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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Content Caching-Enhanced Computation Offloading in Mobile Edge Service NetworksDong, Y; Guo, S; Wang, Q; Yu, S; Yang, Y
2022-01Private provider incentives in health care: The case of caesarean birthsYu, S; Fiebig, DG; Viney, R; Scarf, V; Homer, C
2021-12-01CoPace: Edge Computation Offloading and Caching for Self-Driving with Deep Reinforcement LearningTian, H; Xu, X; Qi, L; Zhang, X; Dou, W; Yu, S; Ni, Q
2021-11-01Efficient Virtual Network Embedding of Cloud-Based Data Center Networks into Optical NetworksFan, W; Xiao, F; Chen, X; Cui, L; Yu, S
2021-09-01A Software-Defined-Networking-Enabled Approach for Edge-Cloud Computing in the Internet of ThingsDai, M; Su, Z; Li, R; Yu, S
2021-08-14Modelling the cost of place of birth: a pathway analysisScarf, VL; Yu, S; Viney, R; Cheah, SL; Dahlen, H; Sibbritt, D; Thornton, C; Tracy, S; Homer, C
2021-06-01Energy efficiency with service availability guarantee for Network Function VirtualizationMai, L; Ding, Y; Zhang, X; Fan, L; Yu, S; Xu, Z
2021-05-15Unknown hostile environment-oriented autonomous WSN deployment using a mobile robotFeng, S; Shi, H; Huang, L; Shen, S; Yu, S; Peng, H; Wu, C
2021-05-01Gate-ID: WiFi-Based Human Identification Irrespective of Walking Directions in Smart HomeZhang, J; Wei, B; Wu, F; Dong, L; Hu, W; Kanhere, SS; Luo, C; Yu, S; Cheng, J
2021-05-01Promotion of Answer Value Measurement with Domain Effects in Community Question Answering SystemsJin, B; Chen, E; Zhao, H; Huang, Z; Liu, Q; Zhu, H; Yu, S
2021-04-016g-enabled short-term forecasting for large-scale traffic flow in massive iot based on time-aware locality-sensitive hashingWang, F; Zhu, M; Wang, M; Khosravi, MR; Ni, Q; Yu, S; Qi, L
2021-04-01Compatibility-aware web API recommendation for mashup creation via textual description miningQi, L; Song, H; Zhang, X; Srivastava, G; Xu, X; Yu, S
2021-04-01Secure fine-grained friend-making scheme based on hierarchical management in mobile social networksZhou, L; Luo, E; Wang, G; Yu, S
2021-04A survey on incorporating domain knowledge into deep learning for medical image analysis.Xie, X; Niu, J; Liu, X; Chen, Z; Tang, S; Yu, S
2021-03-15Deep-Reinforcement-Learning-Based User Profile Perturbation for Privacy-Aware RecommendationXiao, Y; Xiao, L; Lu, X; Zhang, H; Yu, S; Poor, HV
2021-03-01Plug-in over Plug-in Evaluation in Heterogeneous 5G Enabled Networks and beyondSood, K; Karmakar, KK; Varadharajen, V; Kumar, N; Xiang, Y; Yu, S
2021-03-01PoisonGAN: Generative Poisoning Attacks against Federated Learning in Edge Computing SystemsZhang, J; Chen, B; Cheng, X; Binh, HTT; Yu, S
2021-03-01Adaptive Multi-Access Algorithm for Multi-Service Edge Users in 5G Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous NetworksZhu, A; Ma, M; Guo, S; Yu, S; Yi, L
2021-02-15An active noise control method of non-stationary noise under time-variant secondary pathChen, B; Guo, R; Yu, S; Yu, Y
2021-02-04Multicopy provable data possession scheme supporting data dynamics for cloud-based Electronic Medical Record systemZhou, L; Fu, A; Mu, Y; Wang, H; Yu, S; Sun, Y