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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-13Projection-based runtime assertions for testing and debugging Quantum programsLi, G; Zhou, L; Yu, N; Ding, Y; Ying, M; Xie, Y
2020-10-01Multipartite Entanglement Certification, with or without TomographyYu, N
2020-08Experimental Quantification of Coherence of a Tunable Quantum Detector.Xu, H; Xu, F; Theurer, T; Egloff, D; Liu, Z-W; Yu, N; Plenio, MB; Zhang, L
2020-03-01Local Equivalence of Multipartite EntanglementQiao, Y; Sun, X; Yu, N
2020-01-08Strassen's theorem for quantum couplingsZhou, L; Ying, S; Yu, N; Ying, M
2020-01-01Relational proofs for quantum programsBarthe, G; Hsu, J; Ying, M; Yu, N; Zhou, L
2018-06-20Capacity approaching coding for low noise interactive quantum communicationLeung, D; Touchette, D; Nayak, A; Yao, P; Shayeghi, A; Yu, N
2017-09-01Sample-Optimal Tomography of Quantum StatesHaah, J; Harrow, AW; Ji, Z; Wu, X; Yu, N
2017-06-19Exponential separation of quantum communication and classical informationAnshu, A; Touchette, D; Yao, P; Yu, N
2017-02-01Bounds on the Distance Between a Unital Quantum Channel and the Convex Hull of Unitary ChannelsYu, N; Duan, R; Xu, Q
2017-02-01Physical origins of ruled surfaces on the reduced density matrices geometryChen, JY; Ji, Z; Liu, ZX; Qi, X; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, D
2017-02-01Joint product numerical range and geometry of reduced density matricesChen, J; Guo, C; Ji, Z; Poon, YT; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, J
2017-01-09Quantum State Tomography via Reduced Density MatricesXin, T; Lu, D; Klassen, J; Yu, N; Ji, Z; Chen, J; Ma, X; Long, G; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
2017-01-01The effects of a structured mindfulness program on the development of empathy in healthcare studentsDean, S; Foureur, M; Zaslawski, C; Newton-John, T; Yu, N; Pappas, E
2016-12-16Separability of a mixture of Dicke statesYu, N
2016-10-21Entanglement depth for symmetric statesChen, JY; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2016-09-01Maximum privacy without coherence, zero-errorLeung, D; Yu, N
2016-08-10Quantum capacities for entanglement networksCui, SX; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2016-06-19Sample-optimal tomography of quantum statesHaah, J; Harrow, AW; Ji, Z; Wu, X; Yu, N
2016-06-07Tomography is Necessary for Universal Entanglement Detection with Single-Copy ObservablesLu, D; Xin, T; Yu, N; Ji, Z; Chen, J; Long, G; Baugh, J; Peng, X; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R