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2021-11-11Machine learning system to guide teacher reflection on behavior management skillsDann, C; O'Neill, S; Getenet, S; Verma, N; Chakraborty, S; Yu, K; Aboufarw, K; Edmondson, S; Quirke-Bolt, N; Levy, D; McFarlane, S; Quadrelli, C; Daly, M; Seifert, T
2021-08-01Nonlinear MIMO for Industrial Internet of Things in Cyber-Physical SystemsGong, Y; Zhang, L; Liu, R; Yu, K; Srivastava, G
2021-08-01Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm in Cyber Mimic Defense Architecture of Volunteer ComputingLi, Q; Meng, S; Sang, X; Zhang, H; Wang, S; Bashir, AK; Yu, K; Tariq, U
2021-05-01A novel Dual-Blockchained structure for contract-theoretic LoRa-based information systemsYu, G; Zhang, L; Wang, X; Yu, K; Ni, W; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP
2021-03-08Improving Users Engagement Detection using End-to-End Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural NetworksSaleh, K; Yu, K; Chen, F
2021-01-01Artificial Intelligence in Pilot Training and Education – Towards a Machine Learning Aided Instructor Assistant for Flight SimulatorsYang, S; Yu, K; Lammers, T; Chen, F
2021-01-01Flexibility mechanisms in a dynamic distribution networkQian, C; Yu, K; Gu, H
2020-11-01Enabling Attribute Revocation for Fine-Grained Access Control in Blockchain-IoT SystemsYu, G; Zha, X; Wang, X; Ni, W; Yu, K; Yu, P; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP; Guo, YJ
2020-09-01A Unified Analytical model for proof-of-X schemesYu, G; Zha, X; Wang, X; Ni, W; Yu, K; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP
2020-01-01Survey: Sharding in BlockchainsYu, G; Wang, X; Yu, K; Ni, W; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP
2020-01-01Exploring Uplink Achievable Rate for HPO MIMO through Quasi-Monte Carlo and Variance Reduction TechniquesGong, Y; Zhang, L; Yu, K; Liu, R
2020Analysis and Insights for Myths Circulating on Twitter During the COVID-19 PandemicYang, S; Jiang, J; Pal, A; Yu, K; Chen, F; Yu, S
2020A New Ultrasound Elastography Displacement Estimation Method for Mobile TelemedicineLi, HA; Zhang, M; Yu, K; Qi, X; Zhen, L; GONG, YI; Tong, J
2019-05-02Effects of influence on user trust in predictive decision makingZhou, J; Li, Z; Yu, K; Chen, F; Wang, Y; Hu, H
2019-01-01Social Engineering and Organisational Dependencies in Phishing AttacksTaib, R; Yu, K; Berkovsky, S; Wiggins, M; Bayl-Smith, P
2019-01-01Mouse Behavior as an Index of Phishing AwarenessYu, K; Taib, R; Butavicius, MA; Parsons, K; Chen, F
2019-01-01Do I trust my machine teammate? An investigation from perception to decisionYu, K; Berkovsky, S; Taib, R; Zhou, J; Chen, F
2019-01-01Physiological Indicators for User Trust in Machine Learning with Influence Enhanced Fact-CheckingZhou, J; Hu, H; Li, Z; Yu, K; Chen, F
2019-01-01A qualitative investigation of bank employee experiences of information security and phishingConway, D; Taib, R; Harris, M; Berkovsky, S; Yu, K; Chen, F
2019Multimodal behavioral and physiological signals as indicators of cognitive loadZhou, J; Yu, K; Chen, F; Wang, Y; Arshad, SZ; Oviatt, S; Schuller, B; Cohen, P; Sonntag, D; Potamianos, G; Krueger, A