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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-10-01Quantum earth mover's distance, a no-go quantum Kantorovich-Rubinstein theorem, and quantum marginal problemZhou, L; Yu, N; Ying, S; Ying, M
2022-06-01Comments on and Corrections to 'When Is the Chernoff Exponent for Quantum Operations Finite?'Yu, N; Zhou, L
2022-04-29On incorrectness logic for Quantum programsYan, P; Jiang, H; Yu, N
2022-01-01A Probabilistic Logic for Verifying Continuous-time Markov ChainsGuan, J; Yu, N
2021-09-14Protocols for Packet Quantum Network IntercommunicationYu, N; Lai, C-Y; Zhou, L
2021-09-01Discrimination of quantum states under locality constraints in the many-copy settingCheng, H-C; Winter, A; Yu, N
2021-08-01Model Checking Quantum Continuous-Time Markov ChainsXu, M; Mei, J; Guan, J; Yu, N
2021-08-01Capacity Approaching Coding for Low Noise Interactive Quantum Communication Part I: Large AlphabetsLeung, D; Nayak, A; Shayeghi, A; Touchette, D; Yao, P; Yu, N
2021-07-01When is the chernoff exponent for quantum operations finite?Yu, N; Zhou, L
2021-07-01Entirety of Quantum Uncertainty and Its Experimental VerificationXie, J; Zhou, L; Zhang, A; Xu, H; Yung, MH; Xu, P; Yu, N; Zhang, L
2021-06-29A Quantum Interpretation of Bunched Logic & Quantum Separation LogicZhou, L; Barthe, G; Hsu, J; Ying, M; Yu, N
2021-06-18Quantum abstract interpretationYu, N; Palsberg, J; Freund, SN; Yahav, E
2021-02-01Sample efficient identity testing and independence testing of quantum statesYu, N
2021-01-30LOCC protocols with bounded width per round optimize convex functionsLeung, D; Winter, A; Yu, N
2021-01-15Experimental cryptographic verification for near-term quantum cloud computingChen, X; Cheng, B; Li, Z; Nie, X; Yu, N; Yung, MH; Peng, X
2021A Quantum Interpretation of Bunched Logic & Quantum Separation Logic.Zhou, L; Barthe, G; Hsu, J; Ying, M; Yu, N
2020-11-13Projection-based runtime assertions for testing and debugging Quantum programsLi, G; Zhou, L; Yu, N; Ding, Y; Ying, M; Xie, Y
2020-10-01Multipartite Entanglement Certification, with or without TomographyYu, N
2020-08Experimental Quantification of Coherence of a Tunable Quantum Detector.Xu, H; Xu, F; Theurer, T; Egloff, D; Liu, Z-W; Yu, N; Plenio, MB; Zhang, L
2020-03-01Local Equivalence of Multipartite EntanglementQiao, Y; Sun, X; Yu, N