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2023-05Oxygen-vacancy-rich molybdenum carbide MXene nanonetworks for ultrasound-triggered and capturing-enhanced sonocatalytic bacteria eradication.Zong, L; Yu, Y; Wang, J; Liu, P; Feng, W; Dai, X; Chen, L; Gunawan, C; Jimmy Yun, SL; Amal, R; Cheong, S; Gu, Z; Chen, Y
2023-04-01Automated damage diagnosis of concrete jack arch beam using optimized deep stacked autoencoders and multi-sensor fusionYu, Y; Li, J; Li, J; Xia, Y; Ding, Z; Samali, B
2023-03-01Experimental-numerical-virtual (ENV) modelling technique for composite structure against low velocity impactsFeng, Y; Wang, Q; Yu, Y; Zhang, T; Wu, D; Chen, X; Luo, Z; Gao, W
2023-03-01Nonlinear hysteretic parameter identification using an attention-based long short-term memory network and principal component analysisDing, Z; Yu, Y; Xia, Y
2023-02-01Nonlinear dynamic analysis of the functionally graded graphene platelets reinforced porous plate under moving massTian, Y; Li, Q; Feng, Y; Yu, Y; Wu, D; Chen, X; Gao, W
2023-01-01Miniaturized and Highly Sensitive Epidermal RFID Sensor for Reliable Skin Temperature Monitoring at a DistanceYu, Y; Qi, Z; Yi, D; Tang, M-C; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-12-15Torsional capacity evaluation of RC beams using an improved bird swarm algorithm optimised 2D convolutional neural networkYu, Y; Liang, S; Samali, B; Nguyen, TN; Zhai, C; Li, J; Xie, X
2022-12-01Vision-based concrete crack detection using a hybrid framework considering noise effectYu, Y; Samali, B; Rashidi, M; Mohammadi, M; Nguyen, TN; Zhang, G
2022-12-01Damage localization and quantification of a truss bridge using PCA and convolutional neural networkHao, J; Zhu, X; Yu, Y; Zhang, C; Li, J
2022-11-01A computationally efficient crack detection approach based on deep learning assisted by stockwell transform and linear discriminant analysisNguyen, A; Long Nguyen, C; Gharehbaghi, V; Perera, R; Brown, J; Yu, Y; Kalbkhani, H
2022-10-13Experimental Investigation of Effect of Flake Silver Powder Content on Sintering Structure and Properties of Front Silver Paste of Silicon Solar Cell.Li, W; Yu, C; Wang, Y; Yao, Y; Yu, X; Zuo, C; Yu, Y
2022-10-01Nonlinear characteristics of damaged bridges under moving loads using parameter optimization variational mode decompositionLi, J; Guo, J; Zhu, X; Yu, Y
2022-09-29Study of Bond-Slip Behavior and Constitutive Model of a New M-Section Steel-Skeleton Concrete.Wei, J; Yang, Q; Yu, Y; Wang, Q; Zhou, L; Chen, F
2022-09-01Crack detection of concrete structures using deep convolutional neural networks optimized by enhanced chicken swarm algorithmYu, Y; Rashidi, M; Samali, B; Mohammadi, M; Nguyen, TN; Zhou, X
2022-09-01The Influence of the Temperature on the Dynamic Behaviors of Magnetorheological GelZhang, G; Zhang, Z; Sun, M; Yu, Y; Wang, J; Cai, S
2022-06-01Enhancing the foaming effects and mechanical strength of foam glasses sintered at low temperaturesZhai, C; Zhong, Y; Zhang, J; Wang, M; Yu, Y; Zhu, Y
2022-05-11Electrically Small Antenna with Embedded Operational Amplifier Circuit Surpasses the Passive Upper Bound of the Gain-Bandwidth ProductYu, Y; Tang, M-C; Yi, D; Hong, D; Shi, T; Ziolkowski, RW
2022-05-01Multifunctional Virus Manipulation with Large-Scale Arrays of All-Dielectric Resonant NanocavitiesShi, Y; Wu, Y; Chin, LK; Li, Z; Liu, J; Chen, MK; Wang, S; Zhang, Y; Liu, PY; Zhou, X; Cai, H; Jin, W; Yu, Y; Yu, R; Huang, W; Yap, PH; Xiao, L; Ser, W; Nguyen, TTB; Lin, YT; Wu, PC; Liao, J; Wang, F; Chan, CT; Kivshar, Y; Tsai, DP; Liu, AQ
2022-05-01Guided wave–based rail flaw detection technologies: state-of-the-art reviewGe, H; Chua Kim Huat, D; Koh, CG; Dai, G; Yu, Y
2022-03-01Application of TLS Method in Digitization of Bridge Infrastructures: A Path to BrIM DevelopmentMohammadi, M; Rashidi, M; Mousavi, V; Yu, Y; Samali, B