, JX
2018-11-01Efficient Detection of Overlapping Communities Using Asymmetric Triangle CutsRezvani, M; Liang, W; Liu, C; Yu, JX
2018-10-24Querying cohesive subgraphs by keywordsZhu, Y; Zhang, Q; Qin, L; Chang, L; Yu, JX
2018-09Discovering large conserved functional components in global network alignment by graph matchingZhu, Y; Li, Y; Liu, J; Qin, L; Yu, JX
2018-05-27Speeding up set intersections in graph algorithms using SIMD instructionsHan, S; Zou, L; Yu, JX
2018-05-27Skyline community search in multi-valued networksLi, RH; Qin, L; Ye, F; Yu, JX; Xiaokui, X; Xiao, N; Zheng, Z
2018-05-27RushMon: Real-time isolation anomalies monitoringShang, Z; Yu, JX; Elmore, AJ
2018-05-01Answering Natural Language Questions by Subgraph Matching over Knowledge GraphsHu, S; Zou, L; Yu, JX; Wang, H; Zhao, D
2018-05-01UniWalk: Unidirectional Random Walk Based Scalable SimRank Computation over Large GraphSong, J; Luo, X; Gao, J; Zhou, C; Wei, H; Yu, JX
2018-04-01Accelerating reachability query processing based on DAG reductionZhou, J; Yu, JX; Li, N; Wei, H; Chen, Z; Tang, X
2018-04-01To Meet or Not to Meet: Finding the Shortest Paths in Road NetworksHuang, W; Zhang, Y; Shang, Z; Yu, JX
2018-02-01Exploring Triangle-Free Dense StructuresLu, C; Yu, JX; Wei, H
2018-02-01Reachability querying: an independent permutation labeling approachWei, H; Yu, JX; Lu, C; Jin, R
2018-02-01Handling query skew in large indexes: a view based approachHuang, W; Yu, JX; Shang, Z
2018-01-01Targeted influence minimization in social networksWang, X; Deng, K; Li, J; Yu, JX; Jensen, CS; Yang, X