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2024-01-01Defiance and Sympathy: Heterogeneity of Experiences Among Members of a Stigmatized OrganizationNoh, SC; Yu, KH
2024-01-01Mainstream Parties’ Construction of Populist Discourse in Australia’s Temporary Migration PolicyYu, KH; Wright, CF
2023-11-01Bridging industrial relations and critical management studies: Work, resistance, and alternate imaginings in late capitalismYu, KH; Pekarek, A
2023-01-20Collaborative institutional experimentation to address the exploitation and marginalisation of migrant workersWright, CF; Yu, KH; Clibborn, S
2019-10-02On why Uber has not taken over the worldFleming, P; Rhodes, C; Yu, KH
2019-05-01Foreign workers: On the other side of gendered, racial, political and ethical bordersAndrijasevic, R; Rhodes, C; Yu, KH
2019-04-01Negotiating ‘otherness’ as skilled migrantsYu, KH
2019-02-01Inclusive unionism: Strategies for retaining idealism in the Service Employees International UnionYu, KH
2018-12-15Effect of two-stage injection dwell angle on engine combustion and performance characteristics of a common-rail diesel engine fueled with coconut oil methyl esters-diesel fuel blendsTeoh, YH; Masjuki, HH; How, HG; Kalam, MA; Yu, KH; Alabdulkarem, A
2018-05-01The Partial Organization of Networked CorruptionYu, KH; Kang, SD; Rhodes, C
2014-02-01Re-conceptualizing member participation: Informal activist careers in unionsYu, KH
2012-06-01Formal organizations and identity groups in social movementsYu, KH
2007-04-01New evidence for geographic variation in the role of human papillomavirus in tonsillar carcinogenesisLi, W; Tran, N; Lee, SC; O'Brien, CJ; Tse, GM; Scolyer, RA; Hong, A; Milross, C; Yu, KH; Rose, BR