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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-28RFNet: Region-aware Fusion Network for Incomplete Multi-modal Brain Tumor SegmentationDing, Y; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2022-02-28RGB-D Saliency Detection via Cascaded Mutual Information MinimizationZhang, J; Fan, D-P; Dai, Y; Yu, X; Zhong, Y; Barnes, N; Shao, L
2022-02-28Gait Recognition via Effective Global-Local Feature Representation and Local Temporal AggregationLin, B; Zhang, S; Yu, X
2022-02-28PR-RRN: Pairwise-Regularized Residual-Recursive Networks for Non-rigid Structure-from-MotionZeng, H; Dai, Y; Yu, X; Wang, X; Yang, Y
2022-01-07Geometry-Guided Street-View Panorama Synthesis from Satellite Imagery.Shi, Y; Campbell, DJ; Yu, X; Li, H
2022-01-01Understanding Atomic Hand-Object Interaction With Human IntentionFan, H; Zhuo, T; Yu, X; Yang, Y; Kankanhalli, M
2021-12-16A General Approach to State RefinementKennedy, G; Gao, J; Zhuang, Z; Yu, X; Mahony, R
2021-11-13ARVo: Learning All-Range Volumetric Correspondence for Video DeblurringLi, D; Xu, C; Zhang, K; Yu, X; Zhong, Y; Ren, W; Suominen, H; Li, H
2021-11-13Removing Raindrops and Rain Streaks in One GoQuan, R; Yu, X; Liang, Y; Yang, Y
2021-11-13Self-Supervised Visibility Learning for Novel View SynthesisShi, Y; Li, H; Yu, X
2021-11-13DSC-PoseNet: Learning 6DoF Object Pose Estimation via Dual-scale ConsistencyYang, Z; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2021-10-18End-to-end Multi-Instance Robotic Reaching from Monocular VisionZhuang, Z; Yu, X; Mahony, R
2021-10-17Super-Resolving Cross-Domain Face Miniatures by Peeking at One-Shot ExemplarLi, P; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2021-07-30Simplifying Complex Network Stability Analysis via Hierarchical Node Aggregation and Optimal Periodic Control.Xiong, W; Yu, X; Liu, C; Wen, G; Wen, S
2021-06-14The IKEA ASM Dataset: Understanding People Assembling Furniture through Actions, Objects and PoseBen-Shabat, Y; Yu, X; Saleh, F; Campbell, D; Rodriguez-Opazo, C; Li, H; Gould, S
2021-06-14Auto-Navigator: Decoupled Neural Architecture Search for Visual NavigationTang, T; Yu, X; Dong, X; Yang, Y
2021-05-20The effect of various cations/anions for MgH<inf>2</inf> hydrolysis reactionYuan, C; Chen, W; Yang, Z; Huang, Z; Yu, X
2021-05-07Learning With Noisy Labels via Self-Reweighting From Class Centroids.Ma, F; Wu, Y; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2021-02-23Recursive Copy and Paste GAN: Face Hallucination from Shaded Thumbnails.Zhang, Y; Tsang, I; Luo, Y; Hu, C; Lu, X; Yu, X
2021-01-14Face Hallucination With Finishing TouchesZhang, Y; Tsang, IW; Li, J; Liu, P; Lu, X; Yu, X