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2020-03-01Waiting times in aged care: What matters?Yu, S; Byles, J
2020-02An enhanced probabilistic fairness-aware group recommendation by incorporating social activenessXiao, Y; Pei, Q; Yao, L; Yu, S; Bai, L; Wang, X
2020-01-02Computerized screening of G-protein coupled receptors to identify and characterize olfactory receptorsZhang, R; Wang, P; Yu, S; Hansbro, P; Wang, H
2019-12-21Mapping the trajectories for women and their babies from births planned at home, in a birth centre or in a hospital in New South Wales, Australia, between 2000 and 2012Scarf, VL; Viney, R; Yu, S; Foureur, M; Rossiter, C; Dahlen, H; Thornton, C; Cheah, SL; Homer, CSE
2019-12-04Multi-task network anomaly detection using federated learningZhao, Y; Chen, J; Wu, D; Teng, J; Yu, S
2019-12-01Efficient Data Placement and Replication for QoS-Aware Approximate Query Evaluation of Big Data AnalyticsXia, Q; Xu, Z; Liang, W; Yu, S; Guo, S; Zomaya, AY
2019-12PEFL: A Privacy-Enhanced Federated Learning Scheme for Big Data AnalyticsZhang, J; Chen, B; Yu, S; Deng, H
2019-12SDN-Capable IoT Last-Miles: Design ChallengesSood, K; Pokhrel, SR; Karmakar, K; Vardharajan, V; Yu, S
2019-12RLS-VNE: Repeatable Large-Scale Virtual Network Embedding over Substrate NodesWang, D; Zhang, W; Yu, S; He, H
2019-11-15Three-dimensional robot localization using cameras in wireless multimedia sensor networksFeng, S; Shen, S; Huang, L; Champion, AC; Yu, S; Wu, C; Zhang, Y
2019-11-15HSIRD: A model for characterizing dynamics of malware diffusion in heterogeneous WSNsShen, S; Zhou, H; Feng, S; Huang, L; Liu, J; Yu, S; Cao, Q
2019-11-01Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for CommunicationsAtov, I; Chen, KC; Kamal, A; Yu, S
2019-11-01Editorial of cross-layer design issues, challenges and opportunities for future intelligent heterogeneous networksAfzal, MK; Khan, WZ; Umer, T; Kim, BS; Yu, S
2019-11-01An Immunization Framework for Social Networks Through Big Data Based Influence ModelingPeng, S; Wang, G; Zhou, Y; Wan, C; Wang, C; Yu, S; Niu, J
2019-11Enabling Efficient Service Function Chains at Terrestrial-Satellite Hybrid Cloud NetworksFeng, B; Li, G; Zhang, Y; Zhou, H; Yu, S
2019-10-01A Feedback Mechanism with Bounded Confidence- Based Optimization Approach for Consensus Reaching in Multiple Attribute Large-Scale Group Decision-MakingZha, Q; Liang, H; Kou, G; Dong, Y; Yu, S
2019-09-01Nonlinear active noise control system based on correlated EMD and Chebyshev filterChen, B; Yu, S; Yu, Y; Guo, R
2019-08-01Impact of social network structures on uncertain opinion formationZhan, M; Liang, H; Kou, G; Dong, Y; Yu, S
2019-08-01Sustainability Analysis for Fog Nodes with Renewable Energy SuppliesJiang, J; Gao, L; Jin, J; Luan, TH; Yu, S; Xiang, Y; Garg, S
2019-07-01Wormhole: The Hidden Virus Propagation Power of the Search Engine in Social NetworksFu, C; Liu, XY; Yang, J; Yang, LT; Yu, S; Zhu, T