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1-Jan-2017Forehead EEG in Support of Future Feasible Personal Healthcare Solutions: Sleep Management, Headache Prevention, and Depression TreatmentLin, CT; Chuang, CH; Cao, Z; Singh, AK; Hung, CS; Yu, YH; Nascimben, M; Liu, YT; King, JT; Su, TP; Wang, SJ
1-Nov-2016New flexible silicone-based EEG dry sensor material compositions exhibiting improvements in lifespan, conductivity, and reliabilityYu, YH; Chen, SH; Chang, CL; Lin, CT; Hairston, WD; Mrozek, RA
1-Mar-2016EEG Alpha and Gamma Modulators Mediate Motion Sickness-Related Spectral ResponsesChuang, SW; Chuang, CH; Yu, YH; King, JT; Lin, CT
20-Aug-2015Portable and wireless EEG device used in sleep quality trackingYu, YH; Chen, SF; Huang, CS; Ko, LW; Lin, CT
29-Jul-2015Color image enhancement using correlated intensity and saturation adjustmentsKwok, N; Shi, H; Fang, G; Ha, Q; Yu, YH; Wu, T; Li, H; Nguyen, T
1-Jan-2014Design, fabrication, and experimental validation of novel flexible silicon-based dry sensors for electroencephalography signal measurementsYu, YH; Lu, SW; Liao, LD; Lin, CT
1-Dec-2012FPGA-based cooperative control of indoor multiple robotsHa, QP; Yu, YH; Quang, NK
1-Dec-2012Feature extraction using vague semantics approach to pattern recognitionYu, YH; Ha, QP; Kou, KY; Lee, TT
1-Oct-2011Color tracking for multiple robot control using a system-on-programmable- chipYu, YH; Kwok, NM; Ha, QP
1-Dec-2010FPGA-based ubiquitous computing intelligence for robotic formation controlYu, YH; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP
1-Dec-2010Slope-based point pursuing maneuvers of nonholonomic robots using FPGAYu, YH; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP
1-Jan-2010FPGA-based relative distance estimation for indoor robot control using monocular digital cameraYu, YH; Vo-Ky, C; Kodagoda, S; Ha, QP
1-Dec-2009FPGA based real-time color discrimination design for ubiquitous robotsYu, YH; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
1-Dec-2009Chip-based design for real-time moving object detection using a digital camera moduleYu, YH; Ha, QP; Kwok, NM
1-Dec-2008Seismic responses of civil structures under magnetorheological-device direct controlNguyen, MT; Dalvand, H; Yu, YH; Ha, QP