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2021-09-19Morphological, Physiological and Photophysiological Responses of Critically Endangered Acer catalpifolium to Acid Stress.Zhang, Y; Yu, T; Ma, W; Dayananda, B; Iwasaki, K; Li, J
2021-03-01Durability deterioration of concrete under marine environment from material to structure: A critical reviewQu, F; Li, W; Dong, W; Tam, VWY; Yu, T
2020-07-20Investigation on early-age hydration, mechanical properties and microstructure of seawater sea sand cement mortarLi, P; Li, W; Yu, T; Qu, F; Tam, VWY
2020Cause Analysis for a New Type of Devastating Flash FloodBall, J; Qiuhua, L; Jingming, H; Bingyao, L; Yu, T; Hui, L; Liping, M
2018-04-01Assimilable organic carbon (AOC) variation in reclaimed water: Insight on biological stability evaluation and control for sustainable water reuseChen, Z; Yu, T; Ngo, HH; Lu, Y; Li, G; Wu, Q; Li, K; Bai, Y; Liu, S; Hu, HY
2017-01-01Forest Evapotranspiration and Energy Flux Partitioning Based on Eddy Covariance Methods in an Arid Desert Region of Northwest ChinaMa, X; Feng, Q; Su, Y; Yu, T; Jin, H
2016-11-22A review on the virtual power plant: Components and operation systemsGhavidel, S; Li, L; Aghaei, J; Yu, T; Zhu, J
2016-04-15Virtual generation tribe based robust collaborative consensus algorithm for dynamic generation command dispatch optimization of smart gridZhang, X; Yu, T; Yang, B; Li, L
2010-08-01VQSVM: A case study for incorporating prior domain knowledge into inductive machine learningYu, T; Simoff, S; Jan, T
2007-12-01A hierarchical VQSVM for imbalanced data setsYu, T; Jan, T; Simoff, S; Debenham, J
2007-01-01Detecting turning points of trading price and return volatility for market surveillance agentsOu, Y; Cao, L; Yu, T; Zhang, C
2007-01-01Incorporating prior domain knowledge into a kernel based feature selection algorithmYu, T; Simoff, SJ; Stokes, D; Zhou, ZH; Li, H; Yang, Q
2007Incorporating prior domain knowledge into inductive machine learning : its implementation in contemporary capital marketsYu, T
2006-12-21Combine vector quantization and support vector machine for imbalanced datasetsYu, T; Debenham, J; Jan, T; Simoff, S
2006-01Classify unexpected news impacts to stock price by incorporating time series analysis into support vector machineYu, T; Jan, T; Debenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Yen, G
2005-12-01Incorporate domain knowledge into support vector machine to classify price impacts of unexpected newsYu, T; Jan, T; Debenham, J; Simoff, S
2004-01Plan Recognition as an Aid in Virtual WorldsYu, T; Simoff, SJ; Pisa, Y
2004-01Using an associate agent to improve human-computer collaboration in an e-market sytsemYu, T; Debenham, JK; Mercier-Laurent, E; Debenahm, J