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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017Sample-Optimal Tomography of Quantum StatesHaah, J; Harrow, AW; Ji, Z; Wu, X; Yu, N
21-Feb-2017The effects of a structured mindfulness program on the development of empathy in healthcare studentsDean, SJ; Foureur, M; Zaslawski, C; Newton-John, T; Yu, N; Pappas, E
1-Feb-2017Bounds on the Distance Between a Unital Quantum Channel and the Convex Hull of Unitary ChannelsYu, N; Duan, R; Xu, Q
9-Jan-2017Quantum State Tomography via Reduced Density Matrices.Xin, T; Lu, D; Klassen, J; Yu, N; Ji, Z; Chen, J; Ma, X; Long, G; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
16-Dec-2016Separability of a mixture of Dicke statesYu, N
1-Sep-2016Maximum privacy without coherence, zero-errorLeung, D; Yu, N
7-Jun-2016Tomography is Necessary for Universal Entanglement Detection with Single-Copy Observables.Lu, D; Xin, T; Yu, N; Ji, Z; Chen, J; Long, G; Baugh, J; Peng, X; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
3-Mar-2016Detecting consistency of overlapping quantum marginals by separabilityChen, J; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2016Sample-optimal tomography of quantum statesHaah, J; Harrow, AW; Ji, Z; Wu, X; Yu, N
2016Quantum Capacities for Entanglement NetworksCui, SX; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
10-Aug-2015Discontinuity of maximum entropy inference and quantum phase transitionsChen, J; Ji, Z; Li, CK; Poon, YT; Shen, Y; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, D
1-Jun-2015Limitations on separable measurements by convex optimizationBandyopadhyay, S; Cosentino, A; Johnston, N; Russo, V; Watrous, J; Yu, N
1-Jan-2015Generalized graph states based on Hadamard matricesCui, SX; Yu, N; Zeng, B
1-Jan-2015Continuous-time orbit problems are decidable in polynomial-timeChen, T; Yu, N; Han, T
8-Jul-2014Model-checking linear-time properties of quantum systemsYing, M; Li, Y; Yu, N; Feng, Y
21-Apr-2014Obtaining a W state from a Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state via stochastic local operations and classical communication with a rate approaching unityYu, N; Guo, C; Duan, R
Apr-2014Distinguishability of Quantum States by Positive Operator-Valued Measures with Positive Partial TransposeYu, N; Duan, R; Ying, M
Feb-2014Alternation in Quantum Programming: From Superposition of Data to Superposition of Programs.Ying, M; Yu, N; Feng, Y
12-Jan-2014Characterization of multipartite entanglementYu, N; Qiao, Y; Sun, X
30-Jul-2013Five two-qubit gates are necessary for implementing the Toffoli gateYu, N; Duan, R; Ying, M