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2023-03-01Microstructure, strength and durability of nano-cemented soils under different seawater conditions: laboratory studyChen, Q; Yu, R; Gaoliang, T; Nimbalkar, S
2022-05-01Multifunctional Virus Manipulation with Large-Scale Arrays of All-Dielectric Resonant NanocavitiesShi, Y; Wu, Y; Chin, LK; Li, Z; Liu, J; Chen, MK; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Liu, PY; Zhou, X; Cai, H; Jin, W; Yu, Y; Yu, R; Huang, W; Yap, PH; Xiao, L; Ser, W; Nguyen, TTB; Lin, YT; Wu, PC; Liao, J; Wang, F; Chan, CT; Kivshar, Y; Tsai, DP; Liu, AQ
2022-01-01Word Sense Disambiguation with Knowledge-Enhanced and Local Self-Attention-based Extractive Sense ComprehensionZhang, G; Lu, W; Peng, X; Wang, S; Kan, B; Yu, R
2021-11-01Cyclic stress-strain characteristics of calcareous sand improved by polyurethane foam adhesiveChen, Q; Yu, R; Li, Y; Tao, G; Nimbalkar, S
2021-11-01Sentence Semantic Matching Based on 3D CNN for Human Robot Language InteractionLu, W; Yu, R; Wang, S; Wang, C; Jian, P; Huang, H
2021-11-01Sentence pair modeling based on semantic feature map for human interaction with IoT devicesYu, R; Lu, W; Lu, H; Wang, S; Li, F; Zhang, X; Yu, J
2021-07-18Sentence Semantic Matching with Hierarchical CNN Based on Dimension-augmented RepresentationYu, R; Lu, W; Li, Y; Yu, J; Zhang, G; Zhang, X
2021-03-08Laboratory Investigation on Particle Breakage Characteristics of Calcareous SandsChen, Q; Peng, W; Yu, R; Tao, G; Nimbalkar, S
2021-01-01Shear behavior of polyurethane foam adhesive improved calcareous sand under large-scale triaxial testChen, Q; Yu, R; Tao, G; Zhang, J; Nimbalkar, S
2016-10-13An audiovisual BCI system for assisting clinical communication assessment in patients with disorders of consciousness: A case studyWang, F; He, Y; Qu, J; Xie, Q; Lin, Q; Ni, X; Chen, Y; Yu, R; Lin, CT; Li, Y
-Chinese clinical named entity recognition based on stacked neural networkZhang, R; Lu, W; Wang, S; Peng, X; Yu, R; Gao, Y